Need to find the wedding ring you dropped into the sink?

Or, headed to the Shot Show and want to make sure that next purchase hasn’t been in a flood?

Introducing the new EndoSnake™ 3.9mm – World’s Smallest Smartphone Borescope

This breakthrough gadget will inspect in places where you’d spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars before, thanks to some incredible new technology.

Designed with the aid of Armed Forces and Law Enforcement veterans, Endosnake can get you into hard-to-reach areas that were previously off-limits to you, and required paying by the hour, or spending hundreds, even thousands on industrial borescopes. Now you can even record videos and take photos with unobstructed view and illuminated with intelligent LED control.

This multifunctional and highly effective tool is perfect for any situation: “It’s Like a $99-an-Hour Inspector in Your Pocket.”

This game-changer borescope camera will change the way you do your inspections.

SAVE YOUR HOUSE, CARS AND GUNS: Detect Problems Before They Cost Thousands in Damages & Repairs.

SAVE YOUR TIME: Don’t Wait for Expensive Appointments To Do a Simple DIY Inspection

SAVE YOUR MONEY: Avoid Spending $300+ on “pro” Borescopes

IP67 Waterproof, shock-proof, 6xLED-illuminated and Works on PC, Mac, Android and iOS (with WiFi).