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eSIM technology gears up for the mass market

As a leading provider of  eSIM management services, Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security is gearing up for the mass market deployment of eSIM technology. With the experience from all recent eSIM enabled device launches, G+D Mobile Security showcases intelligent connectivity solutions for MNOs / MVNO, device makers and enterprise customers. Our AirOn service enables MNOs / MVNO […]

Don’t play Russian Roulette with your Applications!  

Imitated mobile Apps are one of the highest risks App publishers face. Estimates put the number of repackaged apps on Google Play above 30,000 – some receiving 1m+ downloads! During ShowStoppers,  Inside Secure will demonstrate how hackers inject malicious code into legitimate apps. We will then explain how apps can be easily protected with our […]

Love tech? Love food?

If you have an interest in consumer electronics, smart home, cooking tools, IoT, plus good food then MEATER+ is for you. MEATER+ removes the guesswork from cooking meat and alerts you when your meat is perfectly cooked. Connect MEATER+ to any smartphone or tablet and using a patented technology, the MEATER+ provides estimated cooking times to […]

Atmosic Technologies Promises Forever Battery and Ultimately Battery-Free IoT with Energy Harvesting Solutions Demonstrated at ShowStoppers

Atmosic’s story begins with a team of wireless experts who pioneered CMOS RF design and spent the last decade creating ubiquitous embedded wireless connectivity. Led by CEO David Su, Atmosic came together to create a technology that would change the way we consumer energy. Atmosic leverages energy harvesting as a viable power source and lowest […]

New wellness app helps recharge the brain

Introducing BrainTap Pro The BrainTap Pro mobile app is a mind-development tool designed to help users de-stress while achieving physical, mental, and emotional balance.  The subscription-based app is an all-natural, drug-free solution that guides your mind from awake and reactionary to an intuitive, creative state where super-learning and healing can occur.  Using frequency-following technology as well as guided visualization, the app gives anyone the ability to […]

Daikin Challenges Status Quo in the HVAC Market

Daikin, the world’s #1 HVAC manufacturer and Air Intelligence™ expert, is up-ending the status quo in the HVAC market with the introduction of the Daikin One+™ smart thermostat. It arrives in a market where HVAC players have been conservative in adopting IoT technologies and, until recently, relegated leadership in the smart thermostat category to consumer electronics […]