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Struggling to sleep? Escape with Kokoon intelligent headphones

Struggling to sleep with a lot on your mind? Stressed after a busy day? Have a long flight? Kokoon’s intelligent headphones have been developed with staff at Europe’s largest sleep clinic to help. Discover a quiet and comfortable escape where you can experience personalised audio and coaching clinically proven to help your mind switch off […]

The Future of Storytelling with Augmented Reality

Books are our hardware. Anomaly Productions is a technology focused publisher with the mission to tell stories like never before. Using the phones and tablets we already have, free Augmented Reality companion apps make all Anomaly books, graphic novels and comics come to life in full 3D to usher in a new level of storytelling. […]

Jabra is changing the way you hear music and stay active

At ShowStoppers, Jabra is changing the way you hear music and stay active. Jabra will be demonstrating its strong headphone expertise by announcing an expansion of its award-winning Elite headset range. Jabra’s Elite wireless and true wireless headphones are engineered for life on the go. With long-lasting battery, noise-reduction microphones and customizable equalizers, Jabra helps […]

A Better Ergonomic Keyboard from Matias

The Matias Programmable Ergo Pro Keyboard is a better ergonomic keyboard. It’s not made for beauty or style … it’s made to reduce the pain that many people feel typing on a standard slim keyboard, or even worse, tapping on a glass screen. The Matias keyboard features two separated halves that can be angled for […]

Fashionable and lightweight AR Smart Glasses that look like normal glasses

Norm Glasses are lightweight, normal looking smart glasses, equipped with a wearable mini-computer, camera, speakers, and a head-up display (HUD) that can display information in your field of view (similar to watching a 50″ TV located 4 yards away).  Imagine the possibilities of being able to take pictures, record videos, make phone calls, or even […]

Diamond Dog™ Tempered Glass Screen Protector Featuring DiamondClad™ Technology Sets the “Diamond Standard” for Ultimate Screen Protection

Let’s face it. Every screen protector will eventually fail. Period. And the dog-gone truth is, phone cases won’t always protect your screen from becoming a goner. Two out of three smartphone owners reported damage to their phone in 2018, and almost 60% of that damage included scratched or cracked screens.* After years in development and […]

Enclave Audio Showcases Soundbar Killers at CES 2020

Enclave Audio®, Enclave Audio, manufacturer of immersive wireless audio systems for home entertainment environments will showcase two new WiSA® Certified™ wireless multi-channel surround sound speaker systems: the CineHome II and the CineHome PRO featuring the new CineHub wireless audio transmitter. Both new wireless speaker systems are now available and will be on display at ShowStoppers […]

A Bike on Wings

Cycling’s come a long way since the Penny-Farthing. 2020 marks the year cycling embarks on a whole new ‘water-terrain.’ The Manta5 Hydrofoil eBike is half-bike, half-plane and replicates the intuitive cycling experience on water using carbon fiber foils (the wings) and a fully waterproof eBike battery and motor. After 8 years of development and experiencing […]

AVITA’s new Admiror hopes to enamor on-lookers and users alike

Following up on the success of last year’s Liber, the Admiror, a CES Innovation Award honoree, continues with AVITA’s fashionable and contemporary approach. Drawing inspiration from architecture, high fashion and colorful modern style, the Admiror boasts an aesthetic beauty the consumer laptop and tech community has not yet seen. Outward appearance aside, the Admiror comes […]