Tilt, Drift & Sway – How Lora DiCarlo’s Latest Innovative Product Line is Heating Up The Sexual Wellness Industry

Inspired by the warmth of human touch, the new Lora DiCarlo heated products simulate body temperatures and heated massage devices by activating a new nylon-based thermal conductive polymer that has a thermal coefficient 15x to 20x of traditional injection molded plastic, thereby providing quick and consistent internal heating.

The line includes a handheld bullet (Drift), P-Spot/G-Spot plug dual stimulation vibrator (Tilt), and and a dual stimulation wand-like warming massager (Sway), all of which have ergonomic silhouettes and are approachable to a wide range of consumers, different anatomies, and various pleasure preferences.

Internal heating brings the products to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, just above body temperature, and delivers even, consistent heat for a natural and relaxing experience. The gentle, radiating warmth increases circulation and arousal to targeted areas, relaxes muscles, and creates a comfortable, intimate experience.

Exciting news from BIWIN — some we can share now and some we can only tell you 13 January

BIWIN Storage Technology Co. Ltd. is pleased to announce its virtual press conference at ShowStoppers. Our top news is under embargo until January 13th and involves a strategic partnership with a top global ICT brand. During the conference, we’ll share the latest news about:

  • Our plan to expand rapidly in Europe.
  • The opening of the new BIWIN Huizhou Science and Technology Zone with more than 110,000 m² of production lines for chip manufacturing and the production of memory modules, memory cards and SSDs.
  • The launch of our own brand of Biwintech memory and storage products.
  • The latest product news from HP brand consumer storage, produced and marketed by BIWIN under license.

After our press conference, there will also be a raffle among participants where three lucky winners will each receive a portable HP S700 Solid State Drive (with 1000 MB/s read-and write speeds, the P700 is HP´s flagship product in external SSD storage).

Golface is the leading brand of golf cart tablet service in Taiwan

Golface Smart Golf System had already solved problems that are faced by many golf courses in Taiwan, such as low level of digitalization, lack of information feedback and unable to improve efficiency.

Entering a better-developed golf market, such as Japan, Golface noticed that the lack of personnel will be the next challenge in the world. In order to fulfill the future needs of golf markets, Golface decided to simplify all features, allowing golf course to serve golfers with minimum effort. The new version of Golface Smart Golf System not only is available in multiple foreign languages, its manual procedure is also simplified so that it can be operated instinctively without any instruction. Besides an upgrade on customer’s usage, the system can also connect with tee-sheet system from a variable brands.

Swann Security Announces New 4K NVR Enforcer™ Kit, Named a 2021 CES Innovation Award Honoree

ShowStoppers to introduce 18 companies from Taiwan to journalists around the world during digital event that streams 8 January

Supporting Healthcare Professionals to Manage Aspiration Pneumonia Risk

For the first time ever, GOKURI from PLIMES offers an AI-powered method to measure swallowing sounds and vital signs such as body temperature, heart rate, and oxygen saturation, enabling healthcare professions to decide the next step in care in a quantitative manner.

GOKURI provides a comprehensive IoT/IoH (Internet of Human) solution with an edge-device consisting of a wearable sensory neckband and a smartphone app for point of care monitoring, and a cloud system for visualizing, tracking and in-depth analysis.

Remote monitoring with GOKURI with its AI-powered auto-detection algorithms allow the hospitals to free up the scarce and the most valuable human resources for critical and essential tasks.

The neckband is waterproof and made with an elastomer exterior suitable for extended human contact without skin irritations. It is robust and easy to use during both clinical practice and daily life. Stop by PLIMES at ShowStoppers to learn what you and hospitals can do with GOKURI.

In Win introduces the SR Pro CPU cooler

The InWin SR PRO is the latest in the SR-series AIO liquid CPU cooler lineup that offers new ARGB lighting and up to 7ºC performance improvement compared to the previous generation. Available in 240mm (SR24 PRO) and 360mm (SR36 PRO) options. The CPU cooling block features a new diamond-cut aluminum design, ensuring operational longevity along with a premium look and feel.

The SR PRO continues InWin’s patented twin turbine design that leads the industry by simultaneously pushing and pulling the water through the copper cold-plate to significantly reduce the temperature and keep the CPU cool.

The SR PRO is designed for all Intel and AMD desktop CPUs.

For more information about InWin SR PRO-series, please visit: https://www.in-win.com/en/cooling/sr36-pro

ShowStoppers to introduce 25 companies from Japan with new tech to journalists around the world during digital event on 7 January

The one and only handwriting pen from Intermedia Laboratory Inc., Tokyo

Intermedia introduces Gridwork, an efficient and easy-to-use handwriting tool for online interactions such as on-line classes and on-line meetings, comprising of a Gridpen with interchangeable ballpoint and stylus pen cores for freehand writing, and a Gridboard and a pad of Gridpaper for writing on.

It is the one and only handwriting pen that can be used just by plugging the USB connecter end of the pen to a PC, requiring no installation of a driver or an app. The tool can be used with various common applications such as Zoom, Teams, Microsoft Office, painting applications, and much more.