Touch the next level with tactile textures programmed on touch-enabled surfaces 


Tanvas will showcase its TanvasTouch surface haptic technology – textures and effects that are created by software and felt with the swipe of one’s fingers.

Exclusively at ShowStoppers: Innolux Corporation and Tanvas Partner to Deliver TanvasTouch Surface Haptics in an Automotive-Qualified Display.

The companies will produce a 15” automotive-qualified multi-touch display using TanvasTouch. Traditional vibrotactile and electromechanical haptics are not suitable for large and curved automotive displays because they require movement of the display. With TanvasTouch, there are no moving parts. Software-defined haptics enable an unlimited range of effects that can be harmonized across size, shape and surface (e.g. in a display, and also with door handles, steering wheels and upholstery).

Available for Purchase: TanvasTouch Desktop Development Kit

With as much time as we spend tapping away at touchscreens, the sense of touch is largely unsung. Now, with TanvasTouch, developers can experiment with their own custom textures and effects before rolling out TanvasTouch surface haptic technology in their commercial applications. The full solution includes software, tools and training to help developers add a new level of multi-touch interaction to displays, trackpads and physical surfaces.

The new development kit makes the company’s award-winning technology broadly accessible for a range of applications. For example, adding tactile controls to home automation displays and other consumer electronics, creating a new dimension of interaction for gaming, and countless creative implementations for digital signage, advertising and more.