Targus addresses triple threat of Sustainability, Customer Experience and Productivity

Targus, a leader in laptop cases and mobile computing accessories, will be launching new ranges and solutions at IFA to tackle the global challenges we face; living more sustainably, the evolving retail landscape and productivity whilst working from home.

Addressing the plastic waste challenge: Targus is launching a new EcoSmart range made from recycled plastic that still delivers durability, protection and organisation. The range of bags and cases are designed for an active work life balance, made from at least 70% recycled PET, nickel-free hardware as well as recyclable zips.

Try before you buy retail experience: Targus’ AR  showcase will bring the future of retail to life by giving visitors an exciting opportunity to ‘try on’ different backpacks using a 3D-printed polygon mannequin with a QR code printed on the back. Simply scan the QR code and ‘try on’ the product without it actually being there! Users can also rotate the bag and check out its different compartments.

Elevating customer service: During the event, Targus will also be showcasing a tablet cradle workstation solution developed to work seamlessly with the Samsung DeX. It gives customer service employees the ability to be mobile and switch from tablet to desktop by simply placing their tablet devices within the Targus cradle.

Modern office needs: And finally, Targus is bringing its unique ‘Workspace in retail’ concept to life at IFA, emphasizing efficiency and productivity in the home. It will be showcasing its range of docking stations, including the DOCK190, which can help ease the transition between home and office, as well as catering to more compact workspaces in modern life. Also on-site will be certified chiropractor, Dr Samera Bhatti, who will be conducting posture analysis sessions and providing top wellbeing tips on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th.

All of this and more is happening at ShowStoppers and Targus’ IFA booth: Hall 15.1 / 125.

Meet Amber from LatticeWork and see how the future of Intelligent Storage is evolving

Meet Amber and see how the future of Intelligent Storage is evolving. Making its European debut at Showstoppers, Amber is an all-in-one, cloud-attached, Smart Storage platform – providing consumers all the convenience of cloud storage without the sacrifice of digital privacy. Powered by on-device AI, Amber allows users to easily backup, protect and organise digital data on-premise with the ability to securely access remotely via the world’s first Personal Hybrid Cloud. Come learn how Amber is transforming the connected storage market for consumers!

Founded by Dr. Pantas Sutardja, former CTO + Co-Founder of semiconductor giant Marvell Technology Group, Amber is the flagship product from LatticeWork. With a team of Storage and Cloud experts, Amber has been engineered to provide enterprise grade cloud and storage solutions – for the everyday consumer. With industry-leading security, encryption and an effortless user experience, Amber bundles a powerful combination of AI-Powered Software, Dual HDD Storage, Intel CPU and High-Speed Wi-Fi Router – to create a platform that securely protects videos, photos and all your digital assets – whilst providing seamless access and streaming of media files from anywhere in the world.

Quiet Mark announces the Quiet ‘Retailers’ Revolution


Quiet Mark announces the Quiet ‘Retailers’ Revolution, building the Quiet Economy with a ground breaking new alliance. Quiet Mark has united top retailer groups to support consumer health and well-being – 76% of consumers report they are seeking quieter appliances for their homes.

Associated with the U.K. Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation celebrating its 60th anniversary, Quiet Mark technically assesses and awards the lowest noise products to improve the aural environment in the home, work and public spaces to solve noise pollution.

Quiet Mark will also be presenting the latest awarded low-noise products from Grundig, Philips, Melitta and more at ShowStoppers 6pm September 5th and at IFA Stand 101 in Hall 23.

Sage presents range of sleek, innovative kitchen appliances

An Australian-born brand and global success story, Sage Appliances launched into the UK market in May 2013, leading to its expansion in Europe including successful launches in Germany, Benelux and Switzerland with additional European markets on the horizon.

So far, the brand has made a name for itself in Europe primarily due to the enormous popularity of its lauded coffee business which has been the recipient of numerous awards, including most recently The Specialty Coffee Association’s “Best New Product Award” for its Barista Pro portafilter espresso machine.

From coffee and healthy living to tea makers and ovens, Sage will be presenting a comprehensive range of sleek and innovative kitchen appliances at ShowStoppers, including a never seen before product set to disrupt the blending category.

GN Hearing advances audiology care with new innovative technologies

For 150 years GN Hearing has been dedicated to innovation and solving essential problems. 2019 has been no different, and in this year GN Hearing has launched a major innovation for people living with hearing loss, who want the very best technology in combination with a special discreet solution and a maximum of personalisation.

The custom made ReSound LiNX Quattro™ ITE, the world’s first Premium-Plus in the ear hearing aid. With its 6th generation of 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, ReSound LiNX Quattro™ has the highest input dynamic range available and delivers superior sound quality with Layers of Sound™, where softer sounds are clearer and louder sounds are fuller and distortion free. It is designed for people who desire a brilliant sound experience with great speech intelligibility even in noisy situations.

This innovation in sound has also been matched by an innovation in accessibility. In 2018 GN Hearing entered a partnership with Google to stream sound directly from Android devices to two hearing aids for the first time without using an intermediate device and with the full spectrum of direct audio streaming. The collaboration focuses on developing new technologies and aims to drastically improve users’ experience of both their Android smartphone and their hearing aid. GN Hearing will be the first manufacturer to support this update.

No wires. No noise. TRACK Air+

Big in every way but size. Libratone TRACK Air+, the new true wireless earbuds, with smart noise cancelling, offer superior audio technology in stylish Danish design. Packed with industry-leading intuitive features to create the perfect true wireless experience, TRACK Air+ is available now in Black and White.

The ultra-lightweight earbuds weigh only 5.6 grams each, but TRACK Air+ delivers rich, true sound usually reserved for big, bulky headphones. Punching well above their weight, TRACK Air+ features innovative noise cancellation which automatically adapts to your surroundings, tuning out an impressive 30dB of noise.

If you can handle it, chances are these earbuds can too. They deliver six hours of battery time on a full charge. Plus, the pocket-sized wireless charging case guarantees a further three full charges. That’s 24 hours of music and calls without needing a socket. TRACK Air+ also features a sweat and splash-proof premium design (IPX4) that makes it suitable for any weather.

Libratone’s TRACK range includes TRACK+ wireless earphones with ANC, TRACK sport Bluetooth earphones boasting a battery time of up to 16 hours and TRACK Air – true wireless earbuds with 32 hours of battery time. COIL, a wireless charging plate designed to complement the range, is also available.

Jabra takes the next step in True Wireless innovation

Jabra has set the scene in wireless Bluetooth headphones and earbuds in recent years with its Elite series, engineered for life on the go. At ShowStoppers, Jabra will take the next step in True Wireless innovation and will be showcasing what’s new.

Jabra has collated valuable insights on user needs and preferences to determine the primary barriers to a true wireless experience. There’s a constant consumer demand for more battery life, better fit and ease of connectivity to devices which Jabra will now address.

Empath’s updates in the first half of 2019 and the very first showcase our new product, “Emotional Intelligence for Call Center” at IFA 2019

Empath is a Vocal Emotion AI which can identify 4 emotions such as joy, calm, anger, and sorrow, in addition to the energy point.

In the first half of 2019, we Empath experienced fruitful successes: we were accepted by Google Launchpad Accelerator, selected as J-Startup by Japanese Government, and won 8 international pitch competitions. which lead us to acquire 1,800 customers over 50 countries so far in multiple business sectors such as call center, mobility, robotics, and VR.

At IFA, we are happy to showcase one of our new product called “Emotional Intelligence for Call Center” which supports both operators and supervisors at call centers. For operators, we provide virtual assistant which could cheer operators up based on both operators’ and customers’ emotions so that operators could keep motivated. For supervisors, we provide a Android tablet to check which operators needs help in real-time based on the emotional state. We created this new product so that we could encourage both supervisors and operators to have better communication at their work which would also encourage them to improve both employee and customer satisfaction.

By using our new product, our customer achieved these results below:

(1) 20 % decrease of supervisors’ overtime work

(2) Improved the attendance rate of operators from 83% to 99%

(3) Improved sales conversion rate by about 380%

Kyoto’s mui Lab to Showcase Smart Art System That Keeps You Happy

Kyoto’s mui Lab is showcasing “Hashira no Kioku (Height Marking in Wood),” a smart art system that turns your beautiful life memory into a work of art, so you can savor the moment every day and forever. Developed collaboratively by mui Lab, an IoT design startup, and Wacom, the world’s leading provider of pen tablets, the system connects a wood column and pen — an ordinary utensil and furniture — via the Cloud.

The wooden column is impregnated with the mui technology that transforms a natural wood surface into a touch-sensitive smart screen. When Wacom’s digital pen is used to mark a child’s height on the column, the system automatically registers a measurement and displays its value on an adjacent box. It also occasionally displays a beautiful poem about children’s growth.

Just like the “mui” smart-home control panel, which we are also showcasing at IFA, “Hashira no Kioku (Height Marking in Wood)” is built around the principles of “calm technology” and designed to stay out of the user’s consciousness while fulfilling its purpose of bringing back the joyous feelings for you. Drawing inspiration from the Taoist philosophy of “mui shizen,” mui-enabled systems are created to harness the power of cutting-edge technology to create harmony among technology, the humans who use it and the nature surrounding them.

Introducing Qoobo, a Cushion-shaped Therapy Robot For Everyone in Need of Some Comfort

Wish you had a pet to cuddle with but got no time to take care of it? Or, suffer from a pet allergy?

Qoobo is a robotic cushion with a cat-like tail that makes realistic moves in response to your touch. When caressed, it waves gently. When rubbed, it swings playfully. And, occasionally, it wags just to say hello. The simple communication, using only tail movements without relying on sounds or facial expressions, can provide a sense of comfort to people the ways animals do.

Yukai Engineering Inc., a Tokyo-based robotics startup known for creating robots that bring joy to life, will demonstrate Qoobo, a tail-wagging robotic pillow that was recently released to the market, from Sep. 6 to 11 at IFA 2019, as well as BOCCO emo, an emotionally responsive robot that expresses empathy.