Shenzhen Ao Lai De offers more than 200 in-house designed multimedia speaker models

Shenzhen Ao Lai De Electronic Co. Ltd has more than 200 in-house designed multimedia speaker models for your choice, including multimedia speaker, Bluetooth speaker, sound bar, tower speaker, home theatre system, trolley speaker and turntable players. It’s all about SOUND.

We are more than happy to apply new technologies to our products, making it easier for users to enjoy music. MP5 used in Speaker, make speakers more than speaker, but also DVD player; TWS technology used in speaker, make it a system and group, enjoying music in different rooms freely;  USB/TF recording used in turntable player, eliminates the hassle of connecting a computer, making recording easier and more convenient. We are always doing our best to bring a better music experiences to you. 

Good sound, good designs, good technology and good prices, AUDMIC speakers are waiting for your at Station S8/151.

Sunnytimes E-Scooter — zero emissions

Sunnytimes Scooters®, the ultimate two-wheel smart scooter from Sunnytimes Electric, is a bike lane-friendly, zero emissions clean fun ride for adults, one that quickly accelerates up to 20 MPH going a distance of 25 miles on a single charge. Whether commuting or just enjoying a leisurely ride, Sunnytimes will forever change the way people travel from place to place.

Incorporating the latest in smart technology with a sleek, patented ergonomic design, interactive, non-glare touchscreen that allows the rider to choose speed, review distance, control lighting and sound. Sunnytimes supports an incredible 300+ pound weight capacity with its unique heavy gauge all-welded aluminum chassis. Complying with the same rules and guidelines as the electric bicycle, requiring no license, the Sunnytimes offers a perfect solution – a simple, stable, fun bike lane-friendly, clean commuter vehicle.

3D/2.5D Tempered Glass screen Protector for iPhone Series Installation

Guangzhou Zifriend Communicate Technology Co. Ltd cares for each mobile phone and customer. We upgrade multiple processes of tempered glass, more stronger, more smoothing, more protection.  What is more. The Innovation of easy applicator, which let customer have a fun on installing the tempered glass by themselves, precise and quickly, let each customer to be professor in Tempered Glass.

ZiFriend focuses on producing Premium Quality Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, adopts AGC, NSG or Corning Gorilla glass and world top grade adhesive glue. Lamination and oleophobic coating in the dust-free workshop, which delivers the 95% screen clarity, excellent fingerprint resistance and smoothly touch sensitivity.

Zifriend Tempered Glass screen protector has 6 protection features: clear and transparence, Durable life which can anti-scratch for 3 years, super protection and shatter proof, smooth touch, electrostatic adsorption. Tempered Glass Screen Protector can perfectly protect your device screen from scratch and shock. It resists scratches from pointed sharp objects and absorbs shock when the device drop occasionally. With more severe falls, the Toughened Glass Protector will shatter into small pieces but your device will remain intact.


Jackery explores portable power stations

We made a daring prediction 10 years ago, that the power bank would be the best solution to the issue of power shortage with mobile phones. Subsequently, Shen Zhen Hello Tech Energy created Jackery brand and have been taking the lead in the portable power industry ever since.

However, as people’s lifestyles are rapidly evolving, power banks could hardly meet the demand of consumers’ increasing hunger for power supply when enjoying their outdoor living. So we created and launched a new series of product-portable power station, which can provide unimaginably enormous amount of ubiquitous power supply for outdoor purpose.

With our persistent innovations and striving for perfection, we believe that our portable power stations will significantly enhance consumers’ experiences with their outdoor life.

Explorer Series-Portable Power Station

You live on your own terms, using technology to go outdoors and stay connected. This requires a plenty of power.

As a pioneer in the industry of portable power, Jackery understood mobile lifestyles would require outdoor portable power supply, whenever you live off the grid or stay outdoors.

Our latest Explorer series, with powerful DC/AC output, compact and lightweight, mainly designed for outdoor purpose, compatible with solar power, can generate sustainable endless clean energy for wonderful outdoor life experiences.

Windgoo introduces the latest trends in the field of e-mobility

First of all, why are we in the field of e-mobility? Why are we the manufacturer of the electric vehicles? And, finally, why do we love our products?

Since 2015, Windgoo has been engaged in the production of electric vehicles and during this time we have developed for ourselves what we want to see in our products: quality, modern design, comfort, simplicity.

Why are we in this field? Because we love technologies that make our world better, we love ideas based on environmental concerns, and we love to keep up with the times.

E-bikes. We were striving for simplicity and practicality, and we got it. We wanted our products to become the best option for the urban travel, where comfort rhymes with efficiency, and you will find it in our e-bikes.

E-scooters. We were focusing on seeking comfort, and our new generation of e-scooters is equipped with a foldable seat so you do not think about the fatigue while riding e-scooter.
Hoverboards. It’s the best quality of all the details, a laconic design and, of course, Bluetooth control.

Find us at Showstoppers, and Windgoo team will be glad to provide you with a more detailed picture of our products.

HYM new hit “DUO” debut in IFA 2018

HYM is part of the original vinyl audio brand. HYM is created for a wholly new music lifestyle that is only one of its kind. It forms an alternative outlet for the modern city dwellers to express their feelings and their pursue of happiness. HYM is a collection of Taiwan’s top design team, with them linking the essence across different cultures; to accommodate all the fantasy of the music experience and needs.

This year, HYM exposed its latest hit “Detachable Vinyl Smart Speaker DUO” during the IFA 2018 show in Berlin. Beside the powerful audio quality of Seed, HYM brings up brilliant design taste, simplicity shape, vivid color, plus the detachable feature, increased the occasions for the vinyl product, therefore successfully catching the eyes of post 90’people. 



PaMu, Sports True Wireless Earbuds -Never fall out

Do you usually struggle with your earphones because they always fall out of your ears, or sound quality is just poor, and keep dropping connections when you leave your phone away? Well, worry no more. PaMu is an excellent example of product design that not only solves many of the problems appeared in modern headphone technology but also delivers fantastic sound, durability and reliability. You can call it a “technology-packed solution!”

PaMu is surprisingly comfortable to fit into your ears, while never falling out is another big plus. Two powerful 10mm dynamic audio drivers deliver PaMu’s signature sound with balanced deep bass, without sacrificing the clarity of the mids and highs. It will feel like you are in the concert hall anytime and anywhere. Enjoy long lasting music while you run. Water and headphones typically don’t play nice together. However, PaMu found a way to make it happen. By using a water-resistant sealing design, keeping the inside dry and fully functional, PaMu aren’t afraid of sweat or rain – and now bad weather can’t be an excuse to skip your next workout.

PaMu was successfully crowdfunded in Indiegogo and raised $931k within two months, attracting more than 19K backers from 120+countries and reported by 80+ medias.

PaMu is a star of Padmate tech, Padmate is named after the concept of “Mate of Technology, Human, and Society” from Padmate Tech founder, Mao. To create a brand that conveys quality smart designed audio product all over the world, Padmate keeps the path of moving from “Made in China” to “Created in China.” We aim to be a global leading provider of quality audios and smart devices.


Robotic vacuum cleaner — Smart Robot brings you smart life

Robotic vacuum cleaner from Shenzhen Hua Xin, using a suit of smart sensors, that automatically guide the robot around your home. The robot makes 60 decisions every second, navigating under furniture, beds, sofas and around clutter to thoroughly clean your floors, really hands free vacuuming,save your time to do something more important .

Smart sensor, smart features:

  1. All-around anti-collision sensors with bumper allows the robot to avoid barriers and adjust its route timely to protect your furniture.
  2. Cliff sensors keep the robot from falling off stairs.
  3. Six groups of infrared sensor around the robot let the robot automatically dock and recharge, and is always ready to clean.
  4. Gyroscope sensor, Gyroscope Navigation Technology can demonstrate results of clean works in real time through APP.
  5. Geomagnetic sensor build the virtual wall function, Boundary Markers let you decide where your robot can go and where it should “keep out.”
  6. Dustbin detect sensor for V300 robot,alerts you when the dustbin isn’t installed to prevent the robot from sucking dirt in, causing mechanical damage.
  7. Hall sensor for X500 water tank,once you fix the water tank on the robot, the robot default mode is mopping mode.
  8. Edge measuring sensor,allows the robot sweeps corners and along walls,the robot catches dirt, dust, and hair where they hide.
  9. Wi-Fi Connected,clean from anywhere with the WeBack App.
  10. Schedule your robot to clean up to 7 times a week at times that are convenient for you on App.
  11. Four cleaning modes are designed to suit different needs: smart/planning cleaning mode for large areas with “S” route; Edge cleaning mode for corners and edges; Spot cleaning mode for specific areas; and single room mode for planning cleaning with powerful suction.
  12. Barrier-cross for height of 10mm max, while climbing for 15 degree max.

Shenzhen Sindvor exports mobile phone accessories

Shenzhen Sindvor Electronics Co. Ltd exports mobile phone accessories — such as USB cables, 3.5mm audio cables, USB chargers, earphone, etc. — for more than eight years. All of our products comply with international quality standards. Products of good quality, fashionable design, not only has the broad masses of the domestic sales market, but also exported to overseas market, all our mobile accessory meet CE/ROHS/FCC CHINA requirement for exporting. Over the years, Sindvor had participated in many overseas famous electronic exhibitions, such as IFA, Cebit, A S D and CES. And the products are popular with buyers. Sindvor had always adhered to “quality of products in order to survive, credibility and development service ”sincerely welcome to visit our company.

Products from Sindvor have popular styles, elaborate techniques, high quality and reasonable price win the majority of customers and affirmation.Unique design, diversified customization to meet all customer needs. Provides the life time for the product, resolves the customer’s worry.

Smart 3 in 1 Wireless Charger Bluetooth Speaker Mobile Phone Stand

GOODES from Shenzhen HaoYiShi Technology will bring you some new designs of Bluetooth speaker at 2018 IFA fair, Global Market Hall-S7, booth no.374.

S10 is a smart 3 in 1 device. It combines Wireless Charger, Bluetooth Speaker and Mobile Phone Stand functions. It makes our life become more convenient and wonderful.

Wireless charger function. Normal charging way is to use a charging cable to connect the mobile phone and wall plug. But after so many times of pulling out and inserting, the charging interface of mobile phone is very easy to be damaged. And if the quality of the pull plug or cable is bad, it may cause your mobile phone burned. Then you need to come to the repair shop, cost is more than US$100, and sometimes you need to wait some days, it is so inconvenient. Some times if the repairing man is not reliable, it is not safe for your files which you stored in your mobile phone. But now you can use wireless charger to charge for your mobile phone, only need to put the mobile phone on our S10 which is under charging,your mobile phone will be charged soon.It can protect your mobile phone.

Built in two coils support 10W fast charge, you can full charge your mobile phone in short time, and mobile phone stand charging or cross charging you can choose it freely. Now more and more new models of mobiles like iPhone 8,8 plus,X and Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, S6 … can support wireless charging directly.

Also a Bluetooth speaker. The voice of mobile phone is very small, and lots of people don’t like to use earphone, but when you use Bluetooth speaker function of our S10, you will know how enjoyable it is to listen to music.

It is also a mobile phone stand. If you also want to watch a movie or football game when your mobile phone is low battery. Don’t worry, S10 will help you.

As a factory, we can do customized product based on requirements of customers. For S10, large area for printing,you can print any personalized logo on it.