Actxa Glo: Non-invasive Blood Glucose & Fitness Tracker

Actxa believes that heartbeat data can provide meaningful insights into the human condition. Through analysing heartbeat data, we have incorporated VO2 Max estimation into our Spur+ and blood glucose level prediction into our Glo. We will continue to innovate and make positive impacts in preventive health with the use of physiological data and analytics.

An innovation like none other, the Actxa Glo does something no other fitness tracker does – it helps you keep tabs on your blood glucose levels. And yes, with no needles involved.

Early detection — Knowledge is king. Especially if you know it early. The Actxa Glo is part of an advance warning ecosystem that predicts if you might be at a high-risk for developing diabetes.

Easy-to-use — We know how uncomfortable it is to have to prick your fingers just to monitor your blood glucose levels. Actxa Glo does it differently. It measures your heartbeat data, runs the heartbeat data through a sophisticated prediction engine that will then inform you if your readings are in the High/Normal/Low range.

Accuracy — Our prediction engine was adapted from successful research and lab tests collaboratively conducted by a tertiary institution specializing in sports science and a leading public hospital in Singapore. Starting with an accuracy rate of more than 75%, this engine is continually being improved and made available to Actxa Glo users as our dataset continues to grow.

This gives you the assurance you need for you to take early action if your readings are consistently in the danger zone. Not bad for such a non-invasive method, indeed.