Air Cahana: Elevating Travel with a Sustainable Touch

Air Cahana will begin operations in the fall of 2023 with the Pilatus PC-12 executive category aircraft providing charter service to vacation and business destinations such as Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and Silicon Valley. Our aircraft will run on the highest blend of biofuel available and will be available for charter out of the Los Angeles Metro area. After the Pilatus, we’ll transition to the ATR turboprop in 2025 and will expand from Los Angeles to other hubs. We’ll begin with a biofuel blend and will ultimately run on 100% biofuel.

We will offer a refined experience, with a sustainability theme and sensibility that will delight any traveler fed up with how air travel works today. There will be no TSA – we will do our own security. We will fly our customers from regional airports to vacation and business destinations within a ~1,000 mile (regional) range. Our service will be premium but our prices will not be. Our fleet uses less fuel and requires less maintenance with biofuel and becomes even more economical when we transition to hydrogen a few years later. When we transition to hydrogen, we will offer premium service on regional routes to vacation and business destinations with a sustainable and profitable business model. We can prove that premium, profitability and sustainability can go hand in hand.