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Shure Brings Studio-Quality Sound to Listeners Everywhere

For decades, the biggest legends in music – Elvis, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin, and others – have trusted Shure microphones and gear in studios and on the biggest stages worldwide. Now, consumers can experience that same quality of audio wherever they go with AONIC 50 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones. Engineered with decades of […]

Spectee Human-AI Collaboration: Shaping the Future of News Reporting

Spectee, a leading AI data analysis agency that accounts for over 90% of the news and media market in Japan, has launched its global content distribution service in partnership with the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters, alongside with its own platform Spectee.com. Subscribers can now optimize their storytelling by accessing Spectee’s near real-time, fact-checked, and […]

We break language barriers for a different guest experience

Kotozna Chat In-room by Kotozna Inc. is a very timely, innovative product that will fundamentally change the way hotels work. Hotel phones become obsolete as they become replaceable with Kotozna Chat In-room, an app designed for hotels to gather service requests from guests where language barriers between staff and guests are eliminated since both can […]

Dream GP measures foot morphology for custom insoles

Insoles are used to support body balance as well as for sports performance. In clinical field, several studies have reported the use of insoles for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Reports on insoles have also highlighted effects on preventing the transformation of the diabetic foot. Foot is the most important part of human body since […]

Developing AI from the bedrock of Japanese Tradition – HACARUS is combating an ageing population using novel technology

The greatest challenge facing Japan today, and the rest of the developed world tomorrow, is an ageing population – this coming demographic shift will have devastating effects on the economy with less people working to support an increasingly large group in need of care and support. HACARUS, from Kyoto Japan, backed by Miyako Capital (Kyoto […]

Paronym accesses marked images without searching web

Barcelona would be surprised at new and unique 20 startups from various featured sectors: Mobile app analytics/Smell digitizing sensor/Portable brain monitor/Earth observation microsatellite/Travel & hospitality chatbot/Heatstroke preventing sensor/Smart urine sensor/3D foot measuring/Protection and encryption data-in-use/Cost-effective  edge AI/Innovative TV recorder/Explainable lightweight AI/Automatic translation/Nature harmonizing IoT/Digital currency exchange/Coronavirus detection from SNS/AD fraud prevention/Democratization of  architecture/Fun living robotics — https://www5.jetro.go.jp/newsletter/iib/2020/4YFN/JAPANPAVILION.pdf […]

Bespoke’s AI Chatbot Provides Assistance During Current Coronavirus Pandemic

Bespoke Inc. creators of the AI-powered chatbot developed specifically for travelers, have launched “Bebot,” which informs and assists residents and travelers about the 2019 novel coronavirus. The designated chatbot can be easily accessed by anyone at http://bit.ly/coronavirus-bebot. With Bebot, users have immediate access to critical information about the coronavirus in English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional […]

New TV recorder changes your TV life and TV business

Let’s imagine that all TV programs are recorded automatically, and you can watch them through internet with your smartphone. Our recorder is special. Not only for consumers, but also for business users, this innovative recorder is useful. We respect the rights. Our product is legal and above board. More information is here: https://garapon.tv/english