A Bike on Wings

Cycling’s come a long way since the Penny-Farthing. 2020 marks the year cycling embarks on a
whole new ‘water-terrain.’

The Manta5 Hydrofoil eBike is half-bike, half-plane and replicates the intuitive cycling experience on
water using carbon fiber foils (the wings) and a fully waterproof eBike battery and motor. After 8
years of development and experiencing viral coverage of the prototype in 2017, the team from New
Zealand has the production bike ready to launch into the US this year.

The bike is the first of its kind and has had great pilot production reception in New Zealand where
riders are carving over ocean chop, training in waterways, or escaping to a lake where there’s no
traffic or roads in sight.

Beyond the waterproof battery and motor, the XE-1 combines some pioneering tech that amplifies
the intuitive cycling experience on and off the water.

Carbon fiber foils allow you to reach a top speed of 12mph (similar to Olympic rowers) and
gives you the ability to lean and carve through tight turns

Variable electric assist means a wide range of fitness levels can experience foiling. Dial-up the
assist to cruise along, drop it down to get a full workout, or change it up mid-ride using the
heads up display.

The front nose of the bike has two self-leveling pivot points – meaning you can ride over the
swell and punch through moderate chop at speed. Fall off? No worries, master the technique
to ’submerged launch’ and resurface from deep water. A world’s first for any foiling

Modular design for easy in-car transport. Assemble and carry the bike by hand to the water in

In three years time, Manta5 sees Hydrofoiling as its own sport and fitness category. Company
Founder, Guy Howard-Willis already has his sights on the Olympics. The XE-1’s 2020 release is that
first step towards cycling’s new frontier.