Vasco Translator M3Vasco Electronic’s flagship translator — Vasco Translator M3 — comes with a SIM card providing unlimited, free lifetime internet for translation in nearly 200 countries. Designed by a team of creative professionals, this language translator device will easily fit in your pocket. Vasco M3 is equipped with a very useful photo translator. Just take a photo of the menu in a foreign language, a sign, or a local newspaper and understand what’s written there.

Vasco Translator M3 translates voice instantly, not only due to its cutting-edge software but also thanks to an easy and intuitive user interface. It has the best pronunciation on the market. The translated text is pronounced out loud by a native voice. An improved microphone was specifically designed for speech translators. It enables the highest possible speech recognition by eliminating background noise by up to 99%.

Its in-built MultiTalk function can connect many people, either gathered at a conference or talking to each other from far sides of the planet. MultiTalk immediately translates what’s said and records it
Vasco Translator M3 is a truly unique device that does not only helps you communicate with foreigners but also teaches you new languages! Based on the flashcards’ method, this smart app will be your personal tutor in vocabulary and pronunciation. The device costs $224 USD and is available online on Amazon and in B8ta stores