Award-winning smart toothbrush start-up launches new product

Playbrush is an interactive smart toothbrush that connects via Bluetooth to games on a smartphone or tablet, so children can play fun games with their own brushing movements. Brushing is now entertaining and effective as children collect rewards and detailed feedback with every brush.

Playbrush was initially developed as a manual toothbrush attachment called Playbrush Smart, that transforms any manual toothbrush into a smart interactive toothbrush. Now, launching at IFA 2018, is the Playbrush Smart Sonic. It is an interactive electric toothbrush with extra soft bristles and 17000 strokes per minute. Both the Playbrush Smart and Smart Sonics are 100% designed and built in the EU.

A cleverly designed algorithm measures brushing and ensures that the mouth is cleaned for long enough and thoroughly, and real-time feedback in the form of statistics and a reward system give children extra motivation. The Playbrush app holds 11 games, the toothbrushing coach and the detailed brushing statistics. Children can save the Tooth Fairy, fly aircraft, win dance battles and more – all just by brushing their teeth!

Dr. Paul Ashley, Head of Paediatric Dentistry at the Eastman Dental Hospital in London said of Playbrush: “It is important that children learn the right brushing technique early. Playbrush is a great way to encourage teeth to be cleaned regularly, at the right speed and area of the mouth. The idea is very clever”.

Playbrush has sold 175,000 Playbrushes across 25 countries since being founded in 2015 and has raised a combined total investment of €3.5 million. Playbrush also has successful partnerships with firms such as Tchibo in Germany, BIPA in Austria and Unilever in France and Germany (Signal) as well as Austria (Mentadent). The product has won numerous awards such as the Health Media Award in 2016 and the Gamification World Award 2015 in the “Best Technological Innovation.”