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CasaWire, The Future of Home + Décor is Unveiled at CES Showstoppers

CasaWire offers organic discovery of home + décor by leveraging technology to personalize the customer experience. This seamless, interactive experience encourages the consumer to be the influencer – and their feedback becomes part of essential brand decision making. With a successful soft launch landing at #2 on the App store, CasaWire is a catalyst to […]

Introducing creative AI photo editor — Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is an innovative AI photo editor that delivers photos as you imagined them. Neo builds upon the unique, purpose-driven, AI editing technologies for which Skylum is well-known. Driven by the tradition of innovation, Luminar Neo further reimagines the image editing experience which enables creators to be more expressive with fewer boundaries and rediscover […]

NEW vCommute Pro Phone Case Series: Adaptability for an Active Lifestyle

Vena, the brand behind stylish, functional and protective Apple and Android cases and accessories, debuts its latest expansion of the highly-rated vCommute series with the new vCommute Pro wallet smartphone cases. The lineup joins the brand’s extensive portfolio of mobile cases and accessories designed for every lifestyle.  NEW vCommute Pro Series: Adaptability for an Active […]

Lockly unveils smart safe as a high-tech personal security solution featuring patented PIN Genie

Lockly Smart Safe will be available for $349.99 starting this Spring 2023 (Q1) Key Features and Benefits: Your Finger Is Your Key –  Lockly’s 3D Biometric sensor recognizes a fingerprint in less than 0.3s. Stores up to 99 Fingerprints.  HackProof Digital Keypad – Patented PIN Genie® touchscreen prevents codes from being guessed by randomly shuffling […]

Huenit introduces hand-drip coffee barista robot

HUENIT is developing a system for F&B services as well as educational services. The first product is HUENIT Barista. HUENIT barista robot, created by the convergence of robotics, high-precision sensors, and AI technologies, offers the best coffee experience. HUENIT recognizes and greets customers’ faces – communicates with customers through AI cameras. Now efficiently manage recipes […]

Tramontina Guru: cooking that connects

Cooking is both art and science, requiring precise measurements, timing and temperatures as well as creative flavor combinations to delight the senses. Creating a great meal takes time and attention, and minor mistakes can ruin the result. Tramontina GuruTM, a smart cooking solution debuting at CES 2023, guides home cooks through every step from prep […]

Introducing the world’s most powerful and compact portable blender

Years of world-class design and engineering expertise led us to create BlenderCap™, the most powerful, most compact, and most portable blender imaginable. BlenderCap (MSRP $129) will forever change the way you make blended drinks in the kitchen and everywhere you go. Never again will you have to consume another warm protein shake or smoothie at […]

Asilla AI turns security cameras into smart 24/7 surveillance system

Asillla Inc., a human-centric AI startup company in Japan, announces its attendance at Consumer Electronic Show (CES), specifically at the J-Startup section in Eureka park, Sands Expo; at ShowStoppers LaunchIt, and at ShowStoppers. Asilla will have a pop-up booth that displays its signature product, abnormal behavior detection AI “Asilla.”  “Asilla” is an AI software that […]

Palm-sizes Gas Chromatograph for on-site and in-situ gas analysis

Sylph is an ultra-compact, high-performance gas chromatograph for onsite chemical analysis of space and terrestrial environments. Unlike conventional gas chromatographs that are as large as dormitory refrigerators, the palm-sized Sylph weighs only about 2 kg (4.4 lb.) and is operable on mobile battery power – which makes gas chromatography accessible anywhere. Powered by our proprietary […]

Haptics Metaverse Gloves with Conductive Fiber

Made of our proprietary and patented conductive fibers, “Haptics Metaverse Gloves Powered by LEAD SKIN” is a wearable interface capable of detecting the user’s finger bending movements while also enabling them to feel the metaverse objects that they “touch.” The gloves are designed to let people explore and enjoy the metaverse more freely and intuitively, […]