AiOnIc Chip provides a revolutionary Endpoint AI solution

ArchiTek is an Osaka Japan based startup that delivers a low cost Edge AI chip AiOnIc™, which consumes very low power enabling it to run inside a portable handheld battery powered AI camera kit. High performance real-time Edge AI processing is achieved by ArchiTek Intelligence, a computer architecture that uses a HW scheduler to fully utilize core functional engines, processors and memory maintaining a highly efficient parallel processing system.

AiOnIc is the world’s 1st battery-powered, hand-held, full-fledged Endpoint AI solution for detecting objects or estimating poses — human body keypoints – in videos, live feeds or images, imitating human vision to track activity and movement while consuming little computing power, without cooling devices like fans and heatsinks. Can be used in security cameras, drones, autonomous vehicles, self-aware robots and other applications.

AiOnIc™ is flexible enough to run Computer Vision algorithms enabling filtering and resizing/remapping of video images as well as many parallel processing algorithms normally requiring cloud based GPU power and can thus run applications like 3D Lidar or stereo camera based self localization and mapping solutions.

Try on exoskeleton suit to ‘sit’ while standing

Archelis, a Yokohama-based hardware startup, demonstrate its exoskeleton assist suits that safeguard medical surgeons and factory workers against lower-back and leg strains from long hours of standing. Made to fit comfortably around one’s legs, “archelis for Medical” and “archelis for Factory” enable wearers to walk and bend their knees freely and to “sit” (rest) anywhere while technically standing – a feature that allows the use of the gear without any workflow interruptions.

“archelis” is the first exoskeleton assist suit series on the market that is focused on reducing the pain, injury and discomfort cased by standing position work. In Japan, employers are also using the suits as a tool to retain their workers, as younger generations are known to stay away from jobs that involve strenuous physical work.

  • archelis for Medical: designed for surgeons and operating room professionals.
  • archelisFX: designed for factory workers


    • All mechanical requiring no electricity to operate
    • Supports the body in a standing position
    • Keeps your trunk stable by balancing your body weight
    • Easy to wear, only requiring you to fasten the belts around your foot, shin and thigh
    • Can be easily adjusted for any body types and heights
    • Greatly reduces fatigue from standing, while preventing pains in the leg and lower-back
    • Comfortable fitting that enables you to walk and bend freely and sit anywhere
    • Proprietary design engineering technology that enables customizations

See the electrifying HyperFighter Colossus Motorcycle at Showstoppers CES

Damon 1A new era of streetfighter motorcycles has arrived …

Damon Motors is proud to introduce its latest motorcycle, HyperFighter Colossus, a raw, muscular-silhouetted, electrifying streetfighter. With 200 horsepower, a top speed of 170 miles per hour, and the ability to go from 0-60 in three seconds, HyperFighter Colossus  is the ultimate urban assault sportbike.

HyperFighter Colossus is derived from Damon’s critically acclaimed HyperSport Motorcycle, the world’s smartest, safest, all-electric sportbike. It is built upon the company’s groundbreaking and award-winning HyperDrive™ technology. HyperDrive is world’s first monocoque-constructed, 100 percent electric, multi-variant powertrain optimized for maximum performance, design and safety. HyperDrive is a CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree. HyperFighter Colossus fatures  include:

  • CoPilot – 360˚ advanced warning system that uses radar, cameras and non-visual sensors to track the speed, direction and velocity of up to 64 moving objects around the motorcycle for unparalleled situational awareness.
  • Shift – At the push of a button, patented electronic ergonomics allow riders to transform their riding position with adjustable  handlebars position and a retractable windscreen to dramatically reduce wind resistance and increase long range comfort, all while in motion.

Only 100 of the limited edition HyperFighter Colossus motorcycles will be made. Once sold out, this version will be retired.

Damon 2 Damon 3

ShowStoppers to introduce journalists to 20 startups from Japan at ShowStoppers CES 2022

Homey, Europe’s most popular and privacy-friendly smart home hub, announces U.S. retail launch

HomeyWe’re excited to unveil two new smart home products at CES 2022:

Homey Bridge is an easy-to-use, affordable smart home hub that connects more than 50,000 smart home devices from more than 1,000 brands and features home control, monitoring, automation and energy savings. Homey Bridge retails at $69 and will be available starting January 18th at Amazon, BestBuy, The Home Depot and other big box retailers.  It can currently be ordered in beta via the Homey website.

Homey App allows users to customize and automate their entire smart home experience based on personal habits and preferences.  The app can be used to control smart home devices — either via Homey Bridge, or as an app-only solution without the need for Homey hardware. The free version of the Homey app controls up to five devices. The premium version enables an entire household to connect an unlimited number of smart devices, and is available for $2.99 per month.

Unlike the Big Tech giants, Homey is built privacy-first. It doesn’t listen in or sell any customer data, nor does it use personal information to create user profiles or targeted advertisements. It also provides energy usage data to increase each home’s sustainability and decrease its climate impact.

Homey comes packed with features — including Flow, Insights and Energy — which were developed over the past seven years for the Homey Pro smart home hub in the European market.

Access the Homey press kit here. Watch a teaser video of Homey here.

Dutch startup Orbisk reduces food waste

One-third of all the food produced globally is wasted, representing 1.3 billion tons of edible food. Orbisk is a Dutch startup aiming to make the world food system more sustainable, by giving professional kitchens the ability to reduce their edible food waste stream by up to 70% with their fully-automated food waste monitoring service. The collected data allows kitchens to optimize their entire food process, save thousands of kilos per year, and realize a net operating margin increase of 2-5% while doing good for the planet.

Orbisk has made it its mission to enable hotels, restaurants, and caterers to track and combat their waste. Through image recognition technology, Orbisk recognizes what sort of ingredient goes to waste and in what quantity. Chefs and business owners get access to an online dashboard with all the collected data from the monitor. They can see per week, day, or ingredient, how much they throw away, and at which moment of the day. This allows them to recognize recurring losses and adapt their entire kitchen process to save food, money, and do good for the environment.

Orbisk food waste solution is available for €579 per month (US price is still to be determined, but will be in line with the European one). With the Orbisk food waste solution, an average food service location saves on average €50.000 per year.

Orbisk exhibits at ShowStoppers and CES as part of the Dutch trade mission at booth number 61928.

First wearable device to predict when you need to go to the bathroom

DFree® is the first wearable device to predict when you need to go to the bathroom.  Designed primarily for seniors and people with disability who suffer from loss of bladder control, it continuously monitors your bladder and sends timely notifications to your phone when it’s time to go.  As a result, you no longer have to worry about accidents and have a safe and cost-effective alternative to diapers and medications. This device will also significantly reduce burden for caregivers who need to provide bathroom assistance.  DFree provides freedom to live an active lifestyle without worries. 

The lightweight and portable DFree device may be discreetly clipped on your belt or clothing while the non-invasive ultrasound sensor is secured to the lower abdomen with medical tape. The sensor uses non-harmful ultrasound technology to monitor the change in bladder size and predicts urination timing using a patented algorithm.


Play fitness games! Burn calories! We are looking for sales channels in USA & EU

Now we are new sales channels to expand Dendama to the USA & EU. We will start to sell around this summer in this year!

What is exactly DENDAMA?

DENDAMA is the improved tech version of the traditional Japanese wood game called  “Kendama” that is now considered a street sport played by people all over the world.

We are Kendama enthusiasts that saw worldwide potential in this sport so we decided to make it more challenging by adding diverse game scenarios and online functionality to it in order to create a new and exciting experience, even for people who have never played with a kendama before.


Everyday life can be stressful, relax no matter where you are and keep an active lifestyle with DENDAMA! Challenge yourself and coordinate your body through exciting levels of tricks you can enjoy games that keep your body moving and active!

Now, you can enjoy learning and mastering a Kendama trick while being part of a whole new interactive digital experience. If playing alone is not challenging enough you can also connect with other players around the world in exciting versus matches!

The DENDAMA app includes a variety of games to play solo or in versus mode against players around the world. Whenever you complete a game, your final score will be added to the world ranking chart updated in real-time.

Upcoming Games

A fitness game that uses your play data to count calories.

A daily battle game.

GAF Energy launches game-changing solar roof to power mass adoption of clean energy

GAF Energy, a Standard Industries company and a leading provider of solar roofing in North America, announced the launch of Timberline Solar™, the only roof system to truly integrate solar technology into traditional roofing processes and materials. This new system incorporates the world’s first nailable solar shingle, the Timberline Solar Energy Shingle™ (ES), which, as part of an easy-to-install and high-performance roofing system, has the potential to drive a seismic shift in residential clean energy adoption.

The Timberline Solar™ system is durable, cost-effective and created for the modern, design-minded homeowner. As part of Timberline Solar, the system’s Energy Shingles boast an industry-defying depth of less than a quarter inch to create a sleek and attractive look, setting it in a class of its own.

The Timberline Solar ES™ has received three awards from CES, including its highest honor, the Best of Innovation award, for “Smart Cities.” The product was also named an Innovation Award honoree in both the “Smart Cities” and “Smart Home” categories. In addition, the Consumer Technology Association awarded GAF Energy’s innovative system the Mark of Excellence Award for “Emerging Home Technologies.”

Homeowners interested in solar roofing options and roofers interested in installing GAF Energy products can find out more at:

Please see HERE for a press release and HERE for photos/videos (pw: nailedit).