AiOnIc Chip provides a revolutionary Endpoint AI solution

ArchiTek is an Osaka Japan based startup that delivers a low cost Edge AI chip AiOnIc™, which consumes very low power enabling it to run inside a portable handheld battery powered AI camera kit. High performance real-time Edge AI processing is achieved by ArchiTek Intelligence, a computer architecture that uses a HW scheduler to fully utilize core functional engines, processors and memory maintaining a highly efficient parallel processing system.

AiOnIc is the world’s 1st battery-powered, hand-held, full-fledged Endpoint AI solution for detecting objects or estimating poses — human body keypoints – in videos, live feeds or images, imitating human vision to track activity and movement while consuming little computing power, without cooling devices like fans and heatsinks. Can be used in security cameras, drones, autonomous vehicles, self-aware robots and other applications.

AiOnIc™ is flexible enough to run Computer Vision algorithms enabling filtering and resizing/remapping of video images as well as many parallel processing algorithms normally requiring cloud based GPU power and can thus run applications like 3D Lidar or stereo camera based self localization and mapping solutions.