Exciting news from BIWIN — some we can share now and some we can only tell you 13 January

BIWIN Storage Technology Co. Ltd. is pleased to announce its virtual press conference at ShowStoppers. Our top news is under embargo until January 13th and involves a strategic partnership with a top global ICT brand. During the conference, we’ll share the latest news about:

  • Our plan to expand rapidly in Europe.
  • The opening of the new BIWIN Huizhou Science and Technology Zone with more than 110,000 m² of production lines for chip manufacturing and the production of memory modules, memory cards and SSDs.
  • The launch of our own brand of Biwintech memory and storage products.
  • The latest product news from HP brand consumer storage, produced and marketed by BIWIN under license.

After our press conference, there will also be a raffle among participants where three lucky winners will each receive a portable HP S700 Solid State Drive (with 1000 MB/s read-and write speeds, the P700 is HP´s flagship product in external SSD storage).

Clean Air Zone (CAZ) to Showcase 100% Green Biology-Based Air Purification System That Eliminates COVID-19 Virus in an Environmental Setting

Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is a US-based air purification R&D company that essentially eliminates COVID-19 from the environment.

Deploying advanced microbiotic and enzyme technology to capture and destroy airborne contaminants, the CAZ system is derived from nature using 100% green technology, eliminates viruses (including COVID-19), mold, VOCs, particulates, odors, cigarette smoke, chemical fumes and gases without the use of filters or harmful by-products.

Available in different sizes, the Clean Air Zone Air Purifier is the NextGen advanced solution that fits into all indoor spaces, including homes, educational institutions, businesses, hospitals, nursing homes.

For information, please visit https://www.cleanairzone.com/.

Swann puts commercial-grade security within reach of home consumers

Swann, a global leader in do-it-yourself security, announces its latest Swann 4K Enforcer™ Kit is a CES 2021 Innovation Award Honoree. The Swann 4K NVR Enforcer™ Kit (model number SONVK-889804B2D) includes a 8-Channel NVR Wired Security System with 4 Bullet and 2 Dome Enforcer™ cameras with patent-pending red and blue flashing lights.

The Swann Wired Enforcer™ Security System reimagines the features of a commercial grade, wired surveillance system in a consumer-friendly form that’s within reach for everyday home consumers.

The Swann NVR Enforcer™ Kit is the complete package, offering 4K video, Night2Day™ color night vison, True Detect™ heat and motion-sensing, two-way talk, face recognition, vehicle detection, free recording and the ability to integrate with other products in the Swann Security family via the Swann Security app. It’s all delivered at an affordable price, with no ongoing subscription fees unless the consumer wants to upgrade to an optional Swann Secure+ service plan, which offers longer cloud recording, rich notifications, extended warranty, insurance protection and more.

This kit includes Swann’s new industry-first Enforcer™ dome cameras. It also is the first Networking (NVR) Power-over-Ethernet kit with Enforcer™ cameras. Previously, the Enforcer™ kits were DVR-only; a critical difference which provides for more advanced features.

This feature-rich system offers many unique and professional-level surveillance attributes to the everyday consumer. Below is a summary of this product’s innovative features:

  • Standout crime-prevention capabilities. The Enforcer™’s patent-pending crime deterrent technology means each camera senses heat, movement and/or people to trigger red and blue flashing lights, bright spotlights, sirens, push notifications, two-way talk and 4K video recording locally and to the cloud.
  • See everything in true color. The cameras have Night2Day™ technology that generate 4K color video at night and in ambient light up to 115ft (30m). Black and white infrared night vision is now a thing of the past. With color night vision consumers are better able to see what’s really happening at night, both live and when playing back recorded video.
  • Smile, you’re on camera. Know the people you care about are safe with face recognition technology. Choose who you wish to be alerted about and you will be sent a mobile alert and/or trigger video recording when they are identified on site. Face recognition provides peace of mind that your loved ones are home safely, specific tradespeople are on site, or that an unidentified person has arrived etc. It’s all free and easy to setup.

The new product will be available at leading retailers and distributors such as Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Menards, Costco Wholesale, Amazon, Dixons Carphone, Currys PC World, Screwfix, Exertis, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Bunnings Warehouse, Jaycar Electronics, Officeworks, Ingram Micro and more. Stay updated with Swann via social media to learn of the latest product releases Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

How safe is your work environment? New device tests it

STEALTHO has reimagined the organizer from a health perspective. The HWE Station includes sensors that can inform users about HWE Index, which is a ratio of the temperature, humidity and CO2 readings. Consumers can use the index to determine:

  • Whether there is sufficient oxygen for full operation of the lungs
  • Whether the indoor environment might allow COVID-19 to spread, and
  • Whether nasal mucosa in the nose might be able to function well and successfully filter allergens, viruses and other pathogens.

Like the previous model of STEALTHO organizer, the Healthy Work Environment Station is a durable, polycarbonate, modular product designed to provide access to both traditional work tools (e.g., pencil holder, writing board) and contemporary technologies. It incorporates features such as MagSafe Magnetic charging for Apple phones (15 Watt capacity), wireless charging for Air Pods, a USB hub (Type C Thunderbolt 3.0 for 60 Watt devices), HDMI 4K port and more.


ViewSonic Showcases Display Solutions that Fit any Virtual/Hybrid Work, Gaming and Entertainment Environments

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of display solution products, delivers next-generation display solutions.

The VP3286-8K is a 32-inch, 8K resolution ColorPro™ monitor with a KVM switch for two separate sources, color-blind mode, and Adobe RGB color space for  the best color accuracy.

A HDMI 2.1 , native 4K gaming monitor, the ELITE XG320U features a refresh rate of 144Hz, and AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro/PureXP™ 1ms (MPRT) technologies. With Adobe color coverage, 600 nits brightness, and certified VESA DisplayHDR 600, the XG320U has everything for next generation gaming.

For working from home, we offer portable monitors and the new VA3456-MHDJ.

For entertainment and big-screen gaming, the PX701-4K is a projector with native 4K resolution, supporting HDR/HLF, 3,200 ANSI lumens of brightness, and features the lowest input lag at 5ms with a 240Hz refresh rate.

At 2+ pounds, , the M2e is a portable projector with smart features and native 1080p resolution; connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB type-C. With instant powering on, instant auto H/V keystone, and instant auto focus – set up is fast and easy.

Led Zeppelin and Stern Pinball Showcase New Rock and Roll Pinball Machines

Stern Pinball Inc., a global lifestyle brand based on the iconic and outrageously fun modern American game of pinball, showcases a new line of pinball machines based on the legendary rock band, Led Zeppelin and its music. The Led Zeppelin pinball machines are available in Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition (LE) models.

In this high energy rock and roll pinball concert experience, pinball and music are fused together. Players are transported back to Led Zeppelin’s early days and tour the world from 1968-1980. As if players were members of the band playing its music, their play updates game features at the start of each verse and chorus of ten iconic Led Zeppelin songs.

Led Zeppelin pinball machines and accessories are available through authorized Stern Pinball distributors and dealers around the world. To join the fun and learn more, please visit www.sternpinball.com.

Introducing Distraction-Free Distance Learning

COVID-19 has caused American children’s screen time to skyrocket 500%. With the majority of students participating in some form of online schooling, screen time — and parents’ frustration managing online school work — continues to grow.

Circle’s new Focus Time setting — which was officially announced today — is the feature parents have been waiting for.

Circle CEO Anne Bryan says, “After hearing about our customers’ struggles to be both parent and teacher while trying to work remotely, we built this new essential tool.”

With Focus Time, it’s easy for parents to specify designated “school hours,” during which children can only access the websites, online tools and apps they need for schoolwork, while blocking everything else.

Says one Circle user, “My daughter needs to use the Internet to do her homework … I wish I could pause certain apps without pausing all access (to the Internet).”

Wish granted.

Tilt, Drift & Sway – How Lora DiCarlo’s Latest Innovative Product Line is Heating Up The Sexual Wellness Industry

Inspired by the warmth of human touch, the new Lora DiCarlo heated products simulate body temperatures and heated massage devices by activating a new nylon-based thermal conductive polymer that has a thermal coefficient 15x to 20x of traditional injection molded plastic, thereby providing quick and consistent internal heating.

The line includes a handheld bullet (Drift), P-Spot/G-Spot plug dual stimulation vibrator (Tilt), and and a dual stimulation wand-like warming massager (Sway), all of which have ergonomic silhouettes and are approachable to a wide range of consumers, different anatomies, and various pleasure preferences.

Internal heating brings the products to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, just above body temperature, and delivers even, consistent heat for a natural and relaxing experience. The gentle, radiating warmth increases circulation and arousal to targeted areas, relaxes muscles, and creates a comfortable, intimate experience.

Golface is the leading brand of golf cart tablet service in Taiwan

Golface Smart Golf System had already solved problems that are faced by many golf courses in Taiwan, such as low level of digitalization, lack of information feedback and unable to improve efficiency.

Entering a better-developed golf market, such as Japan, Golface noticed that the lack of personnel will be the next challenge in the world. In order to fulfill the future needs of golf markets, Golface decided to simplify all features, allowing golf course to serve golfers with minimum effort. The new version of Golface Smart Golf System not only is available in multiple foreign languages, its manual procedure is also simplified so that it can be operated instinctively without any instruction. Besides an upgrade on customer’s usage, the system can also connect with tee-sheet system from a variable brands.