Omdia industry leading analysts discover ingenuity and imagination for Innovation Awards at ShowStoppers @ CES 2023

Introducing creative AI photo editor — Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is an innovative AI photo editor that delivers photos as you imagined them. Neo builds upon the unique, purpose-driven, AI editing technologies for which Skylum is well-known. Driven by the tradition of innovation, Luminar Neo further reimagines the image editing experience which enables creators to be more expressive with fewer boundaries and rediscover the joy in their creative work.

Innovative technologies

Luminar Neo was designed with input from working photographers, artists, and colorists. With this guidance, we built Luminar Neo to help artists break new creative ground with a photo editor that allows precise control over every aspect of the final image while providing artists a flexible toolset that can be tailored to their unique creative workflow. These capabilities include our groundbreaking tools and pro-level extensions available in Neo.


  • Luminar Neo is available in both the Microsoft Store and macOS App Store.
  • Luminar Share a companion mobile app. Export your images from desktop to mobile and share them right away. Share is available on the Google Play Store and the macOS App Store.
  • Visual storytellers who use other image editing applications can also use Luminar Neo as a plugin. Used in this way, Luminar adds incredibly useful and powerful, AI-driven editing tools to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic.
  • To learn more about the pricing of Luminar Neo visit

Smarter, the makers of FridgeCam acquire Chefling, the inventory management platform and launch a new device line up with advanced deep learning

Smarter, the British company known for its WI-FI connected kitchen appliances, is on a mission to become the most powerful inventory management platform by using a combination of sensors and artificial intelligence. Today it announces a new line of devices which consist of FridgeCam 2, FridgeCam Pro and the all new FoodCam Mini, a compact camera specifically designed to take a picture inside the Fridge and itemise the contents using deep learning computer vision. The new hardware provides better performance including a three-month battery life (FridgeCam 2) and perfectly compliments the features offered by Chefling, the newly acquired Silicon Valley start-up.

Chefling is a software platform that enables users to choose from a catalogue of carefully selected recipes, meal plan and automatically create grocery lists, via an app. The combined product of Chefling and FridgeCam makes for the most advanced inventory management system available for the consumer kitchen. Chefling’s vast database of food items are now matched with real world images, Smarter’s solution to the industry’s challenge over food image recognition. As an example, the database entry for ‘Milk’ has thousands of real-world crowd sourced annotations attributed to the term, making it extremely accurate in automatically detecting a carton of milk wherever it is in the world. This makes it viable to launch in new territories with the algorithm always learning and reapplying knowledge to future use cases. 

We want to connect talents from all over the world

We are iNSYNC from 1/AK Inc. It’s a new way of communicating in dance. We are using AI technology called pose estimation,
which doesn’t require motion capture. You just need your smartphone.

The dance trainer sends to a student a dance movie with their posture data, and then the student practices with apps like KARAOKE. Training like a game. AI supports the student on behalf of the teacher. After copying the trainer’s move, the student requests personal feedback and trainer will resend personal feedback to them.

With a 40 million market, and also a much loved physical activity category, the main way for dance trainers
to earn money has been to teach face-to-face in classrooms and in-person, but iNSYNC allows teachers to earn money
by communicating with their fans wherever they are in the world, taking out regional limitations. We will start with the area of dance.

And in the future, we would like to offer physical movement methods for children and physical movements that
are effective for mental health as needed.

Zendure: Your True Power Independence Provider

Zendure introduces the SuperBase V series, the portable power station with a built-in semi-solid state battery featuring 6.4kWh to 64kWh expandable capacity.

The SuperBase V series is available for preorder on the official website, with a Christmas campaign from 1st Dec to 31st Dec priced at $3,199 (LFP version) and $4,499 (Semi-Solid State version). At the beginning of January 2023, the price of the SuperBase V series will be $3,899 (LFP version) and $5,299 (Semi-Solid State version).

Zendure SuperBase V is the industry’s first plug-and-play home energy storage system to use Semi-Solid State Batteries. At more than 228Wh/kg, our batteries store up to 42% more energy than regular MSN batteries and are less likely to pose a safety hazard if damaged. With our battery management software, we can maintain a long product lifespan for these battery cells.

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FirmTech Is Making Sexual Wellness About Better Health, Happiness, and Fun

We founded FirmTech with the goal of graphically visualizing men’s sexual health in order to sustain it for a lifetime of lovemaking. With objective data, men can make better decisions about their medications, use of alcohol and drugs, diet, and exercise. Additionally, we want men to enjoy more satisfying sexual experiences. We are proud to be bringing FirmTech’s first-in-the-world sextech innovation to Showstoppers, CES, and mankind.

The Performance Ring helps men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED), those suffering from other sexual issues, and men simply looking to enhance their sexual experience and functioning. The Performance Ring can increase the sensitivity, duration of erections, and intensity of orgasms for the wearer. 

The TechRing includes smart-sensor technology that can be worn overnight and during sex as a diagnostic aid. The complementary easy-to-use phone app securely records and stores data which can then be privately shared with clinicians or partners. Recommended by urologists, the Tech Ring is the world’s first “under” wearable.  A decline in nocturnal erections is commonly an indicator of cardiovascular and other health problems. We like to describe the Tech Ring as “an EKG for men’s most favorite and vital organ.”

Designed by expert bioengineers and urologists, the Tech Ring is now available direct-to-consumer for $275 here. The Performance Ring also can be purchased for $65 hereMore information about FirmTech is available at

Yubico secures the Internet

Yubico was founded with one core mission in mind – secure the internet by making it safer and accessible for everyone. Since 2007, the company has been a pioneer and leader in setting new open authentication standards that could be freely implemented and utilized by every service, browser, and operating system on a global scale. The FIDO U2F, FIDO2, and WebAuthn open standards are a culmination of this work, and are now the leading technologies responsible for redefining internet security for all with the introduction of phishing-resistant authentication.

Yubico’s core product, the YubiKey, is the gold standard for multi-factor authentication and works out-of-the-box to secure hundreds of consumer and enterprise applications and services. Today, the strongest form of account protection — on mobile and otherwise — is offered by hardware security keys and is the only form of authentication that provides the best defense against phishing.

Yubico believes that vulnerable populations shouldn’t have to worry about their digital security, and are passionate about ensuring that security isn’t an obstacle standing in the way of the important work that you do. Through its philanthropic iniative, Secure it Forward, the company is committed to providing YubiKeys at no-cost to at-risk individuals and non-profits focused on protecting human rights and freedom of speech, upholding election integrity, and furthering diversity in tech.

The Handy – the future of interactive pleasure

What does the future of pleasure look like? 

The Handy is a smart automatic stroker designed with Scandinavian sensibilities of minimalism and functionality in mind. It is made with the best components possible for exceptional performance. It uses a brushless motor that ensures minimal sound whilst maximising power. In addition, it enables users to customise their experience with different sleeves for different sensations due to a simple but clever modular design. 

When connected online, users can experience Handy’s impressive perfect synchronization abilities with VR or flat media. Users will feel instant tactile stimuli as the device precisely recreates the motion happening on screen, allowing them to feel what they see. Handy can also be controlled remotely – perfect for long-distance play!

It’s not just our developers who are working on advancing the user experience; we highly value community innovation, which is why the Handy has an open API. Users can find third-party apps and even plugins for games that pair with the device on   

The Handy currently retails at $199, and can be purchased with original sleeves and bands at For any inquiries related to collaboration, retail and affiliate partnerships, please reach out to

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Nobi’s revolutionary lamp for fall detection and prevention also monitors vital signs starting in 2023

EU age tech scale-up Nobi has developed the world’s smartest lamp. Using AI, it can detect, prevent & predict falls with older people. Falls are the main cause of fatal injuries among seniors. The smart lamp allows older people to live independently and in a safer way at home for longer & supports care workers in professional care facilities. The new generation of the smart lamp, launched internationally at CES, shifts up another gear and monitors vital signs such as breathing and coughing 24/7.

The smart AI-Nobi lamp detects falls & alerts care staff or family members if required. The elderly users are in full charge of their privacy. In a home environment, Nobi can even open the front door for caregivers. The smart lamp helps prevent falls with adjusted lighting settings. By monitoring sleep patterns, the lamp can predict an increased risk of falls and reveal other health problems. Thanks to the use of radar technology, the new generation Nobi lamp will also monitor crucial body parameters such as coughing and breathing, and thus monitor the safety and health of elderly residents even more effectively, 24/7.

Nobi combines innovative technology with stylish design and extreme ease of use, while the elderly remain fully in charge of their privacy. Nobi is available in Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Hungary and the US.


Jackery: The highly anticipated 1500 Pro and 3000 Pro

Solar Generator 1500 Pro and 3000 Pro are new additions to Jackery’s high-end solar charging family.

1500 Pro features 1512Wh and is ideal for entry-level outdoor enthusiasts. 3000 Pro features large capacity at 3024Wh and can power up 99% of your appliances. 1500 Pro can be solar charged or wall charged fully in 2 hours with 6 SolarSaga 200W panels. 3000 Pro can be solar charged in 3.5 hours with 6 SolarSaga 200W panels. It also has multiple sensors to intelligently monitor the cell temperature and combines Bluetooth and WiFi to communicate with your device in real-time. Both have superior cooling system, Battery Management System that offers 12 forms of protection to cover all kinds of unexpected scenarios and advanced solar cells ( IBC technology) maximizing solar conversion efficiency up to 25%. They are also UL 94V-0 standard (highest fire-retardant ratings). 1500 Pro has foldable handles making it easy to carry and store. 3000 Pro has double wheels and a pull rod, the lightest and most compact in its class.

1500 Pro is $1699, available in the US, Japan, Germany and Korea, since the beginning of February, mainly through on-line channels including Jackery’s offical website and Amazon. 3000 Pro is $2999, available in the US and Germany, starting from March, through online channels including Jackery’s official website and Amazon, also available offline at Home Depot, Lowes, COSTCO etc. More information please visit