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myFirst Circle – that’s how kids, friends, family stay connected!

myFirst Circle is the call, messaging and social sharing ecosystem specially designed for kids, their friends and the family to stay connected. All the good from staying connected, with no ads, no strangers, only real connections. Classify Contacts into Expanding Circles We all want to share, but not everything should be shared with everyone. Classify […]

Why using wood is important?

Dongnam Realize produces thermosoftening wood material, CXP wood. It contains 70% wood and no plastics in it. It’s not harmful for human when used, broken, or decomposed. We carefully select our mineral pigments that human can eat.  What’s amazing about CXP material is injectable and extrudable without plastic resins. But what’s really important about using […]

Fueled By Proteomics, iuno Launches Proprietary Personalized Skincare System

iuno launches a truly customized and personalized skincare system, the first on the market to be powered by proteomics. Proteomics, the study of our protein make-up, is a significant advancement in the science behind skincare since proteins change over time in response to lifestyle, diet, and environment—revealing an unprecedented level of understanding of our skin […]

Sonatus is Accelerating Vehicle Software Innovation

The future of dynamic automotive innovation lives in software. Sonatus delivers in-vehicle and cloud software solutions and partners with automotive OEMs, Tier-1s, and other key suppliers to help them innovate faster and deliver continuous improvements in cost, capability, reliability and user experience over a vehicle’s lifespan. Sonatus’ software platform is in production in Hyundai, Kia […]

VersaWare, The Next Generation of Nutrition-Centric Smart Kitchen Appliances

  VersaWare is a sleek, user-friendly product line of two connected smart kitchen appliances — a mixing bowl and cutting board — plus the connected VersaWare mobile app — which allows users to custom-create any meal to meet their desired nutritional goals. Gone are the days of outdated measuring tools or ‘guess-and-check’ ingredient portions. As a user […]

AWOL Vision: The Only Choice of 150’’ Laser TV

AWOL Vision, the award-winning company behind the new wave of the brightest 4K, Triple Laser short throw projectors on the market, will be at ShowStoppers with flagship short throw projectors LTV-2500 and LTV-3500. They will be unveiling their new AWOL Vision Vanish 100/120” UHD TV with rollable install making it the world’s largest HD TV […]

inCharge XL, a single universal cable for every device

inCharge XL is a single universal cable for every device, replacing the need for numerous charging cables. It features two inputs and three outputs for a total of six different connections and can be plugged into any power source. It is built to last with a protective cap, removable adapters, and 100W ultra-fast charging. “The […]

We want to connect talents from all over the world

We are iNSYNC from 1/AK Inc. It’s a new way of communicating in dance. We are using AI technology called pose estimation, which doesn’t require motion capture. You just need your smartphone. The dance trainer sends to a student a dance movie with their posture data, and then the student practices with apps like KARAOKE. […]