Unistellar launches Smart Solar Filter for telescopes

Unveiled at IFA in Berlin, the launch of the Smart Solar Filter once again expands the unique capabilities of Unistellar smart telescopes. Observing the sun has never been easier and safer for your eyes and those of your loved ones. Simply place the Smart Solar Filter over a Unistellar smart telescope. When connected to the Unistellar application, it will automatically point to our own star and then follow it continuously, allowing you to concentrate on the pleasure of observation.

Unistellar telescopes image processing algorithms, a proprietary innovation, are actually capable of identifying light gradients due to the sun in broad daylight, and so understanding exactly where our star is located.

Crafted from a high-quality polymer film, the Smart Solar Filter reduces sunlight by 100,000 times, providing an optimal viewing experience. With the image processing carried out in real time by Unistellar smart telescopes, you are able to enjoy details of our star such as its sunspots, little-known astronomical phenomena which can be the size of our Earth.

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