Biotech company Winnoz Helps COVID-19 Under Control with Its Unique Point-of-care Testing (POCT) Platform

Winnoz is a biotech company that focuses on innovations enabling healthcare resources accessible for anyone and anywhere.

With the POCT platform from blood collection, detection and big data analysis, Winnoz introduces more contribution to human health management for anyone, anywhere, especially under the attack and threat of the pandemic.

“We believe that the COVID-19 screening and vaccination efficacy test would play a more important role as vaccines roll out to bring our life back to normal,” said Dr. Joses Hsiung, Winnoz founder and CEO. “For example, how to deploy and roll out the screening, vaccines and vaccine efficacy testing quickly would be very crucial. eGGi, a rapid and on-site isothermal PCR, is able to support screening for anyone and anywhere, while Haiim , a unique blood microsampling solution, makes vaccine efficacy test sampling easier and safer.”

Maktar introduces the easiest way of smartphone backup

Every Qubii from Maktar feature was designed with the user in mind:

  • Automatic Backup When Plugged In
  • Suitable for iOS & Andorid
  • Patented SD card lock function – easily lock SD card with one click
  • Non-Interface Technology – Qubii Backs Up in the Background
  • Photos Automatically Categorized by Dates and Devices
  • Replaceable microSD for Limitless Storage
  • Elegant Design in Portable Size – Perfect for Home and Travel


Set It and Forget It. Every Qubii comes with an easy to use app, just set up your backup preferences when you first plug in and you‘re done. Just sit back and watch Qubii back up your device automatically.


Flexible Access Across-Devices . Unlike other local backup solutions, you can access your files on a laptop and mobile phone. That means you can use Qubii to transfer files between devices or just simply browse your photos on your phone – it’s that easy.

Smart Tech that Organizes. Qubii’s built-in Smart Tech automatically categorizes your backup by date and device so you can easily organize your files. It can even remember where your backup left off so you won’t have duplicate photos to sort through later.

Dyaco introduces Sole CC81 Cardio Climber

What comes to your mind these days when someone mentions cardio exercise? Do you think of running, hiking, rowing or swimming? Sorry to say this but since the pandemic, being able to do these exercises outdoors is now a luxury.

Now, picture rock climbing, and then picture your living room. Climbing is extreme, it’s hardcore, it’s physically and mentally demanding. The mental image alone makes no sense, but what if I say you can now get some climbing exercises done in your living room?

Sole CC81 Cardio Climber is designed to simulate the climbing movements while minimizing impacts on our joints. This high burning, high intensity, high-powered machine will get your heart rate pumping like no other cardio fitness equipment, as it targets all of the major core-muscle groups. It trains more muscle groups in one go than any other home fitness equipment available. While not as exciting as actually climbing in the great outdoors, it really mixes up your typical cardio exercise at home.

CyberLink showcases new FaceMe® eKYC and Fintech Solutions

The company will also exhibit the latest updates to its industry-leading FaceMe® SDK, as well as its highly praised pandemic control and access security software solutions FaceMe® Health and FaceMe® Security

CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), a pioneer in AI and facial recognition technologies, will showcase new applications of its state-of-the-art FaceMe® technology for the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) industry. CyberLink will also feature its innovative software solutions, FaceMe® Health for pandemic control, and FaceMe Security for access control, authentication and security.

FaceMe® eKYC and fintech solutions, deployable at the edge, offer the BFSI industries the ability to conduct secure, real-time biometric verification and identity recognition. FaceMe®’s eKYC technology offers financial institutions the ability to match a person’s photo to their ID in person or virtually, protecting customers against identity fraud whether they’re at a branch, or accessing their accounts from home.

The FaceMe® eKYC and fintech solution can be applied for identity verification, or second factor authentication, in opening bank accounts, applying for credit, conducting ATM transactions or mobile banking, buying insurance services, and using remote customer service. FaceMe® facial recognition is one of the most accurate methods of identity verification with up to 99.7% accuracy rate according to the NIST FRVT (Facial Recognition Vendor Test) and with secure built-in anti-spoofing. The cross platform flexibility allows FaceMe® to be integrated into smartphones, computers, ATMs, wall cameras and a variety of other devices.

“In light of COVID-19, financial institutions must digitalize transactions and processes while maintaining the highest level of security,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “Cutting-edge technologies such as facial recognition are the future of digital identity verification and we’re excited to showcase FaceMe® eKYC and fintech solutions at CES 2021.”

FaceMe’s® edge-based architecture empowers powerful, efficient processing, and higher levels of security compared to cloud-based solutions. FaceMe® can run on low-power CPUs to enable facial recognition on cost-effective IoT/AIoT devices, as well as being integrated with high-end servers, workstations and personal computers equipped with GPU to provide highly efficient performance. The result is a fast, flexible, and precise facial recognition SDK solution applicable for a wide range of scenarios, including: smart banking, security, access control, public safety, smart retail and more.

In Win introduces the SR Pro CPU cooler

The InWin SR PRO is the latest in the SR-series AIO liquid CPU cooler lineup that offers new ARGB lighting and up to 7ºC performance improvement compared to the previous generation. Available in 240mm (SR24 PRO) and 360mm (SR36 PRO) options. The CPU cooling block features a new diamond-cut aluminum design, ensuring operational longevity along with a premium look and feel.

The SR PRO continues InWin’s patented twin turbine design that leads the industry by simultaneously pushing and pulling the water through the copper cold-plate to significantly reduce the temperature and keep the CPU cool.

The SR PRO is designed for all Intel and AMD desktop CPUs.

For more information about InWin SR PRO-series, please visit:

ShowStoppers to introduce 18 companies from Taiwan to journalists around the world during digital event that streams 8 January

Imagine Radar applications for contactless sensing to stay close to our lives

Radar technology can measure distance and Azimuth — but it can also be our sensor.

Sakura Tech demonstrates miRadar 8, a small and handy-sized Vital Sign Sensor using the company’s 24GHz FMCW MIMO Radar platform. Since it is used Radar platform, contactless sensing is possible even through blankets, clothing and wood doors. Also, it contains onboard display so user can confirm Heart and Respiration rates in real time so that it is widely applicable in people detection applications such as office/home entrance, private room of toilet/bathroom, care-house, and security check at airport.

In Healthcare applications, in addition to distance and azimuth, heart and respiration rates can be measured and detected at the same time even when blanket and clothing exist, and the results can be monitored through an internet and smartphone. In the healthcare applications, the primary areas are a watching over people in need of long-term care and monitoring the condition at the care houses.

In security applications, since the system can detect a human by monitoring of Heart and Respiration rates, it can be used as a sensor for intruder detection in a house or any unauthorized area.

Supporting Healthcare Professionals to Manage Aspiration Pneumonia Risk

For the first time ever, GOKURI from PLIMES offers an AI-powered method to measure swallowing sounds and vital signs such as body temperature, heart rate, and oxygen saturation, enabling healthcare professions to decide the next step in care in a quantitative manner.

GOKURI provides a comprehensive IoT/IoH (Internet of Human) solution with an edge-device consisting of a wearable sensory neckband and a smartphone app for point of care monitoring, and a cloud system for visualizing, tracking and in-depth analysis.

Remote monitoring with GOKURI with its AI-powered auto-detection algorithms allow the hospitals to free up the scarce and the most valuable human resources for critical and essential tasks.

The neckband is waterproof and made with an elastomer exterior suitable for extended human contact without skin irritations. It is robust and easy to use during both clinical practice and daily life. Stop by PLIMES at ShowStoppers to learn what you and hospitals can do with GOKURI.

Kotozna breaks language barriers for hotels in pandemic

The language barrier is a predominant problem that both hotel staff and guests constantly face. It creates a feeling of discomfort, hampers understanding, and leads to poor guest experience. Click here.

An even more pressing concern confronting everyone today is how hotels can accommodate guests during a pandemic. We need to digitize and avert overcrowding, long queues, and face-to-face interactions at all costs to prevent spread of contagious diseases. Click here.

Kotozna In-room improves guest-staff communication and relations, increases productivity and enhances hygiene and safety.