Air-ClenzT Computer Monitor Captures and Cleans Workplace Air Quickly, Effectively

Air-Clenz Systems™ is launching an innovative ventilation system for desktop computer monitors and laptops to improve indoor air quality, creating healthier and more productive workplaces at Show Stoppers during CES.

The Air-Clenz Computer Monitor and Laptop System addresses the needs of employers who want to create the safest work environment possible as employees return to their offices in 2022.

This proprietary system and approach allow for the capture and cleaning of 95+% of a person’s exhaled air, as well as room air, while sitting in front of their computer monitor or laptop. It cleans the air to a 99.97% level free of viruses such as COVID, variants, Influenza, the common cold, as well as pollution. Computer monitors and laptops are located perfectly for the quick capture and cleaning of exhaled air.

The Air-Clenz technology is being licensed to manufacturers of monitors, laptops, and air purifiers. This innovative breakthrough can be added in the manufacturing process or retrofitted afterwards to pre-existing monitors. It pays for itself by the reduction of one sick day.