IHS Markit | Technology Announces Innovation Award Winners at ShowStoppers @ CES 2020

Diamond Dog™ Tempered Glass Screen Protector Featuring DiamondClad™ Technology Sets the “Diamond Standard” for Ultimate Screen Protection

Let’s face it. Every screen protector will eventually fail. Period. And the dog-gone truth is, phone cases won’t always protect your screen from becoming a goner. Two out of three smartphone owners reported damage to their phone in 2018, and almost 60% of that damage included scratched or cracked screens.* After years in development and millions of test cycles in its Silicon Valley labs, Intevac is debuting its premier consumer product, Diamond Dog™, to provide a meaningful, lasting solution to the everyday life-circumstances that challenge our mobile devices.

Diamond Dog sets the new diamond standard for long-lasting mobile device screen protection and performance. Diamond Dog features patented DiamondClad™ Technology, built on the foundation of 120 patents and Intevac’s diamond-like carbon technology that has protected billions of hard drive media over 25 years.

Lab tests show Diamond Dog screen protectors provide up to 6 times better scratch protection, up to 5 times more abrasion protection, up to 4-6 times longer anti-fingerprint protection, and up to 3 times better breakage protection.** Plus, if your Diamond Dog screen protector gets damaged or worn, Diamond Dog will replace it as long as you own your Diamond Dog-protected phone.***  Diamond Dog ensures:

  • Your mobile device screen is protected better and longer, and requires fewer screen protector replacements
  • Your mobile device interface performs as naturally as the phone’s own screen does
  • Your mobile device stays clean, maintains pristine clarity, and looks like new longer
  • You’re paying a fair price and getting extra, lasting value and a lifetime warranty

For more information, visit www.mydiamonddog.com.

*   SquareTrade, A Division of Allstate, MarketWatch 11/25/18. ** Tested against leading screen protector competitors. *** Replacement requires return of damaged product with proof of purchase. See www.mydiamonddog.com/Warranty for details.

Sunflower Labs Announces Availability of World’s First Fully Autonomous Residential Security Drone 

By Alex Pachikov, Founder and CEO of Sunflower Labs

Today at CES, we announced the limited pre-order of the Sunflower Home Awareness Security System, the world’s first fully autonomous residential security drone. The system pairs always-on motion and vibration sensors with AI processing to provide homeowners with privacy and peace-of-mind. Starting today, interested buyers will be able to reserve units with a deposit of $999.

The Sunflower Home Awareness System consists of three components: Sunflowers, Bee and Hive.

  • The Sunflowers: Each Sunflower, disguised as garden lights, houses an array of motion and vibration sensors to constantly monitor activity on the property. Sunflowers are capable of detecting and differentiating people, animals and cars, and displaying the activity on a map in real-time.
  • The Bee: A lightweight, fully-autonomous drone that navigates safely to observe activity on your property. The Bee has advanced features such as automatic deployment, fully autonomous flight, ultrasonic collision-avoidance sensors, high-precision differential GPS, and live streaming video.
  • The Hive: This sleek protective, weatherproof housing and charging station not only keeps the Bee safe and powered up—it’s also the brains of the entire system, with world-class signal processing and analysis enabled by a world-class processor.

If the Sunflower system senses anything out of the ordinary, it sends an alert to the property owner’s mobile device. In seconds, the owner can choose to launch an autonomous drone flight and view real-time aerial footage of the property via the Sunflower Labs app, from anywhere in the world.

The base price for the system is $9,950—final pricing may vary based on customization of the sensor array. Be sure to visit us at ShowStoppers or check out the Sunflower system at Eureka Park at the Sands Expo, booth # 51306 at Hall G. For more information visit: https://sunflower-labs.com/.

MPOW Launches Wireless Audio Line in North America at ShowStoppers 2020

MPOW, one of the most reputed company specializing in premium quality audio headphones and mobile accessories, has announced that their latest audio and mobile accessories are now available in North America market ShowStoppers CES 2020. Although MPOW has lots of cutting-edge electronics products to offer, they pay special attention to the following wireless earbuds/headphones models: EM18, M10, M20 and FLAME PRO. Let’s find out what features these models offer:

The most special is M20, True Wireless Earbuds with 106 hrs Playtime.

The M20 is the latest addition to company’s wireless earbuds collection. It equipped with a battery that can last up to 6–hour on a single charge. Inside the box users also get a 2600mAh charging case that can extend battery life for up to 106 hours. It also comes with a fast charging technology so users don’t have to spend long hours charging the earbuds. Also, the IPX7 waterproof technology and The Latest Noise Cancelling Technology employs the state-of-the-art CVC8.0 noise cancelling technology that goes a long toward reducing disruptive background noise for a great, clear listening experience.

The beauty of the ID design, It has touch buttons instead of traditional click button, that allows you to manage the volume, pause or play the music, reject or answer a call, activate Siri, skip to next or previous track, etc. So users can freely switch between mono mode and twin mode. Both earbuds can also be used independently and separately.

The Top Reasons Pet Parents Will Love the NEW Whistle FIT

Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re expanding our offerings with the launch of a new product  – Whistle FIT, a pet wearable entirely focused on health, fitness and nutrition. Whistle FIT, which makes it super-easy to keep your pet on track to live their best life every day, and packs all the power of our flagship Whistle GO trackers –– just without GPS location tracking.

Whistle FIT uses data from the Pet Insight Project, where we’ve collected vet-verified data from 60,000 dogs across 900 breeds and mixes, to provide an in-depth look into pet behavior and provide Whistle FIT users with actionable solutions. With a database of over 3,000 types of dog food, across all major brands, the new Nutrition feature tells you the perfect amount to feed your dog based on the food you use and activity level that Whistle FIT detects. Taking into account your dog’s breed, age, and weight, Whistle FIT will also know your pup’s exercise needs. Then, by tracking your dog’s activity and calories burned, it can recommend specific fitness goals.

The #1 reason people call and visit the vet is concern that their pet may be scratching or licking too much. Whistle FIT monitors your dog’s scratching and licking and alerts you if levels get high enough to become a concern. If any activity falls outside normal levels, you get alerted on the Whistle app. as well as send a daily report, a weekly report, and an easy-to-read 30-day view of your pup’s activity and health behaviors that you can easily share with your vet. This kind of specific data can help you catch health concerns before they become health problems (which also saves money in vet appointments).

In short, Whistle FIT empowers you with all the information you need to stay on top of your dog’s health and well-being – so your pet lives their happiest life every single day. Pet parents no longer need to worry and wonder. With great knowledge comes great peace of mind.

Whistle FIT will be available for purchase on whistle.com on January 21st.


Lifeproof — cases, colors, patterns for all adventures, commutes, everything between

You know LifeProof’s reputation for sleek, waterproof phone cases. But did you know LifeProof has a variety of cases, colors and patterns for all adventures, your daily commute and everything in between?

FRĒ offers 360-degree, waterproof protection in a sleek case with bright colors. NËXT shows off a slimmer design than ever before and keeps dust and dirt out. A clear back to show off the phone while the bumpers around the side add a splash of color. SLAM has a new one-piece design with bright colors and graphics so everyone can show off their style. FLiP, a newcomer at the end of 2019, offers a unique wallet case for iPhones that tucks into the back of the case for easy access to the screen and back camera while still holding the essential cards and cash for commutes or travel and keeping them hidden from view.

Never let your battery die with LifeProof Power Packs. Power Pack 20 charges both computers and phones, while the slim Power Pack Wireless Charger and Power Pack 10 fit into every bag with ease. They’re waterproof to two meters (6.6 feet), drop tested to two meters and even double as flashlights for night-time adventures.

LifeProof’s wide selection of cases, battery packs and more are available for everyone’s taste and personal style. For more information visit lifeproof.com.

Avast Moves Into the Smart Home with Launch of Omni

You already know Avast as the antivirus company that has been keeping consumers safe online since the first viruses of the ‘80s. Now on the heels of its 30th anniversary, the Prague-based industry veteran is moving onto a new frontier of cybersecurity: the Internet of Things.

Avast is at ShowStoppers this week to show off its brand-new product for smart home security, Avast Omni, which was named a CES Innovation Awards honoree for Cybersecurity & Privacy. The hardware component plugs into the back of your home router, and then the companion mobile app will alert you to vulnerabilities or unusual behavior so you can block intruders and cyber-threats in real-time. It’s the company’s solution to the vast amount of inherently insecure IoT devices that consumers are bringing into their homes; since you can’t download typical security software onto a smart refrigerator or connected thermostat, for example, Omni instead secures the network itself.

Beyond endpoint and home network security, Avast Omni also features robust parental controls that enable families to foster healthy digital habits at home. With Omni, parents can limit children’s screen time, block inappropriate content, freeze internet access during homework or dinner time, and monitor their location when they’re on-the-go. While kids relish the freedom of having their own device, parents can also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they are staying within bounds.

For more information, visit www.avast.com/omni or swing by ShowStoppers @ CES table E-14.


Hoop Reinvents the Home Security Camera for Today’s Modern Lifestyles

Hoop, the company creating new solutions in smart home technology, is announcing two unique indoor security cameras — Hoop Cam and Hoop Cam Plus, the latter of which includes 350-degree panning and 45-degree tilt capabilities. Both models are thoughtfully designed with you in mind, serving as clever helpers that provide you with key information about your home. You can easily integrate Hoop cameras into your existing Amazon Alexa and Google Nest smart home ecosystem. Hoop Cam and Hoop Cam Plus work with Alexa Show and Google Nest Hub, allowing you to view the live camera feed from different areas of your home. Hoop Cam and Hoop Cam Plus are first in line from the Hoop brand’s suite of products coming in 2020, and are available now for $89.99 and $129.99 respectively, through myhoophome.com and Amazon.com. Cloud subscriptions start at $12.99 per month for the first three cameras and $1.99 more for each additional camera. Both cameras are available in five stylish colors: red, grey, white, green, and blue, to compliment any home decor.

The dedicated myhoophome app recognizes members of your household and alerts you when they come home. It also ensures that your family is always running on time, and lets you know when they are not. Hoop uses reminders to help you remember important tasks and alerts you when unrecognized people are in your home. Both Hoop devices allow you to create customized profiles and routines using the mobile application. You can register each member of your household with a unique profile and set specific routines, such as when your child should be leaving for school and what time you expect them to be home after extracurricular activities. Hoop cameras also provide relevant, real-time alerts and notifications. No more unnecessary motion or sound alerts. With facial recognition, Hoop will let you know right away when your family members arrive home from work or school and can alert you if they don’t arrive on time, keeping your family on track.

Reminders can be set to deliver a specific notification as soon as the camera recognizes a person, helping you to remember important events and tasks. Set a reminder to take out the trash, and Hoop can send a text, pop-up notification, or use text-to-speech to remind a family member out loud to get the chore done. If the Hoop camera sees an unknown face, movement, or hears certain sounds, like alarms, the Hoop app will prompt you to take immediate action, giving you peace of mind. Both cameras include 1080p wireless video streaming, night vision, and motion-sensing technology. A microphone and speaker allow two-way, real-time communication between the app and whoever is in front of the camera. The installation and setup process is a breeze and usually takes less than ten minutes, as Hoop does not require a base hub, and the app can connect as many Hoop cameras as needed. The Hoop Cam Plus is motorized, allowing for full 350-degree panning and a 45-degree vertical tilt up and down, giving you a full range of motion when viewing your room’s surroundings. Videos can easily be stored on MicroSD or through the Hoop cloud service.

Eggtronic to showcase its latest charging technologies

Eggtronic, an innovative Italian engineering company founded in Modena in 2012, will demonstrate at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show and at the ShowStoppers event the first night of the show from 6-10 p.m.

Eggtronic has these three key demos at booth #36929 in South Hall 4 and at ShowStoppers:

  • The smallest 118W dual output laptop adapter in the world
  • The wireless TV
  • The wireless desk, where two tablets and one pendrive communicate wirelessly at super-speed.

Additionally, Eggtronic will demonstrate the following products:

– Sirius 65W: The smallest 65W laptop charger in the world. https://www.eggtronic.com/en/sirius-65w-universal-adapter/

Stones: Eggtronic Wireless Charging Stone is a powerful, elegant wireless charger allowing smartphones to charge without cables all compatible devices. https://www.eggtronic.com/en/products/wireless-charging-stone/

Wireless Power Ring: Available in 10 colors, the Wireless Power Ring is a wireless charging power bank with a convenient pop grip/ring to achieve one-handed texting or horizontal stand support. https://www.eggtronic.com/en/products/wireless-power-ring/

Wireless Power Popper: This Popper/Ring is a wireless charging power bank with a convenient pop grip/ring to achieve one-handed texting or horizontal stand support. https://www.eggtronic.com/en/products/wireless-power-popper/

Laptop power bank: The Eggtronic 20,000 mAh 63W universal laptop power bank is the perfect solution for travelers wanting to ensure that their device does not run out of battery power. https://www.eggtronic.com/en/products/20-000mah-universal-back-up-power/




Introducing Restore, Hatch’s First All-in-One Sleep Solution  to Help Adults Sleep Like a Baby

Hatch, which offers a family of products to help people sleep better, recently surveyed 2,000 adults and found that 72% of respondents said that they need more or better-quality sleep overall. With more stress, distractions and screens than ever, it’s important to find — and stick with — the regular sleep routine that works best for you. 

Enter Restore, the first all-in-one sleep product from Hatch designed for adults that makes a good night of sleep easier than ever — for everyone. Designed by a team of sleep experts, Restore helps anyone seeking a natural, effective way to get the healthy sleep they need on a consistent basis.

After helping over half a million families get a better night’s sleep with the original Rest and next-generation Rest+, Hatch created a sleep solution that addresses the most common sleep issues for adults and is proven to help all users fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up more naturally. Restore combines soothing sleep sounds, a bedside reading light and a sunrise alarm in one sleek device — all personalized to ensure good sleep for every individual, no matter their preferred sleep environment and bedtime routine.

The all-in-one features that bring better sleep for everyone include:

  • Personalized sleep routine. From dusk to dawn, you can customize how you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up.
  • Sunrise alarm. You can wake to your own gentle sunrise, with light that gradually brightens before your alarm sounds.
  • Sleep sounds. From white noise to water to wind, you can browse the sound library to discover what helps you sleep best. 
  • Reading light. With reduced blue light to encourage relaxation, helping you wind down and cue your body for sleep.

You can control Restore remotely through the companion app, or you can use without a phone for a screen-free sleep environment. Restore will be available for purchase on Hatch.co early 2020, so a good night’s sleep — every night — is right around the corner.