Spectee Human-AI Collaboration: Shaping the Future of News Reporting

Spectee, a leading AI data analysis agency that accounts for over 90% of the news and media market in Japan, has launched its global content distribution service in partnership with the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters, alongside with its own platform Spectee.com. Subscribers can now optimize their storytelling by accessing Spectee’s near real-time, fact-checked, and license-cleared social media news content on AP Video Hub, Reuters Connect and Spectee.com. As UGC is growing in importance, the newsroom solution has been adopted by hundreds of news brands, governmental bodies and transport companies in Japan alone, and is now prepared
to extend its international reach.

The future of news reporting is all about speed and accuracy. The company utilizes its patented AI technologies to curate newsworthy content across social media platforms and passes it onto human moderators to verify and clear license – all of which is done within minutes. Such unparalleled speed in the news industry is achieved through deep learning AI that speeds up image and natural language analysis. With technologies like machine dispersion and sentiment judgement, Spectee AI can significantly shorten the time needed for UGC aggregation, turning social media users around the world into 24/7 newsgatherers. Human fact checkers then verify the content and clear license issues with social media users to ensure a seamless and reliable source of the latest stories.

Spectee has been repeatedly awarded “Best of Partner Videos” by the internationally renowned news network AP. Its content has been brought to audience worldwide on news media like CNN, New York Times, and The Telegraph. Where there is a story Spectee will take you.

Start your Asian expansion with the no.1 analytics platform in Japan!

The mobile apps market is getting more and more competitive and it is now important for companies to be able to identify patterns and trends related to mobile apps usage.

That’s why we launched App Ape, a web-based mobile app analytics service designed to help companies to keep up with the mobile trends. App Ape is basically a marketing tool that allows users to monitor usage indicators such as active users numbers, frequency of use or demographics data concerning any iOS/Android app on the market !

We collect actual mobile app usage data from panel users and calculate statistical estimates that are theoretically close to the real numbers. We are proud of the quality of our data, especially regarding the Japanese and South-Korean apps markets.

This service can be used for different purposes, such as benchmarking your app against that of competitors, or simply follow what’s trending. Investors can also evaluate the potential of an app thanks to our indicators.

App Ape is now well-established in Japan and South Korea, with a record of more than 5000 customers coming mainly from those 2 countries. We believe us to be the best analytics platform especially for those who want to succeed in Japan and South-Korea mobile apps markets.

About Fuller

Fuller is the Japanese leading provider of analytics platform and market insights on mobile app, founded in 2011 by Shuta Shibuya, who was selected as Forbes’ “30 Under 30 Asia 2016”, and Hiroki Sakurai. Fuller offers 2 main services – Fuller’s flagship product which is “App Analysis Support Service” through “Ape Ape”, and “Smartphone App Development Service” providing planning, developing, operating, and analyzing customers’ app business.

The company currently has offices in 2 countries – Japan (Chiba, Tokyo, Nigata, and Tsukuba) and South Korea, and has successfully raised funds of approximately $12.8 million in total.

The future of health is in the bathroom – Bisu unveils smart urine analyzer for personalized health advice

Every day we flush huge amounts of info on our bodies down the toilet. Until now, only a small amount of these data has been available to consumers, using decades-old test strip technology, low-accuracy measurements and a messy user experience.

Bisu is unveiling Bisu Body Coach, a smart urine analyzer that makes urine testing easy and clean, provides stable, accurate measurements, and offers personalized advice based on the user’s profile, goals and behavior. The product consists of a disposable test stick for collecting a small amount of sample, a stick reader which performs the analysis, and a mobile app which displays the results and recommendations in two minutes.

Bisu is launching in 2020 with a diet-tracking stick, and plans to release new sticks for tracking oral, pet and baby health, pregnancy and ovulation. Bisu recently won the IHS Markit Innovation Award at CES, and was named by CNET as one of the top health tracking devices.

Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrpJx–bwDo&t=3s

We break language barriers for a different guest experience

Kotozna Chat In-room by Kotozna Inc. is a very timely, innovative product that will fundamentally change the way hotels work. Hotel phones become obsolete as they become replaceable with Kotozna Chat In-room, an app designed for hotels to gather service requests from guests where language barriers between staff and guests are eliminated since both can chat in their own language.

Staff will have more productive hours and get to know their customers better; service will be faster; hotels will amass higher savings and most of all ~ customers will enjoy a different guest experience.

Kotozna Chat In-room is the newest, most convenient mode of communication between hotels and their guests. App download is not required of guests and chatbots can fill in for hotel staff.

Given its very powerful automatic translation, guests from different countries can comfortably use their own language to relay requests to staff. No more invasive, uneasy phone calls but only a more effective, convenient way to truly connect. With Kotozna Chat In-room, hotel staff becomes a click away, and hotel services come as fast as a tap.

Dream GP measures foot morphology for custom insoles

Insoles are used to support body balance as well as for sports performance. In clinical field, several studies have reported the use of insoles for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Reports on insoles have also highlighted effects on preventing the transformation of the diabetic foot. Foot is the most important part of human body since it is the part that has direct contact with the floor. Most of insoles are custom made on the market and cannot fit properly individual shoes size.

It has become a major limitation for the manufacturer to measure the shape of the foot. Real foot insole from Dream GP Inc. has been developed to adapt to the shape of the foot. The real foot insole technique measures the three-dimensional shape of the foot at sitting and standing positions. We then create an individual database according to foot morphology of each subject. Each data is rectified digitally and the insole is fabricated according to individual foot shape.

Developing AI from the bedrock of Japanese Tradition – HACARUS is combating an ageing population using novel technology

The greatest challenge facing Japan today, and the rest of the developed world tomorrow, is an ageing population – this coming demographic shift will have devastating effects on the economy with less people working to support an increasingly large group in need of care and support.

HACARUS, from Kyoto Japan, backed by Miyako Capital (Kyoto University) is dedicated to solving this compelling problem. Using the traditional approach of perpetual innovation native to Kyoto, its AI solutions help manufacturers and medical firms embrace the coming paradigm shift.

After 6 years in the Japanese market, HACARUS is now ready to unveil its solutions to the global market.

Paronym accesses marked images without searching web

Barcelona would be surprised at new and unique 20 startups from various featured sectors:

Mobile app analytics/Smell digitizing sensor/Portable brain monitor/Earth observation microsatellite/Travel & hospitality chatbot/Heatstroke preventing sensor/Smart urine sensor/3D foot measuring/Protection and encryption data-in-use/Cost-effective  edge AI/Innovative TV recorder/Explainable lightweight AI/Automatic translation/Nature harmonizing IoT/Digital currency exchange/Coronavirus detection from SNS/AD fraud prevention/Democratization of  architecture/Fun living robotics — https://www5.jetro.go.jp/newsletter/iib/2020/4YFN/JAPANPAVILION.pdf

Out of them Paronym  was selected as the only one East Asian semi-finalist of 4YFN Awards with the technology allowing users of videos or photos to access the related information of marked images without searching the web.

JETRO, government-related organization, promotes mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. We offer promising startups opportunities to connect with innovation frontiers and explore links to potential partners. We aim to make winning startups in the global market and bring new value to the world.

The situation is unfortunate, but JETRO hopes to return Barcelona next year with cutting-edge solutions.

Bespoke’s AI Chatbot Provides Assistance During Current Coronavirus Pandemic

Bespoke Inc. creators of the AI-powered chatbot developed specifically for travelers, have launched “Bebot,” which informs and assists residents and travelers about the 2019 novel coronavirus. The designated chatbot can be easily accessed by anyone at http://bit.ly/coronavirus-bebot.

With Bebot, users have immediate access to critical information about the coronavirus in English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese from any mobile device. Bebot shares health and virus-specific information, such as symptoms to look out for, preventative measures to take and treatment procedures. Additionally, Bebot shares the latest news about the outbreak, current statistical information like transmission rates and contact information to government agencies.

The government and health institutions engage and inform very early on through the Bebot platform with residents and travelers. This early engagement has a beneficial cascading effect in containing the future spread of the virus and mitigates the expansion of this pandemic. Bebot also helps in the early detection of virus hotspots and the distribution of a pandemic and makes those insights available to its government partners.

New TV recorder changes your TV life and TV business

Let’s imagine that all TV programs are recorded automatically, and you can watch them through internet with your smartphone. Our recorder is special.

Not only for consumers, but also for business users, this innovative recorder is useful. We respect the rights. Our product is legal and above board.

More information is here: https://garapon.tv/english

Eaglys secures data for always-encrypted safe use

In recent years, as the amount of data stored rapidly increases due to digital transformation trends, big data analysis, and AI development, has been leading to very rapid advances in the initiatives that utilize such data – as well as the need to distribute and exchange these data sets between entities.

On the other hand, one of the major issues with the growth of data as well as data sources, is the confidentiality and security of such centralized repositories. With conventional encryption technologies, the focus is on protecting data in storage or during transfer, meanwhile the protection of data in use has been a secondary concern. This necessitates the great efforts to restrict the locations where data is processed as well as which organizations have direct access to the data.

To alleviate this problem the concept of secure computing has been slowly coming into focus with regards to data management. In short it is a set of tools and to enable arbitrary data processing without the need to decrypt the data first. It breaks away from the conventional tradeoff between security and convenience when it comes to data utilization and has been attracting a lot of attention in recent days. Data security in the era of zero-trust computing requires and approach that protects the data itself rather than security measures that protect the boundaries containing such data; this can be achieved by secure computing methodologies.

EAGLYS has been conducting research and development on secure computing systems and methodologies since the company’s inception, under the business philosophy of creating a society where all data can be used safely. The company has received high recognition for its achievements from various parties, such as IEEE, ICT Spring Europe, Forbes Japan, and others. By focusing on solving performance issues which for a long time has been the largest hurdle in secure computing, we have succeeded in commercializing our proprietary technology ahead of the industry as a whole.

To that end we are happy to announces DataArmor Gate DB Edition, a proxy software for databases that realizes operations over always-encrypted data. The developer licenses are available as of January 27 this year, with the standard production license launch targeted for spring 2020.