Air Cahana: Elevating Travel with a Sustainable Touch

Air Cahana will begin operations in the fall of 2023 with the Pilatus PC-12 executive category aircraft providing charter service to vacation and business destinations such as Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and Silicon Valley. Our aircraft will run on the highest blend of biofuel available and will be available for charter out of the Los Angeles Metro area. After the Pilatus, we’ll transition to the ATR turboprop in 2025 and will expand from Los Angeles to other hubs. We’ll begin with a biofuel blend and will ultimately run on 100% biofuel.

We will offer a refined experience, with a sustainability theme and sensibility that will delight any traveler fed up with how air travel works today. There will be no TSA – we will do our own security. We will fly our customers from regional airports to vacation and business destinations within a ~1,000 mile (regional) range. Our service will be premium but our prices will not be. Our fleet uses less fuel and requires less maintenance with biofuel and becomes even more economical when we transition to hydrogen a few years later. When we transition to hydrogen, we will offer premium service on regional routes to vacation and business destinations with a sustainable and profitable business model. We can prove that premium, profitability and sustainability can go hand in hand.

ARwall Launches ARFX Software Summer Promotion 

Los Angeles – July 25, 2023 – ARwall, the award-winning virtual production specialist, has launched a summer promotion on its patented ARFX virtual production software range – beginning July 25th and running until Labor Day, Monday 4th, September 2023.  

The campaign features a promotion on a selection of popular ARFX solutions, including; 

  • ARFX Launcher with Essentials Scenepack – get started with VP with no Unreal Editor or 3D design skill required, now only $179  
  • ARFX Pro Plugin subscription – now our pro solution is just $999/year or $199/month
  • All other hardware & software bundles which include the ARFX software are similarly discounted, check the site for more details. 

The ARFX range includes both a prosumer and professional offering. Designed by filmmakers for filmmakers, the product suite caters to all levels of experience and budget.  

The ARFX Launcher enables filmmakers to adopt extended reality (XR) In-Camera Effects with ease. With up to 10 Unreal Engine maps included, the Launcher is compatible with 4K screens or projectors for immediate accessibility and affordability.

A gateway to effortless virtual production, the ARFX Pro Plugin is available with flexible pricing options – both monthly and annually. Budget-friendly and integral with Unreal Engine 5, filmmakers can use the platform to streamline and upscale their VP for more efficient production workflows, no coding required, with tools built by real filmmakers and VP pros on over 100 deployments.

Evolectric’s CircularEV Solutions Accelerate Fleet Electrification

Evolectric is a California-based technology company committed to helping commercial vehicle owners transition their fleets to 100% electric. We are a team with over 100 years of combined experience in electric vehicle and battery development dedicated to reducing the negative impact of gas-powered vehicles on the environment for generations to come. Together, we are accelerating the transition of the over 335 million diesel-powered trucks on the road today to 100% electric, zero emissions vehicles

Guided by circular economy principles, we don’t start from scratch. Instead, we extend the life of existing vehicles through our CircularEV™ software and hardware technology, reducing the manufacturing carbon footprint by 50%. Our focus on analytics and machine learning will allow us to remove the battery from the upfront cost and spread it out over decades – making it more affordable from day one.

Introducing Smart Cups: The World’s First Printed Beverage

Introducing Smart Cups – the world’s first printed beverage, set to revolutionize the way we consume and transport goods. Founded by visionary Chris Kanik, Smart Cups utilizes patented delivery system technology to print ingredients, eliminating the eliminating the need to tranport liquid. Applications range from beverages to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

At Smart Cups, sustainability is a top priority, and their innovative product has the potential to reduce overall resource consumption worldwide. Chris’ diverse education and experiences uniquely prepared him to lead Smart Cups’ 23,000 sqft manufacturing and R&D facility in Mission Viejo, CA.

Smart Cups’ disruptive technology is not only relevant but necessary in today’s world, where consumers are more conscious of their environmental impact. Their product offers a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional pre-packaged beverages. Available for purchase on their website and Amazon, Smart Cups is set to revolutionize the way we consume and transport goods.

Join the Smart Cups movement and help shape a more sustainable future. Visit their website to learn more about their innovative technology and the potential impact it can have on our world. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of something truly groundbreaking. #SmartCups #Sustainability #Innovation

Are VKTRY Insoles Legal?

A question we get a lot… “This seems too good to be true… insoles that help athletes run faster & jump higher… are these things legal?”

Yes, carbon fiber insoles are used by thousands of elite athletes across multiple sports from football to pickleball. In fact, VKTRY Insoles were invented in 2009 and the product helped the US Olympic Bobsled Team capture the gold medal for the first time in 62 years. Similar to how carbon fiber equipment has grown in sports like cycling, tennis and golf, VKTRY Insoles are a technological advancement that helps athletes fulfill their full potential.

VKTRY Insoles have been scientifcally proven to help reduce injuries (up to 41% in a recent study). VKs also help athletes recover from injuries. Additionally, it would be quite surprising for a sports governing body to ban a product that has been proven to help prevent athletic injuries.

“After an extensive 6-month research study, it is clear that VKTRY Insoles improve lower body biomechanics, stability of the ankle and knee during running, and shock absorption during landing. These improvements can help safeguard athletes by providing injury protection,” said Dr. Doug Casa, CEO of the Korey Stringer Institute at the University of Connecticut.

New “Smart Sort” shows you articles most likely to engage your audience

The “Smart Sort” filter ranks the freshly curated articles in your UpContent account by how likely they will spark engagement with your audience.

Our systems will take the articles your Topics have sourced and compare them to those you shared over the last 90 days to predict engagement.

Based on which articles your audience responded to the best in the past, the filter will “sort” the newly curated articles in UpContent, starting with the ones we predict will see the highest click response.

For example, out of five new articles, Smart Sort will determine which ones most resemble the articles performing best with your customers, then rank the five pieces.

Then, when your sales or marketing team goes to curate which pieces will be used, they aren’t just seeing what aligns best with their criteria or what resembles what they clicked in the past  but which articles your audience will be interested in.

Smart Sort gets smarter over time as you continue to use UpContent, so the more articles you share, the better your recommendations will be!

Drive 24% safer with BlyncSync!

BlyncSyncAcross 5 trucking companies, drivers tested BlyncSync for 2 months at a time, and realized an average of 24% fewer unsafe driving indicators such as abrupt braking, speeding, and swerving.

BlyncSync has launched their LITE version on and is available for anyone to order. This first version features smart glasses that track blinking and posture with the nosepiece, and a phone app that syncs with the glasses, displays your body’s energy level (e.g. 85% out of 100%), and saves it on a timeline.

This is a unique approach because it focuses on the root cause of the issue, and provides data in advance to help with decision making even before the day begins: fatigue and distraction are the leading causes of traffic accidents, and knowing your body’s energy level gives you a sense of when you can expect to feel fatigued.

For trucking companies, fatigue is something they can now quantify and incorporate seamlessly to into their existing training and operations; enhancing safety awareness.

From a tech perspective, BlyncSync is revolutionary. BlyncSync is a device-agnostic platform, so as new wearable tech becomes available in the market, BlyncSync will be able to make them compatible, and be able to provide additional insight across multiple sources of data. This allows BlyncSync to be able to service a wide range of safety-concious industries.

The next wearables we are looking to integrate are the popular smart-watches. We are seeking investment growth capital.

Softly — change the world by buying based on your values

Softly is a revolutionary and easy to use online tool that helps consumers make purchasing choices that are better for our planet and the generations to come.

Most people care about things like the environment, fair wages, and avoiding harmful ingredients.  The problem is that when we shop, we don’t have time, or don’t know how, to find products that support the things we are about.

Introducing Softly!  Softly is an easy add to your browser that will help you find products that match what YOU value in a product.  Input what’s important to you, such as environmental friendliness, social justice, or free of a certain harmful ingredient.  Then when you shop online, Softly will recommend alternative products that match those values.  As you make changes to your shopping habits, Softly will reward you for those positive actions.

Finally a way to use your purchasing power for good!  Governments and corporations are pledging to do their part in reducing our carbon footprint and fighting social injustice, yet it is consumers that can make the biggest difference – by who we support and by what we buy.

Help Softly direct the power of the purse toward a better world by signing up as a pre-launch platform tester – sign up at

Simple.  Sustainable.  Softly.



Wake up your inner warrior and watch it grow on your smart device

Have you ever missed a throw, swing or game? Do you want to know why? How? Or when your body was off!

BAX-UGolf Smart Performance activwear will show a golf player exactly at what phase of swing the mistake happened,  how bad it was and a full 360 view of the body of each phase of the swing responsible for missing that perfect swing.

Not every one can afford the time or money for daily coach or simulator training but everyone can have a BAX-UGolf that aligns + tracks torso and pelvis motions.  A 3D sensor technology to show you what the eyes of a coach might miss. An app to report daily, weekly or monthly performance.

BAX-UGolf helps you to reduce injury, play stronger and live healthier.  The cost of BAX-U Smart Performance Activwear Shirt, Shorts, for men or women, and a black dress, is around $245-$320, offering instant biomechanic alignment and performance results. The cost of Swing posture analysis and tracking App Technology is cheaper than a year’s supply of golf balls at $399/yr.

You can pre-order yours at — available for pre-orders in July 2022 and others November 2022.

The uniqueness of this product is offering instant correction, BAX-U Smart Activwear can be used by any athlete in any sport — baseball, running, cycling, weight lifting, yoga, etc.  The application is a unique option for golfers.


Covira and the Fight to End Post-Surgical Infections

Covira is a biotech company spun out from the University of Chicago that develops drugs to modulate the gut microbiome. Covira’s lead asset is focused on prevention of post-surgical infections. The company projects that the FDA approval process could take 4-5 years to complete.

“We are really at the cutting-edge of microbiome research, and our work stands to prevent both the incidence and progression of post-surgical infection and its subsequent development of disability and mortality. Our team is led by Dr. John Alverdy, MD, a world authority in this field whose knowledge led us to be named one of the top twenty most innovative companies by Business Worldwide Magazine,” said Covira CEO Peter Farmakis.

With over 230 million surgeries performed worldwide every year, the work that Covira is doing couldn’t be any more timely or important. Despite advances in infection control practices, post-surgical infections remain a substantial cause of prolonged hospitalization, readmissions, morbidity and can lead to life-threatening sepsis or death. Preventing the extreme outcomes and saving lives is the driving force behind Covira mission.

To learn more about Covira and the current investment opportunity, visit Covira’s first offering here: