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Opera’s Mobile Browsers: Revolutionizing the Web with Speed And Privacy

Opera’s Mobile Browsers Opera is an innovative software company focused on bringing users the best possible internet browsing experience across all devices. Hundreds of millions worldwide have ditched the default due to the company’s trademark blend of speed, privacy and security, and options for customization. Fast, safe and private, Opera for iOS is a beautifully […]

Whispp enables phone & video calls for people with voice disability or stutter

Worldwide 300 million people suffer from a voice disability or stutter severely. It has a major impact on their daily lives, work and sense of happiness. They also can’t make intelligible and relaxed phone and video calls. With Whispp they can! Whispp’s real-time assistive voice technology and calling app converts whispered speech (people who stutter […]

Yubico offers gold standard for phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication

Yubico (Nasdaq First North Growth Market Stockholm: YUBICO), the inventor of the YubiKey, offers the gold standard for phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA), stopping account takeovers in their tracks and making secure login easy and available for everyone. Since the company was founded in 2007, it has been a leader in setting global standards for secure […]

Infinix Unveils the CoolMax System: Pioneering the Industry’s First Air-Cooled Semiconductor Technology

Infinix, a trendy tech brand crafted for young consumers, proudly introduces a revolutionary flagship-level concept in mobile gaming technology at ShowStoppers MWC 2024. Themed ‘Electrify Gaming Future’, this cutting-edge technology redefines the mobile gaming experience with state-of-the-art features enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Infinix’s groundbreaking innovation exceeds expectations, achieving an unprecedented score of 2,215,639 in […]

ESSNZ SLIM Evo – The evolution from prescription to AR glasses

As the global demand for vision correction continues to grow, especially among younger people, a high-quality Augmented Reality (AR) display must be personalized with vision correction. tooz provides optical engines to augment regular prescription glasses with digital screens, enabling cost-effective, unobtrusive and ready-to-use smart glasses solutions. While maintaining the original function of everyday eyewear – […]

Wirepas unveils Wirepas 5G Mesh, the first connectivity software based on new non-cellular 5G standard NR+, bringing ultra-reliability to large-scale private networks at an affordable cost

How to connect millions of devices in one network cost-efficiently? This is the question that has remained unanswered for decades and has stalled the progress of IoT. Wirepas, a wireless connectivity company offering advanced mesh technology for large-scale industrial networks, has been digging into this challenge for the last ten years. What started as a […]

Ohdoki debuts world’s most advanced sexual pleasure device

Ohdoki is a Norwegian technology company bridging the gap between fantasy and reality through high-end technology. Following their success last year at CES showcasing The Handy, Ohdoki is excited to introduce its newest innovative product, Oh! Powered by The Handy, Oh! is the world’s most advanced, versatile and discreet vibrator utilizing sonic technology to embrace […]

Unveiling The All-New Laifen Wave Oscillation & Vibration Electric Toothbrush

Laifen will unveil the Laifen Wave Electric Toothbrush at CES and ShowStoppers. Laifen’s latest innovation is powered by a proprietary servo system that outputs higher power than traditional electric toothbrushes (6.1W v. 2W) and enables the Wave’s trademark ultra-wide oscillations and high-frequency vibrations. 60° Oscillation Combined with Vibration for a Deeper Clean The Wave features […]

ShopSee: Slicing through the noise

In the midst of all the noise, clutter and digital overwhelm currently in the world, when another new start-up emerges, we tend to just gloss over the details and move on quickly, as most come and go as frequently as M15 busses on Second Avenue. Rarely do any have a real scalable revenue model, some […]