Snips to unveil its new edge-based voice solution for Home Appliances designed for (un)connected home at IFA 2019

Snips for Home Appliances is the new edge-based voice solution designed for the smart home, offering seamless integration for home appliances. It is offline, lightweight, and guarantees Privacy by Design for the (un)connected home.

Snips, AI-powered natural language voice recognition interface that runs locally & offline, to launch its first enterprise solution, Snips for Home Appliances, designed for the (un)connected home. Packaging its edge-based voice technology for smart home use cases, Snips is making it possible for brands and OEMs to meet the rapidly growing demand for smart home appliances with voice-integrations that work offline and safeguard user data privacy.

Snips for Home Appliances is the first lightweight and cost-effective voice solution that can be customized to any smart home appliance, with use cases across any type of hardware, from MCU to MPU, and using simple voice commands (e.g., “turn on”, “turn off”, “stop”, “play”, “pause”, etc.) or full natural language (e.g., “what time will the roast be ready?”).

Home appliance brands and OEMs looking to integrate the Snips voice solution will enjoy all the benefits of Snips technology, including on-device and fully offline operability, empowering companies to retain complete control of their brand identity, customer relationships, and end-user data. As a white-label solution, Snips for Home Appliances empowers brands and OEMs to own the voice interaction with their products, including custom wake words. Additionally, companies will benefit from Snips transparent business model, which includes perpetual pricing per device and is BoM-oriented, making budgets predictable compared to traditional cloud providers and their price-per-request models.

Audiogum announces new partnerships enabling Smart Experiences for their Smart Devices

Audiogum UK Ltd, a B2B software company specialising in flexible solutions for smart devices, will be returning to IFA in Berlin, 6-11th September 2019 (Stand 235, Hall 26, IFA NEXT hub and ShowStoppers).

Audiogum specialises in working with partners to create unique and smart experiences for the end user. At its core, Audiogum focuses on Content Aggregation, Intelligent Personalisation and Natural Language Understanding. Audiogum also offers design and development services, analytics and account hosting, which give partners everything they need to delight their users.

“Our clients come to us because we have the skills and experience to deliver solutions of the highest quality, and we’re agile enough to be totally flexible to their business needs. We create meaningful partnerships, understanding each customer’s needs to ensure they get the very best product fit.” said COO Mark Boyes.

Audiogum believes in creating exceptional value through close communication and collaboration with its partners. The ethos of making it easy to access content, enhancing the content (using intelligent personalisation) and understanding the end user, resonates with the target audience.

Audiogum are proud to be working with partners like Dynaudio, Libratone, Napster, Netgem, PLEN Robotics and Stream Unlimited, and they will be adding to that list soon.

Substantial time and effort has been placed on creating the right product mix and modular platform for prospective partners. CTO Steve Robbins is confident Audiogum has the capabilities they need to stand out: “From the start, we set out to build a SaaS platform that could be scaled, modular and flexible. We’re currently working with several very well-known brands to understand their requirements, agree an integration approach and select the best Audiogum features to enhance their products. We’re excited to be able to announce these new partnerships later in the year”

At IFA 2019, Audiogum will be showcasing unique user experiences across several industries. Audiogums unique offering of services makes it an excellent fit for partners wanting to rapidly iterate their product. Audiogum is set to have a very busy and exciting time at IFA 2019.

Withings new ECG monitor & activity watch features a 1-year battery life and the ability to detect AFib

Withings, pioneer of the connected health movement and analog connected watches, is announcing the availability of a new product at IFA: Move ECG, the world’s first analog watch to record an electrocardiogram (ECG) on-demand, is now available in Europe, following the ECG monitor having received CE marking for medical devices. Move ECG comes with a state-of-the-art ECG feature that allows people to easily and affordably monitor their cardiovascular health to detect atrial fibrillation (AFib), a major heart disease, at any time. Move ECG is available today at the price of €129.95/£129.95 at and main retail partners, and works both on iOS and Android.

On-Demand ECG on the Wrist Withings is committed to creating beautifully designed products people can easily incorporate into their daily lives to monitor health and wellness goals. Move ECG embodies this mission by combining medical grade heart monitoring technology with a stylish analog watch design and superior battery life of up to one year.

Move ECG includes three electrodes with two discreetly integrated inside the main body of the watch, and the third electrode in the stainless steel bezel of the watch. When users experience symptoms such as palpitation, they simply need to push the side button and touch both sides of the bezel to start recording an electrocardiogram anytime, anywhere, similar to a single lead ECG. After 30 seconds of measurement, Move ECG vibrates to notify users that the reading is complete. The electrical signal is then analyzed via a proprietary algorithm that has been developed with cardiologists and trained using thousands of ECG signals, so that it can detect irregular heart rhythm. The watch syncs automatically with the accompanying Health Mate app (iOS and Android), which instantaneously classifies the user’s heart rhythm as Afib or normal sinus rhythm.

Move ECG is also packed with the advanced activity and sleep tracking features users have come to expect from Withings, but also, for the first time in a Withings watch, an altimeter is included to track floors climbed.

AFib is the main form of irregular heart rhythm and is responsible for almost a third of the strokes in developed countries. Additionally, 1 in 4 middle-aged adults in Europe and the U.S. will develop AFib in their lifetime. However, the condition is often under-diagnosed as it can be intermittent so it’s easily missed if it’s not occurring during a visit to the doctor.

“At Withings, we are committed to going beyond just tracking steps. We are on a mission to create elegant devices that not only inform people on their overall health and wellness, but also have the capabilities to identify and prevent serious issues,” said Eric Carreel, President of Withings. “Move ECG is the newest device in our product range to accomplish this. It offers ECG tracking capabilities people typically find in a hospital in a stylish tracker that can be worn easily every day. Now people can take a reading anytime, from their wrist.”

Bold and Beautiful in Berlin: Dell’s New Consumer PC Portfolio Unveiled at IFA 2019

By Ray Wah, Senior Vice President, Consumer and Small Business Product Group, Dell

We’re back in the thick of European conference season. From Gamescom in Cologne to IFA 2019 in Berlin, Dell Technologies has exciting news coming out of both shows!

IFA is the largest consumer tech show in Europe and we expect to see significant news from 4K and OLED TVs to wearables to smartphones. We’ll be showcasing our latest PCs, of course, as the move to thin and light continues across the industry. It’s not only about smaller form factors though – consumers want adaptive, always connected, high-performing, and flawlessly designed PCs and Dell continues to set the bar for the PC industry.

Ahead of IFA, we’re expanding our consumer portfolio with brand new form factors and the addition of new 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors to our current XPS and Inspiron portfolio delivering performance gains needed for compute intensive, demanding multi-thread workloads, while still handling 4K content efficiently. And in doing so, giving our customers heavyweight performance in thin, light and portable designs — the best of both worlds.

We’ve taken our most beloved and awarded product, the XPS 13, or “the best laptop you can buy,” and made it even better. Available 27th August, we’ve added Intel 10th Gen Core™ U series processors — with i7 hexacore models available in October — in our existing beautiful form factor, helping the XPS 13 maintain its position as the most powerful 13-inch laptop in its class1. Whether you’re a binge watcher or the busy mobile pro on the go, we’ve created the XPS 13 to be one of a kind. With the new Killer™ AX1650 (2×2) built on Intel WiFi 6 Chipset, wireless connectivity is three times as fast as the previous generation. Along with Dell CinemaColour and Dolby Vision and an optional 4K Ultra HD InfinityEdge display, the XPS 13 will remain eye candy for those glued to their screen. Available with either Windows 10 or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, the latter which serves as the foundation of the XPS 13 developer edition, now in its 9th generation2.

And in case you missed it, the XPS 13 2-in-1, a COMPUTEX d&i Award winner, is now available for purchase. This 2-in-1 is a symbol of our meticulous attention to detail where every decision was driven by customer benefits and a mission to achieve a flawless design. The 2-in-1 is the world’s first Project Athena-verified laptop available with Intel’s new 10th Gen Core™, 10-nanometer silicon processors.

Discover Speck’s new accessories, print your own GrabTab and drop a phone from 4m at IFA 2019

Taking protection to the next level

Speck’s entire line of Presidio® cases will now feature a higher level of drop protection up to 4 metres, without adding any bulk to the case design. Speck is also integrating Microban antimicrobial protection into all Presidio cases*. Microban is the global leader in antimicrobial technology, and when integrated into Speck cases, it’s proven to give a 99.99% reduction in bacteria and keep phone cases cleaner.

To show off the new level of drop protection, guests will be able to drop a Speck-protected Samsung Galaxy S10 down a 4-metres high chute and watch to see how that small fortune is protected. Guests will learn more about Speck’s materials testing and methodologies, including Microban antimicrobial technology and how their EPA approved science allows for lifetime product protection against stain and odor causing bacteria.

Visitors will also be invited to customise and print a GrabTab grip accessory. One of the designs is in partnership with Global Coalition on Youth Mental Health, a non-profit organization that works with leading mental health organizations, communities, and individuals to spread awareness, collaboration, and action. Speck will also be taking the opportunity at IFA to help support the organization by accepting any-and-all donations to this cause.

Innovative Accessories

Speck will be showing two new accessory products: LootLock, a stick-on wallet for smartphones and Presidio for AirPods, a one-piece, hard-shell protective case that’s built to keep AirPods safe from damage.

LootLock is a super-slim stick-on wallet for smartphones that gives users a more secure way to hold up to 3 cards or cash. It has a durable, no-stretch casing that was built for security. The hard-shell case won’t ever loosen, and even if you drop LootLock, your cash and cards will stay. For total security, LootLock’s storage casing flips over & snaps back into place to completely conceal cards, cash, or ID.

Presidio for AirPods is a rugged and durable outer-shell guards AirPods from drops, scratches, and daily wear-and-tear. The secure latch feature avoids users from losing their expensive headphones while keeping out dust, dirt, and debris. For additional user-friendliness, an aluminum carabiner allows users to clip Presidio to their belt, backpack, or purse for maximum mobility when on-the-go.

Vayyar Sensor Technology Developed in Israel Can Save Lives Inside The Home

An advanced new imaging technology developed by Vayyar uses radio waves to detect emergency situations and call for help.

Senior citizens living alone can experience falls, serious health problems and a deterioration in physical state, with no one around to respond. Situations like this require immediate medical help. Current monitoring solutions such as cameras, invade privacy and create a sense of discomfort in the home. Wearables and fall alert wristbands make many users feel self conscious, and old, and can be ineffective if the user forgets or refuses to wear them.

Vayyar, based in Israel, is bringing its revolutionary product to European partners. The company’s sensors use radio wave technology to create a 4D real-time image that tracks, displays and evaluates everything that happens in the home or care facility. Vayyar’s technology immediately and automatically notifies a designated caregiver or emergency responders in the event of a fall and identifies deterioration in health and breathing patterns.

Vayyar’s technology also offers a breakthrough solution for professional medical and assisted living facilities by preventing and detecting falls. Patients in hospitals and nursing homes can be monitored without cameras, to ensure their privacy is respected. In addition, Vayyar’s fall detection tracks vitals and behavior patterns to help determine if a patient’s health is showing signs of deterioration. This information can be used for pre-emptive predicting and alerting of patients exhibiting early stage signs of being at risk of falls or injuries. With this technology in hand, significant stress is relieved from nursing and medical staff, while enhancing the security and safety of the facility.

This smart home solution also detects irregular activity in the house, offering perimeter protection and intruder alerts. In the event of a fire, the new sensors are able to inform emergency responders of the location and condition of occupants. Learn more at

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Vayyar (from the Hebrew term: “to see”) was founded as an imaging company in 2011, when they developed a fast and cost-effective method to detect early-stage breast cancer. Since then, their mission has been to make advanced imaging devices available to the general public. Visit Vayyar at IFA’s ShowStoppers, in Hall 25, Booth 244.

Monoprice Showcases 3D Printers at IFA 2019

Monoprice, affordable consumer electronics ecommerce leader, is showcasing the latest offerings across its 3D Printing categories at IFA 2019. In the years since its international expansion, Monoprice has focused on bringing the highest quality technologies across its many product categories to global enthusiasts, without added cost markup. During this time, 3D Printing and Premium Audio have evolved into standout categories from the online retailer, who offers a growing selection of products that reflect industry trends and surpass industry standards.

In the 3D printing space, Monoprice has established a name for itself as the go-to resource for professionals, hobbyists and beginners, alike. Some of the most recent printers in its every-growing line (showcased at the booth) include:

  • Monoprice MP Delta Pro 3D Printer ($1,119.99)
    • Created for the enthusiast and professionals. Powered by 32-bit ARM processor and easy to use with auto bed leveling, heated glass build plate. Ships fully assembled, ready to print.
  • Monoprice Maker Ultimate 2 3D Printer ($549.99)
    • Perfect for personal, professional, and educational applications. Features full enclosure with internal LED lighting, a removable glass build plate and auto-leveling.

Monoprice Debuts New Monolith Audio Items at IFA 2019

Monoprice, affordable consumer electronics ecommerce leader, is showcasing the latest offerings across its  Premium Audio categories at IFA 2019. In the years since its international expansion, Monoprice has focused on bringing the highest quality technologies across its many product categories to global enthusiasts, without added cost markup. During this time, 3D Printing and Premium Audio have evolved into standout categories from the online retailer, who offers a growing selection of products that reflect industry trends and surpass industry standards.

Now in its third year, Monoprice’s premium Monolith audio line continues to defy the idea that great quality sound must come at a high price. At IFA, the retailer will show:

  • Monolith Home Theater Processor ($3,999.00)
    • A state-of-the-art 16-channel processor that boasts Dolby Atmos and DTS: X decoding, advanced room correction with Dirac Live, the latest generation AKM4493 DACs, and plenty of inputs for all sources.
  • Monolith Liquid Gold Balanced Headphone Amplifier and DAC by Alex Cavalli  ($999.99)
    • A smaller version of the Cavalli Audio’s Liquid Gold Amp, The Liquid Gold X is a fully balanced, differential front-end, solid state amplifier and introduces Monoprice’s new MCU-based products with computerized control of all features – including turn-on sequencing and DC offset detection.
  • Monolith by Monoprice THX AAA Balanced Headphone Amplifier featuring THX AAA 887 Technology ($399.99)
    • THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (THX AAA™) promises high fidelity audio with infinitesimally low levels of noise and distortion.
  • Monolith  M1070 Planar Headphones
    • Featuring a 106mm planar driver, 2.5mm connectors and an open back design that produces a stunning aural landscape and resolves minute sonic detail. Spectacular imaging, low distortion, and perfectly balanced sound.

Open ear headphones for the sports industry from AfterShokz

For a long time, sports headphones suffered from an agonising trade-off between safety and quality. In 2001, Voxtech saw an opportunity to put an end to all that using patented bone conduction technology. First developed for military special operations and law enforcement, they gave the technology a new lease of life. AfterShokz headphones deliver premium stereo sound with a unique completely open ear design. This ensures a level of safety and comfort that is second to none at a price point that is affordable. Since its inception in 2011, the company has been committed to innovation and making situational awareness a priority. This year, AfterShokz released two new generation products: Aeropex and Xtrainerz.

Aeropex uses bone conduction technology to transmit audio waves to the inner ear through the skull, bypassing the eardrum completely. They are placed on the cheekbones, just in front of your ears. By leaving the ear canal free, it is possible to remain alert and aware of ambient sounds, teammates, coaches, and more whilst you enjoy music or podcasts. Bluetooth® connectivity leaves you completely wireless, working with your phone up to 10m away.

Designed to withstand even intense training, Aeropex are IP67 approved making them fully water- and sweat-proof. This allows you to run come rain, sun or snow! Tilting at a 30-degree angle towards your face to stop vibrations, the Aeropex are integrated with Premium Pitch 2+ sound to deliver the best possible audio experience to every user.

Our next innovation, the Xtrainerz have been designed with swimmers in mind. They are waterproof to IP68 standard, which means they can be submerged in up to 2 metres of water for up to 2 hours. But these are not only headphones, they also store music for you. 4GB, or up to 1,200 songs worth, in fact. This means you can stash away your mobile phone as the music swims with you. Just hook up your headphones to a Mac or PC, and upload all your favourite tunes.

We have reduced transducer size and sound leakage by 50% compared to previous models. This improves both comfort and discretion.Bring them with you running, cycling, or wherever the mood takes you. After all, with 8 hours of playback capability, that’s plenty of time for all manner of adventures!

Be Open, with AfterShokz


Motorola unveils new lifestyle innovations


Motorola Lifestyle continues to push the limits of creativity and innovation to provide consumers with products that integrate seamlessly into everyday life. New products at IFA 2019 include Tech3 – a game-changing three-in-one headphone solution, as well as the highly versatile wireless VerveBud range and the portable Sonic Sub speaker range.

3-in-1– Three styles, unlimited possibilities

Up to now, many users have used multiple headset sets for different use cases. Using the patented TriX technology, the Motorola’s Tech3 are the first headsets that enable a seamless transition from True Wireless to wired application options and thereby gives people all the best options no matter where or how they want to use their headphones. Whether you’re hitting the gym or heading out of town on a business trip, Tech3 adapts to your needs every step of the way.

Users can choose between True Wireless, sport loop style (a sleek neckband for additional stability) or wired mode for long journeys and business calls. Complete with rich stereo sound, touch control features, Google, Siri and Alexa voice control assistance, IPX5 water resistance and an ergonomic fit.

True Wireless – Sweet sound of total freedom

The Motorola VerveBud headphone range celebrates everything that’s great about True Wireless technology. Designed with different preferences of the end users in mind the VerveBud portfolio come in 6 different styles and models – each with a sleek and compact charging case. The true wireless headphones are suitable for the office and tough enough for the gym and offer 4-6 hours of uninterrupted audio time and up to 9-18 hours in combination with the charging case (depending on the model). The feature-packed product range not only offers great sound on the go – you can also manage calls, use voice control assistance and make personalized adjustments via the Vervelife app.

The VerveBud 500 model was already honored with the IF Design Award 2019. At IFA 2019 the new model 800 will be introduced (see image).

Bigger bass unleashed

The Motorola Sonic Sub speakers feature enhanced bass with subwoofers to deliver maximum bass impact, while making use of the portable benefits of true wireless technology. To take things to the next level, you can pair two Sonic Sub speakers for perfect stereo sound. Whether you’re listening around the house or venturing to the great outdoors, these speakers are built with IPX5 water resistance. An integrated microphone and Voice assistant offer voice control and enable the speakers to be used for phone calls, when connected with a smartphone.