Fashionable and lightweight AR Smart Glasses that look like normal glasses

Norm Glasses are lightweight, normal looking smart glasses, equipped with a wearable mini-computer, camera, speakers, and a head-up display (HUD) that can display information in your field of view (similar to watching a 50″ TV located 4 yards away).  Imagine the possibilities of being able to take pictures, record videos, make phone calls, or even watch videos, without having to pull out your phone.  All components are embedded discreetly inside the frame, people around you won’t be able to tell any technology is present.  Norm Glasses can be hung on your shirt or blouse when not in use, just like normal sunglasses. The sleek design also folds up into a standard eyeglass case.

With over 5 years of research and development behind Norm Glasses, it’s easy to see and understand how these glasses have won a German Innovation Gold Award in 2019 and recently 9 CES awards in 2020.  Among these, the CES Best of Innovation Award in the Headphones and Personal Audio Category.

We invite you to visit NormGlasses a ShowStoppers for a demonstration of what undoubtably will be one of the hottest technologies of 2020.   Head up and Hands Free will soon become your Norm – Norm Glasses.