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Covira and the Fight to End Post-Surgical Infections

Covira is a biotech company spun out from the University of Chicago that develops drugs to modulate the gut microbiome. Covira’s lead asset is focused on prevention of post-surgical infections. The company projects that the FDA approval process could take 4-5 years to complete. “We are really at the cutting-edge of microbiome research, and our […]

AsReader configured with consumer smartphones, the super ruggedized industrial grade mobile computing solution with the latest features

AsReader products from Asterisk configured with consumer iOS/Android smartphones, etc., withstand 5m drop onto concrete floor, which is even more durable than industrial grade mobile computers, yet the latest smart devices from Asterisk bring you higher security using fingerprint recognition, faster transaction speed, larger memory size, greater resolution camera & screen, with a sophisticated design. […]

New popCamera™ Smartphone Camera Technology from Japan

pop Inc. introduces popCamera™, motion sensor shutter technology that will revolutionize selfies by letting users activate the camera shutter by simply flipping or tapping the back of the device. Even in awkward situations or less than ideal conditions, built-in motion sensors plus AI technology work to “pop” an optimal shot. pop also introduces the popCamera™ […]

I’mBesideYou analyzes online communication to predict churn, lost orders, or mental illness

I’mBesideYou analyzes online communication movie data like Zoom by multimodal AI and visualizes what happens in your organization every day (or real time) to predict churn, lost orders, or when mental illness will happen in your organization. By dealing with these signals properly, you can create a continuous improvement cycle of human communication. I’mbesideyou Inc. […]

SpoLive showcases live sports spectating platform

SpoLive, a Tokyo-based sports tech startup, will showcase a live sports spectating platform that teams or leagues can use to enhance fan engagement and monetize content during games. Fans can cheer for teams remotely, bring their cheerings to the stadium’s vision, purchase digital merchandise, and get collectibles like NFT, etc., all while enjoying an ultra-low […]

OPHRE updates smart shoes, introduce new running shoe

ORPHE introduces updates to OPHRE Smart Shoes, including a new running shoe model: “SHIBUYA 3.0” and a shoelace mount for ORPHE CORE 2.0 sensor modules that would allow users to track their performance with any footwear. Sales for the new products are scheduled for April with prices starting at 82 EUR. And the current version […]