Omdia industry leading analysts discover ingenuity and imagination in tech for Innovation Awards at ShowStoppers @ CES 2024

The ODYSSEY: The smart telescope putting the universe at our fingertips

UNISTELLAR has reinvented the telescope for CES Las Vegas 2024. With the new range of ODYSSEY smart telescopes, we can marvel at the splendor of the cosmos and explore the mysterious immensity that extends beyond our terrestrial horizon from our own homes, even from downtown.

“With the ODYSSEY, UNISTELLAR is offering a new generation of smart telescopes that are capable of revealing the farthest celestial marvels and of instantly transforming your stargazing evenings into adventures across the cosmos with family or friends, even in the middle of the city,” explains Laurent Marfisi, co-founder, and CEO of UNISTELLAR. “The incredible emotion of immersion in outer space, liberated from the complexities that previously meant only experts could access it, is finally available to anyone eager to travel millions of light years.”

A whole range of innovations

The intuitive experience of ODYSSEY is based on two UNISTELLAR technological innovations. The Nikon High Precision Optics, co-developed with Nikon, makes astronomical observation an easy and enjoyable experience. The ODYSSEY is the first mirror telescope, the most high-performing category of telescopes for exploring the universe, which requires no manual adjustment. The Stellar Autofocus provides a perfect sharpness during the journey to objects millions of light-years away, thanks to a fully automated focus system combining a smart algorithm and a dedicated motorized sensor.

Haptics for itch relief

ThermoScratch’s Breakthrough Technology and Its Impact
The standout feature of ThermoScratch from Osaka Heat Cool is its unique combination of hot and cold stimuli to create a sensory illusion. This innovative approach allows the device to directly affect the nerves associated with itching without any physical scratching, effectively providing relief. This is a significant advancement in improving the quality of daily life for those suffering from skin troubles.
The Developmental Background of ThermoScratch
The inspiration for this product stemmed from the personal experiences of Prof. Ibano, our founder / CEO. His family’s struggle with skin issues drove him to seek a more effective and safe solution, leading to the birth of ThermoScratch.
World Premiere and International Market Expansion
The successful development of the mass-production model and its unveiling at CES symbolize a step towards making this technology accessible to a wider audience. The planned initial release in Japan, followed by expansion into the U.S. market, marks an exciting international business opportunity.
Economic Benefits
ThermoScratch is expected to offer economic benefits, such as reducing medical costs and increasing labor productivity. This represents a new beacon of hope for individuals suffering from skin issues.

Thermalytica Unveils Groundbreaking Thermal Insulation Innovations at CES 2024: Pioneering Sustainable Building Solutions

Discover the future of construction and energy efficiency with Thermalytica’s groundbreaking products:

TIISATM Smart Window Concept: Revolutionizing architectural insulation, this window adapts to external thermal conditions, offering adjustable heat control through fluidic motion. Integrated with IoT devices, it propels the industry towards energy-efficient buildings, significantly reducing carbon emissions.

TIISATM Superinsulation Paint: This paint introduces a breakthrough in thermal insulation, utilizing TIISATM nano particles to reflect thermal radiation and enhance insulation with remarkably low thermal conductivity. Positioned for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, it sets new standards for building insulation solutions.

Thermalytica’s Vision: Beyond innovation, we envision a future where the seamless unity of architecture and nature leads to energy-efficient constructions, mitigating the global impact of climate change. Join us at CES 2024 to witness the unveiling of the TIISATM Superinsulation Technology and shape a greener, more sustainable future.

Visit us at CES 2024: Explore sustainable building technologies with Thermalytica and be part of paving the way for an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient future.

Infinix Unveils E-Color Shift at CES 2024, Revolutionizing Interactive Smartphone Color Transformation

Infinix, a trendy tech brand designed for young consumers, today announced its latest breakthrough, the E-Color Shift technology, at ShowStoppers CES 2024. This innovative feature uses E Ink Prism™ 3 to enable dynamic color changes on mobile phone panels without power, marking a leap in smartphone customization and energy efficiency. Users can personalize the device’s back panel with up to 60 customizable areas, displaying time, mood, and more. This technology reflects Infinix’s focus on unique, user-centric solutions for Gen Z.

Additionally, Infinix introduced AirCharge and Extreme-Temp Battery technologies. Infinix AirCharge offers innovative wireless charging through multi-coil magnetic resonance, enabling charging from up to 20 cm away and at various angles with a 7.5W output. The Infinix Extreme-Temp Battery, designed to function in temperatures as low as -40°C, features biomimetic electrolyte and fusion solid-state technology, addressing battery failure in extreme cold. These advancements highlight Infinix’s dedication to innovation and its commitment to the preferences and needs of younger, tech-savvy consumers.

RCA Unveils New Smart Home Technology

RCA, is excited to present its newest innovations and partnerships that are leading the charge on the future of connected home management. The eagerly awaited debut of RCA’s smart pet feeders takes center stage; with connectivity to RCA’s Smart Home App, this new product solidifies the company’s commitment to seamless smart home experiences.

RCA is also proud to announce a collaboration with longtime partner K9’s for Warriors, the nation’s largest provider of service dogs for veterans. For every RCA smart pet feeder sold, $1 will go back to the cause. Additonally, RCA will be showcasing an impressive array of smart home technologies. With a range of new product offerings, from tablets to TVs and tablets, RCA’s latest innovations promise to elevate the home experience for consumers worldwide.

Product Overviews

  • The RCA Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder ($75) is the perfect solution for any pet parent. With HD 1080p video and two-way real-time audio.
  • The RCA Smart Automatic Pet Feeder ($55) allows you to feed your furry friend from anywhere with the touch of a button.
  • The RCA Treat Dispenser ($75) offers a Wi-Fi-enabled camera with two-way audio that is controlled on the RCA App.
  • 14″ FHD+ Tablet ($269.99) is the optimal tablet for anyone looking for a premium experience without sacrificing on price.
  • QLED and Mini-LED ($300-$750) boast enhanced color and brightness with Google TV and Web operating systems.

Ohdoki debuts world’s most advanced sexual pleasure device

Ohdoki is a Norwegian technology company bridging the gap between fantasy and reality through high-end technology. Following their success last year at CES showcasing The Handy, Ohdoki is excited to introduce its newest innovative product, Oh! Powered by The Handy, Oh! is the world’s most advanced, versatile and discreet vibrator utilizing sonic technology to embrace pleasure with elegance and amplify sexual experiences. 

Ohdoki recently established a U.S. headquarters in Miami, Florida, to expand its global footprint, and is on a mission to reimagine the future of pleasure-tech by bringing fun and elevated sexual experiences to individuals and couples around the world. As Ohdoki continues to deliver infinite pleasure to all genders, the Oh! offers vulva owners an all-in-one vibrator solution that delivers both localized and deeper pleasure using soundwaves that enhance the experience through connectivity. 

In addition to Ohdoki’s physical products, it created an interactive software for even more ways to enhance sexual experiences. The Handyverse is an integrated platform that enables one to remotely control the device and sync with video content. The Oh! can be paired with another Oh! device for same-sex couples to enjoy together, or with The Handy, our flagship interactive stroker for penis owners. 

Experience the Future of the Creative Technology Industry with Wacom

For more than 40 years, Wacom technology has helped power digital art, popular culture, and designs for the products we rely on. We’re excited to showcase the Wacom Cintiq Pro and Wacom One, feature our digital rights management software, Yuify, and introduce Wacom Bridge, which enables a seamless remote collaborative workflow.

Cintiq Pro Family

For our latest hardware launch, we worked with creative professionals in virtual production, VFX, CG, animation, and beyond to create our newest line of products in the Wacom Cintiq pro family, which features 4k display with 10bit color.

Wacom Bridge

Remote and hybrid work environments for creatives are the new normal – and the future. We believe creative teams shouldn’t be hindered by remote desktop limitations. Wacom Bridge is an innovative technology solution that radically improves working on supported remote desktop connections.

The redesigned Wacom One family

The new Wacom One line offers more than just the ideal pen display or pen tablet, it comes bundled with free software and gives users access to the Wacom Adventure Program.

Protecting artists and their creations

Our commitment to improving user experience goes beyond optimizing our hardware. Wacom also wants to help artists protect and maximize the value of their creations. Wacom Yuify is a service that allows artists to protect their artwork, manage usage rights, and establish legally binding license permissions.

Join us to learn more about the future of digital ink.

VueReal Has Commenced Shipping High-Transparency and High-Resolution AM-MicroLED Displays Produced by VueReal MicroSolid Printing™ Platform to Its Partners

VueReal celebrates a milestone in display technology, announcing the successful development and shipment of high-resolution and high-transparency microLED displays to its partners. The breakthrough comes courtesy of VueReal’s MicroSolid Printing™ Platform, addressing a pivotal challenge in MicroLED adoption – the efficient transfer of LEDs from wafer to backplane. Integrated into Active Matrix MicroLED displays, this achievement is set to reshape industries, introducing exceptional visual quality, energy efficiency, tunable transparency (80% to zero), and versatile applications. 

Key Highlights:

  • MicroLED Turnkey Platform: 
  • The shipments underscore the capability and flexibility of VueReal’s MicroSolid Printing™ platform in developing a new display structure. More importantly, this turnkey platform showcases the success of fabricating and producing these unique displays, hitting a significant milestone in enabling mass market adoption of the MicroLED displays.
  • Enabling New Customers: 
  • VueReal is actively inviting new customers to adopt MicroLED in their designs, offering access to the microLED platform. The company is now accepting new purchase orders for its newly developed high-resolution and high-transparency displays. Purchase orders will be evaluated based on business merits and the capability to integrate MicroLED into products, urging interested parties to provide detailed information about the business opportunities.
  • Submit Your Order HERE.


U-tec Smart Home Products: Innovation Meets Simplicity

We are experiencing a new era of convenience and connectivity with the advancement and innovation in smart home technology. You can transform your home by controlling its environment, security, and entertainment. Smart home products make your home adapt to your needs.

U home is a smart home security & automation ecosystem that includes smart lock system ULTRALOQ, and new products: smart lighting system Bright, AI security camera Ulticam, and Smart Plug & Switch.

The U home app allows users to easily control U-tec’s devices – including lights, plugs, switches, and cameras and allows for simultaneous control and synchronization of multiple devices with a single command. It is compatible with Apple Home, Alexa, Google Home, & SmartThings for voice control. U home’s devices will support Matter, an interoperative smart home standard.

We are also launching the next generation ULTRALOQ Bolt series, ULTRALOQ Bolt Fingerprint Matter Edition, one of the world’s first smart deadbolt compatible with Matter. Bolt Fingerprint Matter offers a six-in-one unlocking experience, multi-layered security and integrates with Matter connectivity.

Our Bright A19 1100LM is an innovative smart bulb that that offers Wi-Fi mesh connectivity and control without the need for an extra hub. Enjoy vivid brilliance with 1100 lumens, choose from 16 million colors, and set the perfect ambiance with scene-based group control.

Get ready to embrace a smarter, more connected lifestyle with U-tec’s smart home products!