The Future of Productivity is Analog

After 18 months of lockdowns, Zoom meetings & virtual holidays, people are craving less screens & more connection. But technology is everywhere & more integrated now than ever due to the pandemic’s limitations on in-person gatherings. Zoom fatigue, or “work-based burnout,” is at an all-time high with symptoms including difficulty maintaining relationships, frustration & irritability, muscle tension & distraction or forgetfulness. According to a study by the University of California Irvine, it takes an average of 23 minutes & 15 seconds to get back to the deep focus you had on a task once you have been distracted, increased connectivity is often to blame. Consumers are looking for an enhanced analog writing experience for work, play, & home, one where technology supports wellbeing & convenience isn’t sacrificed.

As the global leader in reflective bistable cholesteric liquid crystal display technology and inventor of the flexible LCD panels & roll-to-roll manufacturing process that are used in Boogie Board products, the brand is redefining what analog writing means. Boogie Board products give consumers the benefits of an unplugged writing experience – supporting increased focus, creativity & productivity – while celebrating the advantages of technology advancements.

Continuing to innovate with a new, adaptive writing technology for the home & office, Boogie Board is proud to launch a brand-new product using this technology as part of its best-selling Versa series at CES.