Get Smart with Yale at ShowStoppers!

Would you like to learn more about how Yale ensures that consumers are more connected and in control than ever before? Make sure to stop by our stand at Showstoppers to get an exclusive preview of our smart security solutions, including news about our Smart Locks and in-home services Yale and partners are pioneering.

The Yale Access module will allow existing Yale Smart Lock owners increased functionalities and integrations with smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. With the Yale Access module, customers can use the Yale Access app to lock and unlock the door and know exactly who comes and goes thanks to the activity monitoring. Additionally, it has the function to send keys to family, friends and visitors and check if the door is closed with the DoorSense™ technology.

Yale and partners are opening the door for customers to access the world of short-term rental and in-home services including delivery and cleaning, to name a few. Something Yale has worked very hard to bring to life especially now as consumers are demanding more from online retailers and service providers.

These innovative solutions are joined by our extensive range of Yale Smart Living products including the Smart Home Alarm, indoor cameras and outdoor cameras. Working as stand-alone solutions or connecting with each other to guarantee that the things and people you care about most are always protected.

XMG unveils an exciting, slim & light gaming laptop in joint cooperation with Intel

XMG’s slim & light gaming laptop is a design collaboration with Intel, delivering an industry leading premium laptop made for gamers and content creators. Utilising the extensive industry knowledge base of both companies and through extensive consultation with groups of gamers and content creators, this collaboration incorporates the features and designs that are most valued in a premium laptop. With its attractive design and outstanding build quality, the upcoming XMG laptop delivers amazing experiences whether you game or create on-the-go.


The ultra-slim gaming powerhouse combines the latest Intel and NVIDIA technology with an outstanding battery capacity of 93Wh and fast charge support. A sleek and slim yet sturdy AZ91D magnesium alloy chassis not only provides enhanced heat dissipation but also impresses with a stunningly elegant design. Measuring just 20mm deep and weighing in at a lean 1.89kg, this new XMG laptop sets a new milestone in ultraportable, high-performance and power-efficient computing.

Despite its impressively slim dimensions, the laptop features a revolutionary opto-mechanical low profile keyboard with programmable per-key RGB illumination and a total travel distance of 2.0 mm. These features meet the high precision and haptic feedback demands of ambitious gamers and prolific writers alike. XMG’s latest addition to its gaming portfolio also features extensive connectivity options, including a versatile Thunderbolt 3 port offering state of the art speed.

Join us at ShowStoppers to get an exclusive sneak peek, receive more detailed information prior to the official product launch and feel welcome to shoot a hands-on video or photos to share with your readers.

Matrix Industries unveils PowerWatch, the only smartwatch you’ll ever need

Ever wanted a smartwatch to fit your active lifestyle, without the hassle of running out of power? The PowerWatch solves that problem by being the only watch on the market that never needs charging. Launching the Series 2 at IFA this year, Matrix Industries builds upon the proprietary thermoelectric technology from the original PowerWatch, and adds a new solar cell as an additional method of charging. With these two energy harvesting methods embedded in the watch, manual charging is a thing of the past.

With an increase in power comes a more complete and full-featured active smartwatch. Users can track their calories more accurately than with any other watch on the market, use GPS, monitor heart rate, track their sleep, receive push notifications on a full colour screen, and more.

While PowerWatch comes with a dramatic increase in available energy, the team were able to further miniaturize the thermoelectric and solar cell processes, enabling a reduction in the overall weight and size of the watch. It remains as rugged as ever, with an industry-leading ability to withstand pressures down to 200 metres when diving. Available to purchase from September 2019, for more information, please visit, and keep an eye out for news at ShowStoppers.


Get rid of your keys and access your apartment keyless  – meet the retrofit Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 and Nuki Opener

The vision of creating a holistic, smart and secure access system has been our goal since our start in 2014. Following the launch of the Nuki Smart Lock and its second, improved generation – Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 -, we proudly announce a retrofit solution for the main entrance doors of multi-party buildings: the Nuki Opener.

Just like the Nuki Smart Lock, the Opener can simply be retrofitted with the app tutorial and turns intercoms into smart entry systems. The Nuki Opener allows you to control your intercom system via your smartphone and offers a multitude of really handy core features for your everyday life:

Open door via Nuki app: Logical but inevitable. By using this feature, you activate the buzzer of your front door, so you can open the main entrance door via the app. Of course, the whole thing works remotely, if you want to open the door for someone else, such as a parcel deliverer or your cleaning aid, even if you’re currently not in your apartment.

Ring to Open:  When you activate the Ring to Open feature, your smartphone detects when you are near your front door. As soon as you ring at your apartment, the buzzer opens your front door and you can enter the house without a key or app. Basically that’s Auto Unlock for your intercom system.

Continuous Mode: This mode allows you to automatically open the door at a defined time when you are ringing.

Ring Suppression: This feature allows you to choose not to ring your bell when using, for example, the Ring to Open feature. A useful feature if you come home late in the evening by Ring to Open while your children are sleeping.

The Nuki Opener is the perfect addition to our existing product portfolio‘, says Martin Pansy, founder and CEO of the Autrian Nuki Home Solutions GmbH. ‚About 50% of the European population live in apartment buildings. With the Nuki Opener we can now enable completely keyless access from the road to the living room for renters and owners of flats.’

Swedish screen protection brand Copter launches its Exoglass Applicator @ IFA 2019

  • Swedish Copter has been a leading brand for screen protection in the Nordics for the last 10 years and is  launching its Exoglass Applicator machine at IFA 2019 designed and engineered in Sweden.
  • Copter has been through a process of renewal and is now relaunching itself at IFA2019.
  • Copter is presenting the Copter Glass Applicator at IFA 2019, designed and engineered in Sweden, with patent pending. Revealed for the first time at ShowStoppers Sept 5th.
  • Copter have screen protection solutions for almost all smartphones and tablets on the market and have its own factory located in Sweden.
  • The Copter packaging is made with FSC-certified paper and is packed in Sweden to avoid excess shipping of packaging from Asia. Therefore, we can reduce shipping space with more than 90% compared to other screen protection brands on the market.

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KODAK returns to IFA with its ever-expanding instant print line, digital film scanners and portable projectors

The latest product of the SMILE instant print line, the KODAK SMILE Classic Instant Print Digital Camera will debut at IFA, along with the KODAK SMILE Instant Print Digital Camera and the KODAK SMILE Instant Digital Printer. Both the SMILE Classic and the SMILE Printer are equipped with AR capabilities that allow for a video with sound to be embedded into a photo before printing. Videos in each photo can be viewed by scanning via the KODAK SMILE app.

KODAK’s digital film scanners will also be on display. The new lightweight Mini Digital Film Scanner converts 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8 and 8mm film negatives and slides to a digital format that can be saved to an SD card or transferred to a computer or laptop. For those only looking to view their slides, the new 35mm Slide Viewer comes with a powerful backlit light box and magnifies images by 3X. Making a second appearance at IFA, the SCANZA, will be on display. It is a slightly larger version of the Mini Digital Film Scanner and comes with an HDMI cord.

The newest of KODAK’s projector line, the LUMA series, will also be on display. The LUMA 75, LUMA 150 and LUMA 350 are all very lightweight and are designed with a simple plug-and-play operation system. The brightest and most robust of the line, the LUMA 350, can project video and images up to 200 inches and is equipped with an Android OS giving users access to wireless networks for web browsing, downloading apps and more.

Meet Insta360 GO: The World’s Smallest Stabilized Camera

Insta360 brand new camera Insta360 GO, is a tiny stabilized camera that mounts anywhere. GO pairs an innovative form factor with AI-powered smart editing to make shooting easy.

When worn, GO enables seamless, hands-free shooting, so users can capture experiences at the spur of the moment. But GO is more than a wearable. A magnetic body, impossible stabilization,  plus a range of accessories, means GO is ready to clip, tag or hang on just about anything.

Shooting video with GO is simple: One press records a clip for up to 30 seconds, a second press stops it. GO can also shoot a bunch more, such as Hyperlapses, Timelapses, Slow Mo or regular photos. Once you’re done shooting, upload right to the app for to auto-editing. FlashCut auto-editing uses AI to find your best shots and combine them — on beat — into a stylized edit. GO can sort content based on theme (e.g. food, cities, smiles) and quality of shot composition. With FlashCut, users can capture, edit and share their day in a few taps.

GO comes standard with a range of accessories for easy charging and mounting, including the Charge Case, Magnet Pendant, Pivot Stand, Easy Clip and Sticky Base. GO is priced at $199.99 USD.

Insta360 GO purchase link:

London based smartphone start up to unveil first android slider device at IFA showstoppers

We will stand apart from other smartphone brands by creating devices for customers whose needs and accomplishments aren’t represented by the rest of the mobile category; those passionate about achieving and making the most of every opportunity.

At F(x)tec we miss certain features and technology and strive to be the leaders in bringing back what people miss in a smartphone and making it better. We’ll be unveiling our first Android smartphone the Pro1 at IFA, a new standard for the slider form factor, packing a slim design that conceals a full slide out angled landscape (QWERTY or QWERTZ) keyboard. Function has never been so stunning

Experience the Pro1 at ShowStoppers and meet the founders Adrian and Chen.

Spigen “Do You. We Got You” – More than just a case

“Do You. We Got You” –

About Spigen

The name, Spigen, derives from the two German words, “Spiegel” and “Gen”, meaning mirror and gene.  Both  were  combined  to  reflect  the  ideology   behind  our  values  in  creating  solutions reflecting the needs of our valued customers.

1) Advancing Quality

We believe quality  should be ever-improving,  which is why we create the best of  the best and then challenge ourselves again to exceed the best.

2) Simple Solution

We define good design as simple and smart. We aim to pack the most without  compromising  the original silhouette of every device.

3) Empowering Technology

Moving forward to bring the best experience while keeping the essential technology to bring into your lifestyle. Turning tech into the form where you can experience or be helped with.

How does Japanese technology solves the issues of aging society? Toilet timing predicting wearable device restores dignity of people

World is becoming old and finds many new problems related to aging. We found a problem which is most primitive but not be looked in so much. It is incontinence. Even though more than 50% of elderly people have some problems in excretion, there is not many solutions but wearing diaper.Our toilet timing predicting wearable device, DFree, solves the problem and support people to live their life as long as possible. DFree tells when it is necessary to go to the bathroom by tracking the progression of bladder movements using non-invasive ultrasonic sensors and analyzing data using a patented algorithm.

The life span of Japanese people is longest in the world and it will be more than 90 years in some decades. However, we worry about becoming old because of anxiety of money, health and social relationship. Length of life is important but at the same time quality of life is also or more important. Incontinence is one of things happening to many elderly people. It sometimes make their quality of life worse. Many people hesitate to go out or to do activities outside because worrying about accidents. Our device has been used by over 2,000 people in Japan. Many people are released from stress just by knowing the situation of their bladder visually. They feel that they regain the control. In our research of the user of DFree, 80% answered that their quality of life was improved by using DFree.

We support not only users but also caregivers. In nursing home, toilet care is one of the hardest task for caregivers. By using DFree, they can understand rhythm of urination of each residents and optimize care such as size of protections, schedule of toilet care etc. One of clients of DFree decreased time of continence care by 30%. The more important fact is that many caregivers said that they feel well because they can know residents better  so that they provide better care.

We got inquiries to use DFree from more than 60 countries. So we decided to expand our service to world. We are selling it in Japan, US and Europe now. We would like to share our experience and knowledge from the most aging country.