Make every online communication personal

We analyze online communication movie data like Zoom by multimodal AI and visualize what happens in your organization every day (or real time). So we can predict churn / lost order / mental illness will happen in your organization. By dealing with these signals properly, you can create a continuous improvement cycle of human communication.

I’mbesideyou Inc. is the one and only startup specializing in online communication AI analytics from Japan.

We’ve been awarded in several global competitions such as 1st prize at Global Final of SDGs Innovation Hub Business Contest 2021, 1st prize winner at Entrepreneurship World Cup the Japan Final, Top 20 finalist from 7,500 companies at Slingshot 2020, and so on and so forth. We’ve also obtained 109 international patents since July 2020.

We analyze online communication movie data like Zoom by multimodal AI and visualize what happens in your organization every day (or real time). So we can predict churn / lost order / mental illness will happen in your organization. By dealing with these signals properly, you can create a continuous improvement cycle of human communication.

Pozio embraces privacy for smartphones, smart speakers

Pozio showcases two exciting product lines that allow people to embrace smartphone and smart speaker assistants while providing greater control over their privacy. Pozio products feature proprietary listening blocker technology to block smart devices from eavesdropping on conversations, and also prevent annoying wake word false triggers.

Pozio Cradle – Use your smartphone when you want, block it from listening when you don’t. The Cradle listening blocker cradle wirelessly charges your phone and prevents it from eavesdropping or unintentionally activating the smart assistant. Pozio Shield: Use your smart speaker when you want, block it from listening when you don’t. Shield’s listening blocker prevents your smart speaker from eavesdropping on your conversations and from accidentally triggering.

Founded with a goal of helping people take back their privacy when using smart assistant devices. Pozio products allow people to use smart devices as intended while providing peace of mind that their activities are not being perpetually monitored. Secure and totally private by design, Pozio devices are simple to set up, do not require an internet connection and never record or store user data.

Make 2022 more productive and secure with RoboForm Password Manager

Take a moment to imagine all of the systems you use that require credentials. There’s email, Facebook, and a barrage of other platforms that require authentication. Then come the banking apps, the online productivity tools, and Amazon shopping. Don’t forget about the alarm codes, the frequent flier accounts, the ATM PIN codes, and the numerous other accounts you once signed up for and then quickly forgot about. To simply engage with the connected world means constantly logging in to site after site. With data breaches that pop up every few days, we are asked to not only remember our old passwords, but to reset and update many of them regularly.

Enter RoboForm, the password manager for the modern day. 

About RoboForm 

RoboForm alleviates the burdens associated with password management by remembering and generating passwords, automatically logging into websites, and even completing long online checkout forms with a single click. RoboForm has received numerous awards throughout the years and is used by millions of people worldwide. With a proven history of reliability, RoboForm continues to raise the bar, offering its users a multitude of innovative features and functionalities including two-factor authentication, offline access, secure sharing, and more.

RoboForm is available for individuals, families, and businesses large and small at

Asilla introduces AI security system

Asilla“Asilla,” the AI security system, can detect people’s abnormal behaviors through the security camera. When it detects them, it can notify other devices or systems. This product can take the 24/7 monitoring work on behalf of the security guards to notice the situation with even higher performance.

Asila2Although security cameras are equipped in many places, they are mainly used for recording purposes. It is nearly impossible for humans to monitor all the cameras, to prevent crimes and accidents at once. Therefore, our product can support you to get better quality of security in your facilities.

As a feature of Asilla, few days of self-learning makes the AI model understand normal behaviors at the location, and can detect abnormal actions which the AI model has never seen before. Asilla can create an optimized AI model for that area, and prevent incidents and accidents.

Moreover, Asilla can be used with the surveillance cameras that have already been installed. So no need to worry about huge initial cost and time for installation. A single server processes up to 80 cameras streaming so that our system can be used in places with a large number of cameras.

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Opteev announces Covid-19 detector; near 100% effective

Opteev announced that the final analysis of its COVID-19 detection device, ViraWarn, showed near 100% efficacy at instantly detecting COVID-19 in the air.

After a month long independent study with live SARS-CoV-2, lab data provided by a National Institutes of Health (NIH)-supported laboratory supports Opteev’s ViraWarn device can instantly detect COVID-19 as well as Omicron and all COVID-19 variants. ViraWarn detection technology will be available as an instant COVID-19 detection device, Liberty by ViraWarn, which will be similar to a smoke detector but for COVID-19. It will also be available as a COVID-19 breath analyzer, Freedom by ViraWarn, which will provide a way to instantly test for COVID-19 simply by blowing into a small personal device.

Opteev will be announcing its full line of products at Showstoppers @ CES, which will include personal diagnostic breath analysis devices as well as room monitoring devices to ebb the flow of the pandemic.

ViraWarn will be a game-changer in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. No more painful irritating swabs, no more waiting for results…people can instantly screen themselves before entering a group gathering or after leaving a restaurant or public space. Our ViraWarn technology will finally create a return to normalcy in society and save countless lives in the process.

hoogo presents the world’s first flexible vacuum cleaner nozzle

The hoogo brand flip-flop nozzle will revolutionize the floor care market. 

The completely new type of nozzle fits all commercially available vacuum cleaners and will simplify and shorten the cleaning of carpets and hard surfaces. With the two movable wings, the flipflop adapts to the width of the room and effortlessly clean in every corner and around every obstacle. Annoying moving of the furniture is no longer necessary, saves time and nerves and is easy to your back. The flip-flop nozzle cleans edges and skirting boards with the full width of the wingspan. The nozzle picks up larger amounts of dirt than conventional nozzles, which only have small contact surfaces on the edges.

The price for the flipflop-nozzle in Europe: 69,99 EUR (ca. 80 USD). The distribution channels are Webshop, Amazon and stationary retailers.

The price for the US-Market is available as soon as possible. This also applies to the distribution channels in U.S.

The product is in stock in mid January 2022.

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TrueKinetix makes indoor cycling feel like outdoor cycling

TrueBike Next-gen experience help bike riders put in more indoor training and train better.  

Every year cyclists spend 2.3 billion hours on indoor exercise bikes trying to replicate their outdoor experience. Despite cool platforms like Zwift and Rouvy, the average duration of a workout indoors is only 30% of their outdoor equivalent at only 80% of their normal power.

The reason is simple: Other indoor bikes use a traditional flywheel and that does not feel like the real deal. When it just doesn’t feel right how can you expect to put in the extra training effort?

AT CES 2022  the Dutch startup TrueKinetix will launch in the US the world’s first robotic smart bike. Cyclists who train indoors get the same experience and resistance as they do outdoors. ‘Sweating for hours on the indoor bike finally has the desired effect.’

Move the TrueBike easilyAward-winning Robotic platform
Other indoor bikes use a traditional flywheel that is too light and lacks the right resistance. At TrueKinetix we build a force generation platform that’s revolutionary. The TrueBike replicates outdoor cycling so accurately that you get that outdoor riding feeling. This innovation was recently honored with the prestigious Bike Motion Innovation Award and Sports Innovation Award.



Kotozna introduces live concierge in 109 languages


Kotozna_Live_Chat1 Kotozna_Live_Chat2
Kotozna_Live_Chat3 Kotozna-Inroom1

Kotozna develops multilingual, SaaS communication tools for 3-5-star hotels enhancing their pre-travel, concierge and in-room services.

“Kotozna In-room,” designed to help hotels/inns communicate with guests, and “Kotozna Live Chat,” intended for businesses to reach global clients, break language barriers and help businesses understand their customers’ needs and strengthen business strategies.

As SaaS products, installation and onboarding are quick and easy.

Our SaaS tools cross translate over 109 languages at 20-30% more accurate than Google Translate or Microsoft Bing and this is how we help hotels communicate better with their guests, cut costs, increase staff efficiency and productivity, and improve guest experience over all.

Our client base has been growing and our presence in Japan has never been stronger with more than 200 hotel clients. And we have started to expand our business beyond Japan. Currently, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is implementing our multilingual live chat.

Our goal: Break language barriers. We provide cost-effective SaaS solutions so businesses can tackle business challenges brought about by the pandemic and language barriers. Kotozna, Inc. started out in Japan, empowering local economies through virtual and language barrier-free communication. And now we are expanding globally to address relevant business challenges.

Y-Brush unveils a new concept of 10-second effective automated toothbrush at CES 2022

ybrush LIFESTYLE4Developed in close collaboration with dentists, the Y-Brush toothbrush is the new generation of electric toothbrushes, able to brush teeth effectively in only 10 seconds. This is possible thanks to the NylonMed technology able to brush teeth all at once instead of brushing them one by one.

A simple concept to explain, but which required close to 5 years of research and development (R&D) and is under protection of several patents. Y-Brush is the only product on the market which uses 34,000 nylon bristles rather than silicone strips, consequently ensuring a better efficiency to a correctly used regular toothbrush.

Y-Brush was created to improve oral and dental health, which is currently a global public health issue. All the studies show that a huge majority of people brush for about 1 minute, and show that teeth brushing is not done correctly in terms of time or gesture, because this is seen as a chore.

Launched on the market in 2020, the Y-Brush toothbrush has been sold more than 60,000 units in 2021. A growth of at least +300% per year is maintained for the next 3 years, thanks to our own automated factory.

For the CES 2022, we break the dental brushing code our new concept of premium automated toothbrush.

Press kit : (full press release + HD pics)

Introducing CO2 and PIR Ceiling Sensors – A Complete Sensor Suite

Disruptive Technologies AS completes our sensor suite for indoor spaces with two new sensors: a CO2 sensor and a PIR ceiling sensor, becoming the only sensor platform our partners and customers need for healthy, productive, and sustainable indoor spaces. Disruptive Technologies CO2 and PIR sensors will be commercially available in Q2 2022 and will cost EUR 200 and EUR 59 respectively. 

The Wireless CO2 Sensor uses ultra-low power NDIR sensor technology, has been designed to deliver a 10-year battery life, with replaceable batteries and a long wireless range (up to 150 meters indoors). The sensor also features temperature and humidity for optimizing air quality data. It helps monitor indoor air quality and supports demand-controlled ventilation. This ensures healthy air and optimizes energy use. Not only will this help businesses reach their sustainability objectives, but it will also improve employee productivity by creating a healthier environment for everyone.

The Wireless PIR Ceiling Sensor uses a quad-element PIR detection method and provides a 150-meter wireless range. It detects the presence of people in a room to allow occupancy monitoring and enable the creation of heatmaps to ascertain footfall and usage of specific spaces. This will allow businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their space utilization to predict usage and adjust resources accordingly to save energy and optimize their space.

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