American Home Safety Products Unveils Their First Collection of Home & Safety Products

American Home Safety Products (AHSP) is a solution-oriented company creating easy-to-use safety innovations that outperform competitors and deliver superior performance. AHSP’s products serve as an extra level of security, with patented core technologies that do not rely on Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity or a smartphone app, indicating that the products should work at all times.

Experience the first of AHSP’s home and safety products during ShowStoppers, including the Car Seat CoPilot Automatic Alert System, an automatic alert system designed to assist parents and caregivers with remembering their most important possession in the backseat of a car. The Car Seat CoPilot Automatic Alert System is a seat belt clip sensor that attaches to the straps of your infant/car seat and uses a patented technology of Radio Frequency (RF) to transmit a signal that triggers the alarm sound within the key fob. The Car Seat CoPilot Automatic Alert System purposely does not rely on a smartphone app, cellular data coverage, BluetoothTM technology or WiFi connectivity, indicating that it should work at all times.

AHSP is also set to unveil Early Alert, a sound sensor for the home which is triggered by a smoke alarm and activates the voice/alarm speaker simultaneously, bringing the alarm sound closer to where family members can hear it before a fire reaches their bedrooms. With Early Alert, parents are able to record their voice for a personalized warning more likely to wake a sleeping child quicker. It operates with a patented Radio Frequency (RF) technology and works with your home’s existing smoke detectors, not relying on WiFi or BluetoothTM technology, to assure that your home is protected at all times.