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Clean Air Zone (CAZ) to Showcase 100% Green Biology-Based Air Purification System That Eliminates COVID-19 Virus in an Environmental Setting

Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is a US-based air purification R&D company that essentially eliminates COVID-19 from the environment. Deploying advanced microbiotic and enzyme technology to capture and destroy airborne contaminants, the CAZ system is derived from nature using 100% green technology, eliminates viruses (including COVID-19), mold, VOCs, particulates, odors, cigarette smoke, chemical fumes and gases […]

Swann puts commercial-grade security within reach of home consumers

Swann, a global leader in do-it-yourself security, announces its latest Swann 4K Enforcer™ Kit is a CES 2021 Innovation Award Honoree. The Swann 4K NVR Enforcer™ Kit (model number SONVK-889804B2D) includes a 8-Channel NVR Wired Security System with 4 Bullet and 2 Dome Enforcer™ cameras with patent-pending red and blue flashing lights. The Swann Wired […]

How safe is your work environment? New device tests it

STEALTHO has reimagined the organizer from a health perspective. The HWE Station includes sensors that can inform users about HWE Index, which is a ratio of the temperature, humidity and CO2 readings. Consumers can use the index to determine: Whether there is sufficient oxygen for full operation of the lungs Whether the indoor environment might […]

ViewSonic Showcases Display Solutions that Fit any Virtual/Hybrid Work, Gaming and Entertainment Environments

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of display solution products, delivers next-generation display solutions. The VP3286-8K is a 32-inch, 8K resolution ColorPro™ monitor with a KVM switch for two separate sources, color-blind mode, and Adobe RGB color space for  the best color accuracy. A HDMI 2.1 , native 4K gaming monitor, the ELITE XG320U features […]

Introducing Distraction-Free Distance Learning

COVID-19 has caused American children’s screen time to skyrocket 500%. With the majority of students participating in some form of online schooling, screen time — and parents’ frustration managing online school work — continues to grow. Circle’s new Focus Time setting — which was officially announced today — is the feature parents have been waiting […]

Tilt, Drift & Sway – How Lora DiCarlo’s Latest Innovative Product Line is Heating Up The Sexual Wellness Industry

Inspired by the warmth of human touch, the new Lora DiCarlo heated products simulate body temperatures and heated massage devices by activating a new nylon-based thermal conductive polymer that has a thermal coefficient 15x to 20x of traditional injection molded plastic, thereby providing quick and consistent internal heating. The line includes a handheld bullet (Drift), […]

Golface is the leading brand of golf cart tablet service in Taiwan

Golface Smart Golf System had already solved problems that are faced by many golf courses in Taiwan, such as low level of digitalization, lack of information feedback and unable to improve efficiency. Entering a better-developed golf market, such as Japan, Golface noticed that the lack of personnel will be the next challenge in the world. […]

Biotech company Winnoz Helps COVID-19 Under Control with Its Unique Point-of-care Testing (POCT) Platform

Winnoz is a biotech company that focuses on innovations enabling healthcare resources accessible for anyone and anywhere. With the POCT platform from blood collection, detection and big data analysis, Winnoz introduces more contribution to human health management for anyone, anywhere, especially under the attack and threat of the pandemic. “We believe that the COVID-19 screening […]