Palm-sizes Gas Chromatograph for on-site and in-situ gas analysis

Sylph is an ultra-compact, high-performance gas chromatograph for onsite chemical analysis of space and terrestrial environments. Unlike conventional gas chromatographs that are as large as dormitory refrigerators, the palm-sized Sylph weighs only about 2 kg (4.4 lb.) and is operable on mobile battery power – which makes gas chromatography accessible anywhere. Powered by our proprietary “Ball Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Sensor” (internationally patented), Sylph is as sensitive in detecting chemicals as state-of-the-art desktop gas chromatographs, measuring polar hydrocarbons down to the ppb order. Developed in collaboration with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

Palm-sized Gas Chromatograph “Sylph” for sale !

2 kg in weight and A5 size foot print !               ⇒  Portable to everywhere !

Equivalent sensitivity to state-of-art FID GC !   ⇒  On-site and in-situ gas analysis available !

Automatic sampling with a concentrator              ⇒ No complicated pretreatment required, easy to use.

3 types of compact column                                   ⇒  Flexible choice for your analysis

Non-destructive detection by a ball SAW sensor  ⇒  Connectable to other detectors   (Mass spectrometer, sniffer, etc.)

“Sylph” won the Innovation Award at CES 2023

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Designing conversations. Driving conversions

How many customers visit a brand’s website and leave without converting? How many customers click an ad with no further action? Up to 80% of customer web traffic exits without activation. What if you had a digital associate to engage these customers before they exit? ZEALS will empower brands to recapture and engage, driving quality conversions from customers that would have otherwise vanished.

Backed by Salesforce Ventures and others, ZEALS is the #1 conversational commerce solution in Japan, driving 9.6% conversion rate and $30M in monthly sales for over 480 large enterprises in a range of industries including cosmetics, food, human resources, education, telecommunications, automobiles, finance, real estate, fashion, and entertainment. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many brands have accelerated their plans to optimize the online channel experience, a trend that has fueled ZEALS’ growth and solidified the dominance in the Japan conversational commerce market.

How do we do this? ZEALS’ solution uses human-designed conversation flows in Instagram DMs to build a personalized experience. However, we are NOT another chatbot – we combine cutting edge chat technology with exceptional Japanese hospitality for unrivaled service – aka “Omentanashi”. In 2022, ZEALS launched in the US, enabling brands to offer an unrivaled Omentanashi experience in their digital consumer interactions.

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Vie Style launches VIE ZONE -Neuro earphones help you focus and relax

Vie Style launches VIE ZONE -Neuro earphones help you focus and relax- a stylish and portable neuro sensing earphones CES 2023. They analyze brain activity and heart rate and leverage this data to enhance focus levels during various tasks with the customized music neurofeedback to get you in the optimal focus, the zone (a.k.a, flow).

The traditional EEG device is balky, not being able to wear in everyday life, in-ear EEG technology implemented in the high quality bluetooth earphones, make it possible to be stylish, portable, and being able to wear naturally, and collect the data from everyday life.

Every brain is different, so unlike the other EEG devices which analyze the targeted brain frequency (Alpha, Beta,etc.), Vie Zone’s AI learns a user’s specific signal pattern and, in turn, develops a fully customized AI model to train the brain. Vie Zone, the high quality bluetooth earphones are able to distribute their customized music based on the analyzed data  to tune their brain.

To tune the brain, users choose a particular task, duration for an exercise, and music that suits their preferences. As they work and listen, Vie Zone analyzes a brain wave pattern and the AI-powered music player creates customized focused music playlist, and even generates the customized music for your brain, combining neurofeedback and monaural/binaural beats to guide the user into a flow state, and help keep them there.

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SoundFun curved speakers make it easier for elderly to hear

SoundFun, a Japanese age-tech startup, will present “MIRAI SPEAKER,” the speaker with a curved
frame that converts soundwaves into ones that are easier to hear for the elderly and everyone else.
Because the soundwaves produced using the company’s proprietary “Curved Surface Sound
Technology” fade into the distance more gradually in a wider angle than those coming through the
cones of conventional loudspeakers, sounds reach a lot farther and more clearly without requiring the
listeners to turn up the volume. It’s particularly helpful for the elderly, as humans’ talking voices come
through even more distinctively.

LOOVIC is the world’s first Collar bone conduction navigation service

LOOVIC has developed the world’s most intuitive navigation system

It eliminates one’s need to look at maps while walking. Designed as a solution for spatial recognition challenges, the system uses a neckband-shaped device to analyze the wearer’s physical orientation and to provide accurate directions via tactile and auditory prompts.

Fan-less Multi-Engine Multi-Core Edge AI Processor AiOnIc

ArchiTek, an Osaka-based AI startup, showcases AiOnIcTM, an edge-AI processor that requires no grid power while demonstrating best-in-class performance for battery-powered applications, such as drones, autonomous vehicles, robots, AR/VR headsets, and smart edge devices. Designed to run on an architecture that enables simultaneous computation of several AI algorithms, AiOnIc processes LiDAR data for localization and mapping and inputs from cameras more accurately and faster than any other leading edge-AI chips can at a fraction of their cost and power requirements.

We partnered with Toyota Industries to build a chip to power their automated guided vehicle. This chip is licensed to SocioNext for production and supply to Toyota. We have completed our Series C investment which has enabled us to build our own AiOnIc chip.

AiOnIc’s unique features:

  • Power consumption under 2W
    • Ideal for fanless, heatsink less operation
  • Performance above 6Tops
    • Adequate for realtime object detection (running YOLOv3) or pose detection (OpenPose)
  • Small and compact
    • 12mm x 12mm package (actual chip die size much smaller)
  • Low cost
    • Under $10
  • One chip solution
    • On chip peripherals such as CPU, ethernet controller, SD card controller, PCI, USB, SPI
    • Fixed function accelerators for pre and post image processing required for AI processing

AiOnIc Availability:

       2023. Currently under production @ TSMC using their 12nm process node.

Haptics Metaverse Gloves with Conductive Fiber

Made of our proprietary and patented conductive fibers, “Haptics Metaverse Gloves Powered by LEAD SKIN” is a wearable interface capable of detecting the user’s finger bending movements while also enabling them to feel the metaverse objects that they “touch.” The gloves are designed to let people explore and enjoy the metaverse more freely and intuitively, without having to hold and operating a bulky remote control in their hands. The gloves’ signature material is “LEAD SKIN,” is our proprietary and patented conductive fibers technology, which enables the sensors in the glove to detect finger-bending movements through the measurement of the current impedance from the expansion and contraction of the fabric. In addition, the gloves can transmit electrical pulses through the fabric to provide haptic responses to touches on the palm and fingers.

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Graffity collaborates with Qualcomm and Nreal to launch two AR games using AR glasses at CES

Graffity, Tokyo-based AR Entertainment Company to Show Two AR Games with AR Glasses at CES

Graffity has launched two AR games using AR glasses, GrooveWave and SushiCraft collaborates with Qualcomm and Chinese AR glasses startups Nreal at CES 2023. AR rhythm game Groove Wave utilizes AR glasses Nreal Light developed by Nreal. SushiCraft, an AR sushi making game, utilizes Snapdragon Spaces, a development tool for AR glasses provided by Qualcomm, and AR glasses Think Reality A3, provided by Lenovo. Graffity is looking for partners who want to develop AR entertainment content using our patented multiplayer AR technology and knowledge of game planning and development.


GrooveWave is an AR rhythm game with Nreal Light

Groove Wave is a rhythm game fighting against enemies on the battlefield which expands the entire room * You must purchase Nreal Light to play. Download is free.


SushiCraft is an AR sushi making game with Snapdragon Spaces

SushiCraft is a AR sushi making game where you make sushi and compete for a score using hand tracking
* You must purchase Think Reality A3 to play. Download is free.

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Diver-X Releases Contact Glove, a haptic glove VR controller

Diver-X, a Japanese VR hardware startup, launched ContactGlove, a glove-type VR controller with haptic feedback. Users can recreate the realistic sensation of touching an object by simply wearing an ultra-lightweight glove. The product is currently available for pre-sale on Kickstarter starting at $420.(

Contact Glove can accurately recreate the sensation of when you touch an object in a VR space. Using a tactile feedback module that uses shape memory alloy (SMA) coils developed by our company, pressure is applied to the ball of the finger to create a realistic tactile sensation.

Most existing haptic feedback gloves use vibration motors to simulate the sense of touch. Although tactile feedback using vibration motors has the advantage of making the device compact, the tactile sensation is not realistic at all.

However, Contact Glove implements a module that can apply pressure to the ball of the finger just as if it were touching or grasping an object in real life. We have also made the glove affordable and compact enough to be used by VR users in a realistic manner.

Asilla AI turns security cameras into smart 24/7 surveillance system

Asillla Inc., a human-centric AI startup company in Japan, announces its attendance at Consumer Electronic Show (CES), specifically at the J-Startup section in Eureka park, Sands Expo; at ShowStoppers LaunchIt, and at ShowStoppers.

Asilla will have a pop-up booth that displays its signature product, abnormal behavior detection AI “Asilla.”  Asilla” is an AI software that turns ordinary security cameras into a smart 24/7 surveillance system, enabling security staff to notice unusual events and respond to potential security threats promptly.

Asilla serves as a cost-effective solution for those who need a full-scale security camera system. Asilla’s able to accommodate 50 cameras per server, coupled with its compatibility with current existing cameras and video monitoring systems, reducing hardware costs for setting up a system significantly. 

Asilla’s most unique characteristic is its ability to observe the common behavioral patterns of a specific location and then use this data to identify unusual and potentially dangerous activities outside of this established norm. While other AI security programs use these cameras to identify predefined set movements or objects that have been flagged as potentially hazardous, Asilla’s unique patented software allows more situational awareness.

Currently “Asilla” is only available in Japan and Vietnam, but we are keen to explore business opportunities in other countries.