Introducing Restore, Hatch’s First All-in-One Sleep Solution  to Help Adults Sleep Like a Baby

Hatch, which offers a family of products to help people sleep better, recently surveyed 2,000 adults and found that 72% of respondents said that they need more or better-quality sleep overall. With more stress, distractions and screens than ever, it’s important to find — and stick with — the regular sleep routine that works best for you. 

Enter Restore, the first all-in-one sleep product from Hatch designed for adults that makes a good night of sleep easier than ever — for everyone. Designed by a team of sleep experts, Restore helps anyone seeking a natural, effective way to get the healthy sleep they need on a consistent basis.

After helping over half a million families get a better night’s sleep with the original Rest and next-generation Rest+, Hatch created a sleep solution that addresses the most common sleep issues for adults and is proven to help all users fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up more naturally. Restore combines soothing sleep sounds, a bedside reading light and a sunrise alarm in one sleek device — all personalized to ensure good sleep for every individual, no matter their preferred sleep environment and bedtime routine.

The all-in-one features that bring better sleep for everyone include:

  • Personalized sleep routine. From dusk to dawn, you can customize how you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up.
  • Sunrise alarm. You can wake to your own gentle sunrise, with light that gradually brightens before your alarm sounds.
  • Sleep sounds. From white noise to water to wind, you can browse the sound library to discover what helps you sleep best. 
  • Reading light. With reduced blue light to encourage relaxation, helping you wind down and cue your body for sleep.

You can control Restore remotely through the companion app, or you can use without a phone for a screen-free sleep environment. Restore will be available for purchase on early 2020, so a good night’s sleep — every night — is right around the corner.