PopCom is the Apple of Vending Machines … Experience the Future of Retail

Say goodbye to low-IQ vending machines and kiosks; say hello to our PopShop Kiosk … a digital pop up shop that collects powerful customer data driven by facial recognition, machine learning and blockchain technology.

There are over 12 million vending machines and kiosks in the U.S., 70% of people use some type of automated retail machine each day, but the problem is, these machines are dumb…they collect very little, if any, consumer data leaving retailers blind to who their customers are.

PopCom has the solution! PopCom makes future-ready technology solutions for automated retail…SaaS & IoT platform for vending machines and kiosks that provides deep consumer insights and engagement for machine operators. Using facial recognition from two cameras on the machine, the PopShop can calculate sales conversion rates, analyze traffic patterns, detect customer age/gender and emotions, deliver targeted advertisements and content based on demographic profile, and provide journey analytics to understand exactly how the customer is using the machine.

Our patent pending hardware is innovative and sleek, and our proprietary software can also be integrated into existing vending machines as an API.