A Big Impact from Nanoscale Features Too Small to See

At META®, we make metamaterials. These are not new molecules, but tiny structures, which change the behavior of light, radio waves, and other forms of energy in unusual and useful ways. We will be showing NANOWEB® transparent windows for microwave oven doors, offering perfect visibility of the cooking food, while protecting against harmful radiation with an invisible metal mesh. This application was named a CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree.

By changing the pattern of the mesh, NANOWEB® can be used for many applications, such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, which make modern cars safer and easier to drive. ADAS systems depend on sensors (cameras, RADARs, LiDARs) that are useless if obscured by fog or ice in bad weather. NANOWEB® heaters keep sensor windows clear without blocking the field of view.

NANOWEB® is made by our proprietary Rolling Mask Lithography roll-to-roll process. Sub-micron metal wires, invisible to the unaided eye, are deposited on a plastic substrate. Our current production line is 30cm wide. We are scaling to 60cm and then 1M+, increasing capacity, reducing cost, and opening more applications. These include car windshields, sunroofs, and 5G reflector films that improve mobile coverage without adding hardware or using power.

META is also developing proprietary battery materials to make transportation safer and more sustainable. Visit us at ShowStoppers and LVCC North Hall booth 9417. Learn more at metamaterial.com.