Airthings now monitors indoor air quality

Airthings is no longer just a radon detector company. Rolling out in September, The Airthings Wave Plus is the first wirelessly connected and battery operated complete Indoor Air Quality monitor with Radon detection. Radon is a leading cause of lung cancer, killing at least 20,000 people in the EU per year. In fact, starting in February 2018, the EU recommends the monitoring of Radon levels in all homes, public spaces and workplaces with the addition of the Basic Safety Standards Directive.

The Airthings complete solution provides homeowners, building managers, and employers with full visibility into six indoor air factors: Radon, carbon dioxide (CO2), airborne chemicals (TVOCs), humidity, temperature and air pressure. In addition to an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand app and online dashboard, users can simply wave in front of the device to receive a color-coded visual indicator of the overall Indoor Air Quality.

The free Airthings Dashboard gives users access to interpretations of IAQ data as well as tips to reduce indoor air hazards, optimize ventilation and save energy. With the new addition of outdoor air data, customers gain visibility of the real-time Outdoor Air Quality Index, pollutants, pollen and more, giving them the full picture of both their indoor and outdoor air. Be the hero of your home and office by preventing illness, improving health, increasing productivity, and reducing energy consumption with the Airthings Wave Plus.