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Zendure: Your True Power Independence Provider

Zendure introduces the SuperBase V series, the portable power station with a built-in semi-solid state battery featuring 6.4kWh to 64kWh expandable capacity. The SuperBase V series is available for preorder on the official website zendure.com, with a Christmas campaign from 1st Dec to 31st Dec priced at $3,199 (LFP version) and $4,499 (Semi-Solid State version). […]

Victrola introduces wireless vinyl turntable, Stream Onyx

Victrola unveils the Victrola Stream Onyx, the second iteration in the award-winning Victrola Stream turntable lineup. This high-performance turntable, verified as a Works with Sonos product, delivers bold, vibrant sound in a sleek aesthetic reminiscent of its name. With a revamp in build materials from the original Victrola Stream Carbon, the company is now introducing […]

SYLVOX launches full scene TVs for outdoors, bathroom, kitchen, RVs

Sylvox will launch 10 innovative products at CES in 2023 At CES and ShowStoppers, Sylvox will exhibit up to 10 amazing new products, including Garden series, Cinema series and Patio series in outdoor TV; Magnetic embedded bathroom TV and wall mounted bathroom TV in bathroom TV; Flap Down Kitchen TV, Wardrobe Kitchen TV in kitchen TV; Portable waterproof […]

The Handy – the future of interactive pleasure

What does the future of pleasure look like?  The Handy is a smart automatic stroker designed with Scandinavian sensibilities of minimalism and functionality in mind. It is made with the best components possible for exceptional performance. It uses a brushless motor that ensures minimal sound whilst maximising power. In addition, it enables users to customise […]

Respiray Wear A+ offers sweet relief for people suffering from allergies

Anyone struggling with airborne allergies knows how limiting they can be. From persistent itching and irritation to streaming eyes and debilitating breathing issues, everyday particles that most of us barely notice, such as dust, pollen, fungal spores and pet fur, can make life intolerable for some. Common prevention and treatment options like regular cleaning, antihistamines […]

TWT Audio: “Shockingly” Good Audio, at a Price That Makes Sense

ThinkWrite Technologies®, a leader in the $1.4 trillion U.S. education sector, is extending its reach into the consumer and B2B markets with the launch of its sub-brand, TWT Audio.  The TWT Audio brand delivers headsets and headphones with incredible audio clarity, comfort and durability at a price that everyone can afford, and reflects the company’s […]

Jackery: The highly anticipated 1500 Pro and 3000 Pro

Solar Generator 1500 Pro and 3000 Pro are new additions to Jackery’s high-end solar charging family. 1500 Pro features 1512Wh and is ideal for entry-level outdoor enthusiasts. 3000 Pro features large capacity at 3024Wh and can power up 99% of your appliances. 1500 Pro can be solar charged or wall charged fully in 2 hours […]

Experience Extraordinary with Xperi

At CES 2023 Xperi is excited to showcase our dedication to extraordinary entertainment every moment of the day through our best-in-class brands. HEAR EXTRAORDINARY with DTS DTS Play-Fi – the simplest way to enable a whole-home wireless ecosystem, with support for name-brand TVs, AVRs, speakers, sound bars and more. With partners like Philips, Hisense, TCL, Vestel and […]

Utah Startup Says it’s Revolutionizing Realtime Multilingual Comms with its New App, Verbum

On Wednesday, 4 January 2023, Utah-based OneMeta AI will formally release details about its first product: Verbum. Verbum, is a web-based, artificial intelligence and machine learning powered application designed to undo the biblical confusing of the languages at the “Tower of Babel” with real-time translation and closed-caption generation of 80+ languages, with up to 50 […]