ReliefHeat Brings Pain Relief Into The 21st Century  

Back pain is the worst. But for decades, options for relief haven’t really changed. Your choices were to either take drugs, which often don’t even work very well (read the studies!) and in any case introduce risks around side effects and abuse. Or, to try a heating pad that was probably designed 40 years ago and either chains you to an electrical outlet and/or makes you feel like you’re wearing the world’s bulkiest and most annoying fanny pack.

Until now. ReliefHeat is an *extremely* wearable, smart heating pad for low back pain relief that just launched. The fundamental idea is that back pain goes wherever you go and so should your pain relief. On top of that, it heats within seconds and is app-controlled to enable unprecedented levels of personalization.

And this is only the beginning. Over time, the system will become a data-driven platform for comprehensive pain relief in a box. The heating wrap itself will be complemented by recommendations on everything from exercises to back-pain-specific massage therapists. And because the app is structured for two-way interaction about what works or doesn’t work well for each individual user, those recommendations will be personalized in a way that has never before been possible.

For more details, check out or find high resolution photos available here.