Almost 40 industry leaders, innovators are days away from introducing new mobile products, devices and wireless services

The coolest way to pay!

Swatch recently announced a new series of watches in the traditional stylish design that are enabled for convenient contactless payment.

This innovative approach combines iconic Swatch design with a mobile payment feature that uses Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security’s technology to ensure the security of data and payment transactions.

Following its successful launch in China in the summer of 2017, the credit card watch is now available in Switzerland as well.

Umay Care aims to reset the effects of screen time as digital device usage increases to over 10 hours per/day

Technology is integrated into everything we do. We socialize and meet people online, we relax with TV, and most of us spend at least a portion of our workday in front of a computer. This all adds up to a lot of screen time — and it’s growing — the current average is well over […]

MWC Posts

Company entries / blog posts will appear at the beginning of the event on February 24, 2019 – 3 pm CET / 9 am EST

Atmosic Technologies Promises Forever Battery and Ultimately Battery-Free IoT with Energy Harvesting Solutions Demonstrated at ShowStoppers

Atmosic’s story begins with a team of wireless experts who pioneered CMOS RF design and spent the last decade creating ubiquitous embedded wireless connectivity. Led by CEO David Su, Atmosic came together to create a technology that would change the way we consumer energy. Atmosic leverages energy harvesting as a viable power source and lowest power radio design to deliver Forever Battery and a battery-free IoT.

Atmosic’s M2 and M3 series of wireless solutions are built on the Bluetooth® 5 platform. The chipsets greatly enhance low-bandwidth IOT applications through lowest power radio design, on-demand receive and controlled energy harvesting. Compared with other solutions on the market, Atmosic’s wireless systems-on-chip (SoCs) deliver 10-to-100 times lower power, enabling energy harvesting as a viable power source for connected devices across multiple markets.

With so many devices connected to the IoT, Atmosic anticipates that 2019 will be all about finding effective ways to create sustainable power to enable the industry vision of widespread IoT implementation. Lower power consumption in IoT devices through technologies like Atmosic’s M2 and M3 Series will be a major area of innovation focus.

At ShowStoppers, Atmosic will be demoing its M2 and M3 chipset series, as well as a new product capability related to solar energy. Visit Atmosic at booth #XX or and view a demo of its technology here.

XPhone powered by Function X: The world’s first blockchain phone at MWC 2019

The detail of XPhone, the first cell phone to use blockchain to run independently of a centralized carrier and give users complete control over their data, will be unveiled at MWC 2019. 

XPhone from Pundix is more than a phone for a secured crypto wallet. It’s the world-first smartphone to access the blockchain internet. The device runs on a custom blockchain ecosystem, Function X, that uses distributed ledger technology, not centralized service providers, to allow users to send messages, make calls and transmit data of all kinds securely with end-to-end encryption. It can also be a node on the Function X blockchain to provide different services to the distributed network. 

Calls on the XPhone’s blockchain mode are routed via network nodes, making it the first product to employ blockchain for telephony and data transmission, taking blockchain tech beyond the world of financial transfers. XPhone runs on the f(x) OS (built based off a modified Android 9.0), and it provides users the ability to switch between blockchain and normal modes seamlessly. 

Specifications, features and the design of the phone will be unveiled at MWC 2019; it is scheduled for consumer release in late 2019. 

A sneak peek video of what Function X and XPhone are:

Love tech? Love food?

If you have an interest in consumer electronics, smart home, cooking tools, IoT, plus good food then MEATER+ is for you.

MEATER+ removes the guesswork from cooking meat and alerts you when your meat is perfectly cooked. Connect MEATER+ to any smartphone or tablet and using a patented technology, the MEATER+ provides estimated cooking times to allow you to cook to maximum deliciousness. Also, the MEATER+ has a new bluetooth repeater which allows a massively boosted wireless range (up to 50 meters), so you don’t have to be near your oven or BBQ.

MEATER will be showcasing the next generation of wireless smart meat thermometer: MEATER+ at ShowStoppers 2019 in Barcelona. What could be more juicy?

MEATER+ will be showcased at Showstoppers and MWC in Hall 7, stand A11.10.  Come see us.

Images and video:

Don’t play Russian Roulette with your Applications!  

Imitated mobile Apps are one of the highest risks App publishers face.

View of a Hacker activating 3d rendering app template on a smartphone

Estimates put the number of repackaged apps on Google Play above 30,000 – some receiving 1m+ downloads!

During ShowStoppers,  Inside Secure will demonstrate how hackers inject malicious code into legitimate apps.
We will then explain how apps can be easily protected with our App protection tool.

We will show 2 smartphones with 2 instant messaging applications. The two phones will be configured to be able to send messages to each other.

The journalist will ask to distinguish between the two applications. Of course, he won’t be able to.

We will reveal to the journalist that in fact, one of the applications has been repackaged- as with the attack on the Whatsapp application – and that it has recorded the entire conversation. The latter will be able to discover it on a computer that shows all the data that the hacker sees …

This is one of the most common attacks. Attackers use the actual application to create malicious applications.  Users are easily led to download malware – the WhatsApp example had more than a million downloads!

It is easy to mount this type of attack. We will demonstrate through an automated script how quickly the malicious application that recorded the messages is created.

We will then explain that these attacks are easily defended with our tools.

We will demonstrate how to protect the original application with our APKdefender solution.

Come discover our demo and prepare to be stunned !

eSIM technology gears up for the mass market

As a leading provider of  eSIM management services, Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security is gearing up for the mass market deployment of eSIM technology. With the experience from all recent eSIM enabled device launches, G+D Mobile Security showcases intelligent connectivity solutions for MNOs / MVNO, device makers and enterprise customers.

Our AirOn service enables MNOs / MVNO to roll-out the newest eSIM enabled devices and manage device fleets for enterprise customers, and our converged eUICC solutions empower device makers to deploy their devices on a global scale as a trusted connectivity and service platform.

A virtual office space will be reproduced in your site with 3D cameras and AR glasses

Pisces’ communication platform uses Augmented Reality (AR) to give the experience of everyone being in the same office, no matter where in the world they are.

With Pisces, users can keep the communication including small chatting, facial expression and body language. Those type of activities has been cut off at online communication so far. When you use Pisces-installed Hololens, the Augmented Reality office space will be reproduced in your sight and users in distant will be possible to communicate each other as they sit together, with our own technology enables to send 3D data like 2D data transmitted on Skype.

Closer to the reality

3D depth camera captured vision would be shown in front of you. It is far more close to the reality, very different from the vision by a 2D camera.

Permanent connection

Pisces is made for comprehensive and constant connection to reproduce more natural communication happens at an office. Users can keep whole office communication including small chatting.