CasaWire, The Future of Home + Décor is Unveiled at CES Showstoppers

CasaWire offers organic discovery of home + décor by leveraging technology to personalize the customer experience. This seamless, interactive experience encourages the consumer to be the influencer – and their feedback becomes part of essential brand decision making.

With a successful soft launch landing at #2 on the App store, CasaWire is a catalyst to sales and an alternative to the high cost of customer acquisition. For the brands, we increase the audience of educated buyers without the burden of advertising fees. For interior designers, we bring new customers that appreciate their design and value high quality products. For consumers, we give them great options by scouring the world to find brands that are beautiful, sustainable, high quality and align with their design preference.

Launching in Q1, CasaWire has a created a feature called Shop the Room. Brands and interior designers will be able to create rooms with their own products and/or from multiple brands for the consumer to purchase.

Through our data-driven technology and worldwide brands, CasaWire aims to set itself apart as the digital front runner in real-time consumer business intelligence. In short, we use state-of-the-art technology to connect brands and consumers globally in a meaningful way. Unlike other home + décor technology solutions, CasaWire is not about pushing product, but about the partnerships we establish with the brands and interior designers to help them amplify their own product offerings.