Meet the YubiKey, the Physical Key to Your Digital World

Let’s be honest…passwords stink! They’re hard to remember, they’re constantly changing, and nearly every day we hear about a new data breach that has leaked thousands (or millions) of login credentials. So, what’s a user to do? With no sign of phishing scams or credential theft slowing down any time soon, two-factor authentication (2FA) is a must-have for keeping yourself safe online.

Today, the strongest form of 2FA is offered by hardware authenticators — more commonly known as security keys, like the YubiKey. The YubiKey is a physical key to secure your online world from hackers. It adds an extra layer of protection to your accounts by requiring physical access to the key to be able to log in. It is the only form of authentication that provides the best defense against phishing in combination with a seamless user experience. In fact, a recent Google study found that hardware security keys were the only method to stop account takeovers 100% of the time.

With the YubiKey in hand, you can say goodbye to pesky SMS codes, mobile authentication apps or security questions. No more copying and pasting one-time codes or relying on mobile connectivity and batteries — just one touch is all that’s needed to log in. And with out-of-the-box compatibility with many of your favorite services, the YubiKey makes internet security a breeze. Get started today by protecting Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, Microsoft, 1Password, Dashlane, LastPass, and so many more!

Come by the Yubico booth (D-5) at CES Showstoppers to get your hands on a YubiKey and start your journey toward simple, secure account protection. From Lightning to USB-C, USB-A, or near-field communication (NFC) connections, we have a key for everyone. That’s not all. Catch all the details on our upcoming 2020 products — the YubiKey Bio and YubiKey 5C NFC — and see how Yubico is working to eliminate passwords all together! We’ve got big things coming in 2020.


The Top Reasons Pet Parents Will Love the NEW Whistle FIT

Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re expanding our offerings with the launch of a new product  – Whistle FIT, a pet wearable entirely focused on health, fitness and nutrition. Whistle FIT, which makes it super-easy to keep your pet on track to live their best life every day, and packs all the power of our flagship Whistle GO trackers –– just without GPS location tracking.

Whistle FIT uses data from the Pet Insight Project, where we’ve collected vet-verified data from 60,000 dogs across 900 breeds and mixes, to provide an in-depth look into pet behavior and provide Whistle FIT users with actionable solutions. With a database of over 3,000 types of dog food, across all major brands, the new Nutrition feature tells you the perfect amount to feed your dog based on the food you use and activity level that Whistle FIT detects. Taking into account your dog’s breed, age, and weight, Whistle FIT will also know your pup’s exercise needs. Then, by tracking your dog’s activity and calories burned, it can recommend specific fitness goals.

The #1 reason people call and visit the vet is concern that their pet may be scratching or licking too much. Whistle FIT monitors your dog’s scratching and licking and alerts you if levels get high enough to become a concern. If any activity falls outside normal levels, you get alerted on the Whistle app. as well as send a daily report, a weekly report, and an easy-to-read 30-day view of your pup’s activity and health behaviors that you can easily share with your vet. This kind of specific data can help you catch health concerns before they become health problems (which also saves money in vet appointments).

In short, Whistle FIT empowers you with all the information you need to stay on top of your dog’s health and well-being – so your pet lives their happiest life every single day. Pet parents no longer need to worry and wonder. With great knowledge comes great peace of mind.

Whistle FIT will be available for purchase on on January 21st.


The Future of the Bathroom Is Here

We all start preparing for the day in the bathroom, but how are we expected to prepare ourselves for the world, when the room we use isn’t prepared for us?

Shine leverages automation to create a bathroom experience that anticipates our needs, conforms to our wants, and delivers the care we deserve. Allowing us to break free from worrying about serving a room that should be serving us as we focus on what lies ahead.

Our first product is called Shine Bathroom Assistant. A small device that you can put anywhere near your toilet without plugging in. You just attached Shine’s sensor to the water line and put Shine’s spray on top of the rim and Shine will automatically clean and deodorize your bathroom after every flush.

Shine’s secret is electrolyzed water, a non-chemical cleaner as powerful as bleach, minimizing our environmental impact. Besides cleaning and deodorizing, Shine also keeps track of your water usage and uses AI to diagnose any problems your toilet might have. Click here for video.

Whether your day includes dropping your kids off at school, a big meeting at work, or even a first date, Shine ensures that the bathroom is ready to start your day — so you can be ready for the world. Go ahead and let yourself shine

Learning Resources Unveils Latest Generation of Their 100% Screen-free coding Robot for Kids: Botley 2.0

Learning Resources is a leader in educational and classroom toys, helping children build critical skills and prepare them to take on the world. How did they make 2019’s Innovative Toy of the Year even smarter? Find out at ShowStoppers, where Learning Resources is set to unveil Botley 2.0 – a 100% screen-free coding robot for kids packed with all new tricks and functions to explore the world of coding, now with even more intelligence and personality.

The original Botley was released in 2018 and received numerous awards including the Toy Association’s 2019 Innovative Toy of the Year Award and the 2018 National Parenting Products Award. With Botley 2.0, kids aged 5+ will enjoy endless STEM fun while learning hands-on coding and critical thinking skills without the need for a phone or tablet. Kids are challenged to program their way through obstacle courses with sequences of up to 150 coding steps, explore multiple ways to code using lights, color and motion, or they can play a game utilizing Botley 2.0’s LED light sensor that makes his eyes light up when in the dark, creating a whole new interactive play experience.

Along with Botley 2.0, the go-to coding robot for 2020, Learning Resources is introducing adorable new characters – Bopper, Hip and Hop – to Coding Critters, a 2020 KAPi award winner for Best STEM/STEAM Toy. Coding Critters are a series of interactive pets that teach basic coding to preschoolers. This year at ShowStoppers, experience the world of screen-free technology with Coding Critters’ storybook coding adventures and Botley 2.0’s hilariously cute sound effects that add personality to every coding challenge, game, or lesson.

The Sustainable battery pack on Demand

It’s called the Quick-E Charger from QuickEnergy, and it’s here to make sure you’re never caught in one of those sticky situations ever again. That was the motto that we stuck to when building our start-up out of an office in East London. We were tired of running out of juice on our mobile phones, with the only charging solutions available requiring one to either tether themselves to a socket or carry around a clunky power bank that was seldom ever charged itself. So we produced the Quick-E.

The Quick-E aims to end low battery anxiety. It’s a super affordable (less than a cup of coffee) battery pack that comes pre-charged and is available at convenience stores, supermarkets and cafes. It’s extremely slim and sleek, and sticks neatly to the back of your device, so no more dangling cables or dongles. Once all the charge has been used up, simply peel it open, and pop it into a postbox where it will be returned to our reconditioning facility to be repackaged and recharged for the next use, because we love the environment. And yes, we use 100% green energy to recharge all of our Quick-Es.

It comes in 3 formats: Quick-E Lightning for iPhones, Quick-E Type-C for Android devices, and the Quick-E Book for Laptops and Tablets. It also features an app that tells you whether the closest stockists are located as well as your nearest postboxes.


Reboot. Recharge. Return. #NeverGoFlat

American Home Safety Products Unveils Their First Collection of Home & Safety Products

American Home Safety Products (AHSP) is a solution-oriented company creating easy-to-use safety innovations that outperform competitors and deliver superior performance. AHSP’s products serve as an extra level of security, with patented core technologies that do not rely on Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity or a smartphone app, indicating that the products should work at all times.

Experience the first of AHSP’s home and safety products during ShowStoppers, including the Car Seat CoPilot Automatic Alert System, an automatic alert system designed to assist parents and caregivers with remembering their most important possession in the backseat of a car. The Car Seat CoPilot Automatic Alert System is a seat belt clip sensor that attaches to the straps of your infant/car seat and uses a patented technology of Radio Frequency (RF) to transmit a signal that triggers the alarm sound within the key fob. The Car Seat CoPilot Automatic Alert System purposely does not rely on a smartphone app, cellular data coverage, BluetoothTM technology or WiFi connectivity, indicating that it should work at all times.

AHSP is also set to unveil Early Alert, a sound sensor for the home which is triggered by a smoke alarm and activates the voice/alarm speaker simultaneously, bringing the alarm sound closer to where family members can hear it before a fire reaches their bedrooms. With Early Alert, parents are able to record their voice for a personalized warning more likely to wake a sleeping child quicker. It operates with a patented Radio Frequency (RF) technology and works with your home’s existing smoke detectors, not relying on WiFi or BluetoothTM technology, to assure that your home is protected at all times.

ReliefHeat Brings Pain Relief Into The 21st Century  

Back pain is the worst. But for decades, options for relief haven’t really changed. Your choices were to either take drugs, which often don’t even work very well (read the studies!) and in any case introduce risks around side effects and abuse. Or, to try a heating pad that was probably designed 40 years ago and either chains you to an electrical outlet and/or makes you feel like you’re wearing the world’s bulkiest and most annoying fanny pack.

Until now. ReliefHeat is an *extremely* wearable, smart heating pad for low back pain relief that just launched. The fundamental idea is that back pain goes wherever you go and so should your pain relief. On top of that, it heats within seconds and is app-controlled to enable unprecedented levels of personalization.

And this is only the beginning. Over time, the system will become a data-driven platform for comprehensive pain relief in a box. The heating wrap itself will be complemented by recommendations on everything from exercises to back-pain-specific massage therapists. And because the app is structured for two-way interaction about what works or doesn’t work well for each individual user, those recommendations will be personalized in a way that has never before been possible.

For more details, check out or find high resolution photos available here.

ohsnap is the phone enhancing grip that doesn’t suck!

Phones are remarkable pieces of technology that have changed nearly all of our lives over the past decade. Billions of dollars go into developing these marvels every year, and yet most of us immediately adorn them with often childish, cheaply made plastic accessories day 1.

Our phones have evolved so much that they now replace several key pieces of technology such as TV, GPS, audio playback, fitness tracker, business tool, gaming device and more. But physically, phones haven’t kept pace with this, and they remain ever expensive, un-ergonomic, vulnerable devices.

Ohsnap was developed over three years of painstaking trial and error, designed to massively increase the usability of your most precious piece of technology, but without compromising the portability or aesthetics of your phone! Only 3MM thin, and over 10 features that help in a multitude of different use cases, ohsnap truly is one of the most useful products ever created.

Ohsnap equips your phone with a fully rotating grip, multi-angle stand, total reach technology, magnetic mounting, magnetic car mount capability, wireless charging, and even a box opener. And it does this while complementing the beauty of your phone (or case) without adding ridiculous, pocket snagging bulk.

Coming off a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign raising over $700K and 18,000 backers, ohsnap is ready for primetime at CES 2020. Come visit us at Booth EP53168. Bring your CES Daily magazine and receive a FREE ohsnap!

Touch the next level with tactile textures programmed on touch-enabled surfaces 


Tanvas will showcase its TanvasTouch surface haptic technology – textures and effects that are created by software and felt with the swipe of one’s fingers.

Exclusively at ShowStoppers: Innolux Corporation and Tanvas Partner to Deliver TanvasTouch Surface Haptics in an Automotive-Qualified Display.

The companies will produce a 15” automotive-qualified multi-touch display using TanvasTouch. Traditional vibrotactile and electromechanical haptics are not suitable for large and curved automotive displays because they require movement of the display. With TanvasTouch, there are no moving parts. Software-defined haptics enable an unlimited range of effects that can be harmonized across size, shape and surface (e.g. in a display, and also with door handles, steering wheels and upholstery).

Available for Purchase: TanvasTouch Desktop Development Kit

With as much time as we spend tapping away at touchscreens, the sense of touch is largely unsung. Now, with TanvasTouch, developers can experiment with their own custom textures and effects before rolling out TanvasTouch surface haptic technology in their commercial applications. The full solution includes software, tools and training to help developers add a new level of multi-touch interaction to displays, trackpads and physical surfaces.

The new development kit makes the company’s award-winning technology broadly accessible for a range of applications. For example, adding tactile controls to home automation displays and other consumer electronics, creating a new dimension of interaction for gaming, and countless creative implementations for digital signage, advertising and more.

Eggtronic to showcase its latest charging technologies

Eggtronic, an innovative Italian engineering company founded in Modena in 2012, will demonstrate at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show and at the ShowStoppers event the first night of the show from 6-10 p.m.

Eggtronic has these three key demos at booth #36929 in South Hall 4 and at ShowStoppers:

  • The smallest 118W dual output laptop adapter in the world
  • The wireless TV
  • The wireless desk, where two tablets and one pendrive communicate wirelessly at super-speed.

Additionally, Eggtronic will demonstrate the following products:

– Sirius 65W: The smallest 65W laptop charger in the world.

Stones: Eggtronic Wireless Charging Stone is a powerful, elegant wireless charger allowing smartphones to charge without cables all compatible devices.

Wireless Power Ring: Available in 10 colors, the Wireless Power Ring is a wireless charging power bank with a convenient pop grip/ring to achieve one-handed texting or horizontal stand support.

Wireless Power Popper: This Popper/Ring is a wireless charging power bank with a convenient pop grip/ring to achieve one-handed texting or horizontal stand support.

Laptop power bank: The Eggtronic 20,000 mAh 63W universal laptop power bank is the perfect solution for travelers wanting to ensure that their device does not run out of battery power.