Are you ready for the future of Arcade Gaming?

Introducing the AtGames Legends Ultimate.

Tired of the same old status-quo arcade machines? Look no further! AtGames has recently launched the Legends Ultimate arcade, providing gamers everywhere with the ultimate gaming experience! The Legends Ultimate is a full-size home arcade machine that’s designed for the whole family to enjoy! On top of the Legends Ultimate, AtGames recently announced that its ArcadeNet™ games service is available to offer players games on demand for streaming, download, and purchase. ArcadeNet™ is just one of the many exciting features and services for the world’s first Connected Arcade™.

The full-size Legends Ultimate home arcade platform features 350 built-in games, ArcadeNet™, BYOG™ (Bring Your Own Game), HDMI/USB peripheral options, and more to make it one of the most versatile and value-driven products of its type. Among the 350 games that will appear on this full-size arcade unit is a large selection of classic arcade and home video games from top licensors. These favorites can be enjoyed from the authentic arcade-style control panel, which includes two joysticks, six action buttons per player, a high-performance trackball, and two spinners. Of course, the Legends Ultimate is so much more than what’s built in. As The Connected Arcade™, the Legends Ultimate is online-enabled. From feature updates to game streaming to leaderboards and so much more, the possibilities with this versatile platform are limitless.

This arcade has one sole purpose, and that is to take your gaming experience to the next level. With endless gaming opportunities, even non-gamers will find a game to play! So why settle for an ordinary arcade machine? This is the arcade that gamers have been waiting for. Turn your wildest gaming dreams into reality with the Legends Ultimate arcade. For more information, including current retail availability, please visit the Legends Ultimate website at

Need to find the wedding ring you dropped into the sink?

Or, headed to the Shot Show and want to make sure that next purchase hasn’t been in a flood?

Introducing the new EndoSnake™ 3.9mm – World’s Smallest Smartphone Borescope

This breakthrough gadget will inspect in places where you’d spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars before, thanks to some incredible new technology.

Designed with the aid of Armed Forces and Law Enforcement veterans, Endosnake can get you into hard-to-reach areas that were previously off-limits to you, and required paying by the hour, or spending hundreds, even thousands on industrial borescopes. Now you can even record videos and take photos with unobstructed view and illuminated with intelligent LED control.

This multifunctional and highly effective tool is perfect for any situation: “It’s Like a $99-an-Hour Inspector in Your Pocket.”

This game-changer borescope camera will change the way you do your inspections.

SAVE YOUR HOUSE, CARS AND GUNS: Detect Problems Before They Cost Thousands in Damages & Repairs.

SAVE YOUR TIME: Don’t Wait for Expensive Appointments To Do a Simple DIY Inspection

SAVE YOUR MONEY: Avoid Spending $300+ on “pro” Borescopes

IP67 Waterproof, shock-proof, 6xLED-illuminated and Works on PC, Mac, Android and iOS (with WiFi).


MPOW Launches Wireless Audio Line in North America at ShowStoppers 2020

MPOW, one of the most reputed company specializing in premium quality audio headphones and mobile accessories, has announced that their latest audio and mobile accessories are now available in North America market ShowStoppers CES 2020. Although MPOW has lots of cutting-edge electronics products to offer, they pay special attention to the following wireless earbuds/headphones models: EM18, M10, M20 and FLAME PRO. Let’s find out what features these models offer:

The most special is M20, True Wireless Earbuds with 106 hrs Playtime.

The M20 is the latest addition to company’s wireless earbuds collection. It equipped with a battery that can last up to 6–hour on a single charge. Inside the box users also get a 2600mAh charging case that can extend battery life for up to 106 hours. It also comes with a fast charging technology so users don’t have to spend long hours charging the earbuds. Also, the IPX7 waterproof technology and The Latest Noise Cancelling Technology employs the state-of-the-art CVC8.0 noise cancelling technology that goes a long toward reducing disruptive background noise for a great, clear listening experience.

The beauty of the ID design, It has touch buttons instead of traditional click button, that allows you to manage the volume, pause or play the music, reject or answer a call, activate Siri, skip to next or previous track, etc. So users can freely switch between mono mode and twin mode. Both earbuds can also be used independently and separately.

Lifeproof — cases, colors, patterns for all adventures, commutes, everything between

You know LifeProof’s reputation for sleek, waterproof phone cases. But did you know LifeProof has a variety of cases, colors and patterns for all adventures, your daily commute and everything in between?

FRĒ offers 360-degree, waterproof protection in a sleek case with bright colors. NËXT shows off a slimmer design than ever before and keeps dust and dirt out. A clear back to show off the phone while the bumpers around the side add a splash of color. SLAM has a new one-piece design with bright colors and graphics so everyone can show off their style. FLiP, a newcomer at the end of 2019, offers a unique wallet case for iPhones that tucks into the back of the case for easy access to the screen and back camera while still holding the essential cards and cash for commutes or travel and keeping them hidden from view.

Never let your battery die with LifeProof Power Packs. Power Pack 20 charges both computers and phones, while the slim Power Pack Wireless Charger and Power Pack 10 fit into every bag with ease. They’re waterproof to two meters (6.6 feet), drop tested to two meters and even double as flashlights for night-time adventures.

LifeProof’s wide selection of cases, battery packs and more are available for everyone’s taste and personal style. For more information visit

Exploring the universe is now as simple as 1-2-3 with the latest telescope from Celestron

For anyone that has previously struggled with the complexity of setting up and operating a telescope, the StarSense Explorer is simply revolutionary. Even if you have never used a telescope before, the latest offering from industry leader Celestron makes navigating the skies easy and fun.

Celestron has been developing telescopes, binoculars and other optical consumer goods since 1960 and has put decades of experience and knowledge into creating a product that is both affordable and accessible- without sacrificing the outstanding stargazing experience Celestron is famous for. The StarSense Explorer features an ingenious smartphone dock that allows users to use their existing Android or iOS phones to expertly navigate the skies above in minutes.

Celestron has also developed a comprehensive app (included with each StarSense Explorer telescope) that works with the phone’s camera to recognize star patterns and locate thousands of objects including stars, planets and galaxies. Once users launch the app, they simply select the object they would like to locate. The app then provides an on-screen guidance system that is easy to follow, even for beginners. Simply follow the onscreen arrows to the desired object, when the crosshair turns green the object is centered and ready to observe.

With the new StarSense Explorer telescope, navigating the skies is now as simple as dock, launch and observe. Experience Celestron’s StarSense Explorer at Table D-14/16.

ForwardX Robotics Launches the OVIS Suitcase, Innovative Luggage That Follows at Your Side

The OVIS Suitcase is a New TSA-Compliant Carry-On that Employs State-of-the-Art AI to Help Make Travel Easier And More Effortless

ForwardX Robotics, a global artificial intelligence and mobile robotics company, has launched the OVIS Suitcase, a first-of-its-kind carry-on that automatically follows travelers wherever they go – hands-free and always at their side. Using a combination of computer vision technology and artificial intelligence, the OVIS Suitcase can accompany users throughout their journey – from airports, to city streets, and right into their hotel room.

The OVIS Suitcase represents a leap forward in luggage, allowing people to move effortlessly without the hassle of juggling their belongings and worry about leaving bags unattended. This helped ForwardX complete one of the most successful Indiegogo campaigns, raising more than $1.3 million (USD)

The suitcase is part of the new OVIS brand of premium luggage designed to elevate the way people travel. According to internal market research, 67% of consumers consider travel to be stressful. With this in mind, OVIS was created with the aim of alleviating some of the stress consumers commonly experience while traveling today while at the same time addressing a growing movement among modern travelers to seek out upgraded experiences that make travel easier and more pleasant.

Equipped with a TSA-approved lock and removable battery, the OVIS meets all US government safety and travel regulations regarding the access of the transportation facilities and the stowing of luggage. The suitcase’s battery, which is similar in size and weight to one used for a laptop, can be easily removed and re-inserted. Despite all the advanced technology embedded in the OVIS suitcase, it weighs just under 10 lbs.

Avast Moves Into the Smart Home with Launch of Omni

You already know Avast as the antivirus company that has been keeping consumers safe online since the first viruses of the ‘80s. Now on the heels of its 30th anniversary, the Prague-based industry veteran is moving onto a new frontier of cybersecurity: the Internet of Things.

Avast is at ShowStoppers this week to show off its brand-new product for smart home security, Avast Omni, which was named a CES Innovation Awards honoree for Cybersecurity & Privacy. The hardware component plugs into the back of your home router, and then the companion mobile app will alert you to vulnerabilities or unusual behavior so you can block intruders and cyber-threats in real-time. It’s the company’s solution to the vast amount of inherently insecure IoT devices that consumers are bringing into their homes; since you can’t download typical security software onto a smart refrigerator or connected thermostat, for example, Omni instead secures the network itself.

Beyond endpoint and home network security, Avast Omni also features robust parental controls that enable families to foster healthy digital habits at home. With Omni, parents can limit children’s screen time, block inappropriate content, freeze internet access during homework or dinner time, and monitor their location when they’re on-the-go. While kids relish the freedom of having their own device, parents can also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they are staying within bounds.

For more information, visit or swing by ShowStoppers @ CES table E-14.


Phonak’s Virto Black Hearing Aid Offers Superhuman Hearing with Style

Industry-leading hearing aid brand Phonak is challenging the hearing aid stigma by unveiling a connected hearing aid that looks like a custom-made hearable. And since hearing is believing, they’re offering media the opportunity to test them out in-person.

Phonak’s Virto Black is the world’s first custom-fit hearing device to combine universal Bluetooth streaming with award-winning hearing aid technology in a product that’s shaped like a modern hearable. In fact, Virto Black wearers can hear up to 10x better than someone with perfect hearing when paired with a Roger accessory. Wearers can also enjoy hands-free phone conversations by using their hearing aids like wireless headsets.

Virto Black boasts 16 hearing performance features for the ultimate augmented hearing experience. Its microprocessor chip runs five wireless protocols, including Bluetooth Classic, LE, Binaural VoiceStream Technology™, Airstream Technology™ and Roger—at the same time. This makes it the world’s only custom-fit hearing solution with universal Bluetooth connectivity to more than 1 billion devices.

SUNNYBAG provides 154 Megawatt of clean solar-energy for smartphones worldwide – production increasing highly

Why not use renewable energy to charge your smartphone? Wouldn’t it be nice to make mobile technology eco-friendlier? SUNNYBAG offers solar chargers that are not only highly efficient and user-friendly, but also come as fashionable backpacks or ultra-light outdoor solar panels.

At SUNNYBAG, we believe that independent, eco-friendly and mobile energy supply is the future. That’s why every SUNNYBAG product is equipped with the strongest solar cells on the market. Our cells have 22.4% efficiency and ensure that every end device is optimally supplied with solar energy. To guarantee highest quality standards, SUNNYBAG tests and certifies every single solar panel before shipping. The certificate shows that the panel has achieved the specified performance and is enclosed with every product.

For your daily routines in the city center the Sunnybag ICONIC solar backpack has a solar panel directly integrated into the front of the backpack. The 7 Watt solar panel actually works as a major design element and gives this backpack its unique look/appearance. With a volume of 20 liters it not only carries and organizes all your stuff, it also charges your devices with solar energy on the go.

SUNNYBAG’s most recent development is called Sunnybag LEAF PRO. With 7.5 Watts power, this solar charger is the most powerful SUNNYBAG product ever and is also considered the world’s strongest flexible outdoor solar charger. It was designed for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, skiing or cycling – and it ticks all the boxes: ultra-light, thin and flexible, waterproof, scratch-resistant, and easy to attach to any backpack with the supplied fastening gear. The Sunnybag LEAF PRO won the award in the category “Energy and Light” at the world’s biggest outdoor show, ISPO Munich in Germany.

Save the date! CEATEC focuses on ultra-smart Society 5.0

CEATEC is an annual IoT and CPS (Cyber Physical Society) exhibition in Japan. We focus on harnessing CPS/IoT to create business opportunities based on co-creation involving a wide range of industries and fields. Our event brings the technologies together in one venue that is ideal for the exchange of information. This facilitates the realization of Society 5.0, the ultra-smart society designed to further economic development and the solution of social problems.

Name CEATEC 2020( Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies)
Theme Connecting Society, Co-Creating the Future
Duration 20-23 Oct. 2020, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Venue Makuhari Messe (2-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Japan)
Admission Free Admission; All visitors are required register online in advance
Sponsors CEATEC Executive Board

Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA)

Communications and Information network Association of Japan (CIAJ)

Computer Software Association of Japan (CSAJ)

Global Partners Consumer Technology Association (CTA) / International CES (USA)

Messe Berlin / IFA (Germany)

Plug and Play Japan

Management CEATEC Management Office (Japan Electronics Show Association (JESA)

ShowStoppers partners with CEATEC to drive international press attendance and coverage of the show.