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Evolectric’s CircularEV Solutions Accelerate Fleet Electrification

Evolectric is a California-based technology company committed to helping commercial vehicle owners transition their fleets to 100% electric. We are a team with over 100 years of combined experience in electric vehicle and battery development dedicated to reducing the negative impact of gas-powered vehicles on the environment for generations to come. Together, we are accelerating […]

Introducing Smart Cups: The World’s First Printed Beverage

Introducing Smart Cups – the world’s first printed beverage, set to revolutionize the way we consume and transport goods. Founded by visionary Chris Kanik, Smart Cups utilizes patented delivery system technology to print ingredients, eliminating the eliminating the need to tranport liquid. Applications range from beverages to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. At Smart Cups, sustainability is […]

Closing the Loop turns mobile waste into gold

We are the only company in the world that managed to get big tech brands (e.g. Fujitsu, Samsung, Vodafone) to commercially benefit from adopting a green/circular innovation. Why? Tech users are not able to apply their (personal) values on their devices, today. This results in the biggest market mismatch of the decade: 74% of customers […]

ESSNZ Berlin – The first smart glasses with prescription for all-day use

Until recently, AR headsets and smart glasses haven’t met one of the core end consumer expectations: scalable prescription. As the need for vision correction is dramatically increasing, especially among younger people, a high-quality AR display must consider the prescription market. The tooz ESSNZ Berlin smart glasses augment visual information in the wearer’s field of view […]

Revolutionizing Off-Grid Living: Jackery Unveils Innovative Solar Solutions

In a world evolving towards sustainable practices, technological strides from Jackery continue to redefine how we harness energy. At the forefront of this movement stands our award-winning Solar Mars Bot, lauded by TIME as one of the Best Inventions of 2023. 600W Solar Wings of the Bot: Featuring a space-efficient telescopic design, these wings unfold […]

Voice Capture Technology: Why the Status Quo is No Longer “Good Enough”

Consumers are frustrated with the lack of understanding, reliability, and accuracy of their voice recognition devices. This happens when the user may be too far away, there’s too much background noise (like streaming music or TVs), or there may be objects between the talker and the device that may cause interference. The bottom line? People […]

Robotic pet unleashes coding confidence for children

Educational Insights, the award-winning leader in educational toys, is introducing its newest coding companion. This Spring, parents can unleash their children’s coding confidence with PYXEL A Coder’s Best Friend, an interactive robotic pet packed with tricks and emotion sequences that can be coded through beginner Blockly and more advanced Python languages. Right out of the […]

Unistellar – The Universe Awaits

For years, pros and consumers alike have questioned just how big our universe is and what lies beyond it. With time, new methods have been introduced for how we view and observe space, leading to new discoveries. Yet, much is still left unexplored that pros alone don’t have the time or equipment to support.  With […]

New ViewSonic ELITE gaming monitors, OLED displays, portable monitors and lamp free projectors for work and play

ViewSonic will introduce several exciting products for consumers. New ELITE lightning-fast gaming monitors, 4K OLED displays, portable monitors and 4K short throw LED projectors designed for XBOX New ELITE XG272-2K is a 27-inch IPS monitor with native QHD (2560×1440)  resolution, 400Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time that was designed to win. The ELITE XG341C-2K […]