Biotech company Winnoz Helps COVID-19 Under Control with Its Unique Point-of-care Testing (POCT) Platform

Winnoz is a biotech company that focuses on innovations enabling healthcare resources accessible for anyone and anywhere.

With the POCT platform from blood collection, detection and big data analysis, Winnoz introduces more contribution to human health management for anyone, anywhere, especially under the attack and threat of the pandemic.

“We believe that the COVID-19 screening and vaccination efficacy test would play a more important role as vaccines roll out to bring our life back to normal,” said Dr. Joses Hsiung, Winnoz founder and CEO. “For example, how to deploy and roll out the screening, vaccines and vaccine efficacy testing quickly would be very crucial. eGGi, a rapid and on-site isothermal PCR, is able to support screening for anyone and anywhere, while Haiim , a unique blood microsampling solution, makes vaccine efficacy test sampling easier and safer.”