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Rolling Square’s CES23 Innovation Award winners: InCharge XL, AirCard and TAU2.

The innovative technologies that Rolling Square‘s designers have been able to develop in the past year have won the CES23 innovation award: inCharge XL is the latest version of Rolling Square’s best-seller inCharge X®. Described as the world’s only 100W 6-in-1 cable that can replace the rat’s nest of cables everyone owns, once and for all. Available in […]

Humetrix Introduces WhatMeds for Your Mobile Wallet — Lets 50M Medicare Beneficiaries Access & Share Prescriptions

When visiting the doctor one of the first questions you’re asked is: “What medications are you taking?” To help accurately answer that question Humetrix is introducing WhatMeds™, the first mobile wallet enabled health application for medication management that will let 50M Medicare enrollees & 40M family caregivers securely access and share their medication list with […]

Huenit introduces software and AI educational robotic arm

  HUENIT is an easy-to-use, multi-functional, high-precision AI modular robot arm for Maker and STEAM education. HUENIT supports AI vision, laser engraving, 3D printing, robotic gripper, writing and drawing functions, and also has a customizable module. HUENIT supports various development environments such as visual programming (block based coding), Python, and Arduino (C++) programming. In addition, […]

Space Rover introduces preschoolers to fundamentals of coding

Learning Resources, an award-winning educational toy company, will unveil its newest STEM learning toy, Space Rover Deluxe Coding Set. Available this Summer, Space Rover introduces preschoolers to the fundamentals of coding through a series of 100% screen-free activities intended for use at home and in the classroom. This edtech toy was created to help further […]

Robo&Kala is revolutionizing the computer industry with their 2-in-1 laptop launch

Robo&Kala is a cutting-edge global technology brand and revolutionary pioneer in the computer and laptop industry. With the announcement of their premiere product launch, Robo&Kala 2-in-1 laptop that outpaces all others on the market in regard to efficiency, battery life, and affordability, they are bringing the world’s thinnest and lightest computer-tablet hybrid to consumers and […]

FirmTech Is Making Sexual Wellness About Better Health, Happiness, and Fun

We founded FirmTech with the goal of graphically visualizing men’s sexual health in order to sustain it for a lifetime of lovemaking. With objective data, men can make better decisions about their medications, use of alcohol and drugs, diet, and exercise. Additionally, we want men to enjoy more satisfying sexual experiences. We are proud to […]

Algal Bio to Launch ‘Moneru,’ Sleep-Promoting Supplement Derived from Algae Strain

Algal Bio will unveil “Moneru,” a sleep-promoting supplement derived from a microalgae strain that’s been shown to have anti-stress and anti-depression effects in studies. Algal Bio, a University of Tokyo spinoff, developed the supplement using its proprietary “Algae Bio-Foundry Platform,” which brings together the university’s 20+ years of research on their extensive catalog of algae […]

myFirst Circle – that’s how kids, friends, family stay connected!

myFirst Circle is the call, messaging and social sharing ecosystem specially designed for kids, their friends and the family to stay connected. All the good from staying connected, with no ads, no strangers, only real connections. Classify Contacts into Expanding Circles We all want to share, but not everything should be shared with everyone. Classify […]