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Nobi Debuts AI-Powered Ceiling Lamp for Fall Detection and Prevention, Announces Plans for Consumer Market

Nobi, a provider of innovative AgeTech solutions, will unveil its newest product: Nobi Ceiling, a ceiling-mounted version of its award-winning AI-powered Smart Lamps that detect and prevent falls as well as monitor older adults’ health and activity patterns. Nobi Ceiling offers the same combination of elegant design and cutting-edge AI technology Nobi is known for, […]

Pet Music Innovation : One by One Music

The most groundbreaking feature from One by One Music is our music component, which has been meticulously developed based on scientific research. Over the past two years, we’ve collaborated with a licensed veterinarian and professor to study the specific musical elements effective in reducing stress. Unlike other types of music globally, there hasn’t been sufficient […]

Innophys introduces muscle suits to Toyota Auto Body Co.

12 units of “Muscle Suit Soft-power” and 2 units of “Muscle Suit GS-BACK” have been implemented, primarily utilized in the Vehicle Logistics Division at the Inabe Plant. This division primarily engages in the transportation of components, where scenarios involving boarding and alighting from towing vehicles and lifts are common. The expectation is that the introduction […]

Infinix Unveils E-Color Shift at CES 2024, Revolutionizing Interactive Smartphone Color Transformation

Infinix, a trendy tech brand designed for young consumers, today announced its latest breakthrough, the E-Color Shift technology, at ShowStoppers CES 2024. This innovative feature uses E Ink Prism™ 3 to enable dynamic color changes on mobile phone panels without power, marking a leap in smartphone customization and energy efficiency. Users can personalize the device’s […]

VueReal Has Commenced Shipping High-Transparency and High-Resolution AM-MicroLED Displays Produced by VueReal MicroSolid Printing™ Platform to Its Partners

VueReal celebrates a milestone in display technology, announcing the successful development and shipment of high-resolution and high-transparency microLED displays to its partners. The breakthrough comes courtesy of VueReal’s MicroSolid Printing™ Platform, addressing a pivotal challenge in MicroLED adoption – the efficient transfer of LEDs from wafer to backplane. Integrated into Active Matrix MicroLED displays, this […]

RideVision deploys XR system for immersive transportation entertainment

RideVision from Synesthesias is an XR system for any vehicle, which transforms the usual space into theme park XR ride experiences instantly. RideVision SDK allows any content creator to participate in the new market of XR ride and get profits. The prototype has already been implemented on taxi, bus and train in Japan for XR […]

Unistellar launches Smart Solar Filter for telescopes

Unveiled at IFA in Berlin, the launch of the Smart Solar Filter once again expands the unique capabilities of Unistellar smart telescopes. Observing the sun has never been easier and safer for your eyes and those of your loved ones. Simply place the Smart Solar Filter over a Unistellar smart telescope. When connected to the […]

Pocketalk for business: The future of global communication

Pocketalk has a singular goal: remove language barriers.  We launched Pocketalk with handheld devices, helping travelers connect in 85 languages. With half a billion translations and over a million devices sold, we’re at an advent of limitless human connection and need in our global economy to expand our reach.  Our answer: Pocketalk for Business, an […]

Introducing Luma: Revolutionizing Lighting Ambiance

Luma, the latest innovation from the renowned company Lexon, is poised to revolutionize the way we perceive and interact with lighting. Comprising a range of portable lamps, including models such as Luma S, M, L, and XL, this cutting-edge invention promises to redefine ambiance creation. The standout feature of the Luma collection is its groundbreaking […]