Planet Computers launches world’s first — 5G smartphone with full backlit keyboard

Planet Computers launches the world’s first 5G smartphone with a full backlit keyboard – Astro Slide 5G – at ShowStoppers MWC 2022.

Astro Slide is the first Planet Computers device to feature the large touchscreen display on the outside of the device, using Planet’s new patented RockUp™ slider hinge to transform between a 5G smartphone and a powerful palmtop computer. The RockUp™ mechanism securely moves and tilts the 6.39” AMOLED touchscreen to reveal Planet’s signature backlit keyboard. When not in use, the keyboard is hidden under the scratch-resistant display yet is easily accessible with a simple push of a thumb.

The device will be available in 24 different keyboard layouts. Astro Slide currently runs the Android 11 operating system and offers multi-boot functionality for other operating systems in the future, including Linux. It is also Planet’s first 5G device and is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 800 chipset, offering fast 5G performance with significantly reduced power consumption – enabling Astro’s large battery to power a user through an entire day of work and play.

Astro Slide offers dual nano SIM card and eSIM mobile connectivity. It features a 48-megapixel Sony rear-facing camera sensor as well as a 13-megapixel front camera for video calling. Other features of Astro Slide include fingerprint sensor, wireless charging, and more. Astro Slide will be priced at £711 and will be available to pre-order on the Planet Store.

Acronis True Image is getting a new name

Nearly 18 years after being introduced to the public, Acronis True Image is getting a new name. Beginning today, the world’s best personal cyber protection solution will be known as Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office.

Changing such a well-known product name is never an easy decision for a business. After all, in the nearly two decades since it launched, Acronis True Image has gained a lot of brand equity and goodwill among users.

So why change the name of such an iconic and well-established product? There is a good reason:

SpoLive showcases live sports spectating platform

SpoLive, a Tokyo-based sports tech startup, will showcase a live sports spectating platform that teams or leagues can use to enhance fan engagement and monetize content during games. Fans can cheer for teams remotely, bring their cheerings to the stadium’s vision, purchase digital merchandise, and get collectibles like NFT, etc., all while enjoying an ultra-low latency live streaming (one-tenth of that of YouTube). SpoLive’s sports DMP also allows sports organizations to focus on monetization more efficiently by centrally aggregating data, automatically generating creatives to share on social media, and reducing the workflow of public relations.

Sports organizations can use SpoLive on a freemium basis. You can start using it tomorrow.

I’mBesideYou analyzes online communication to predict churn, lost orders, or mental illness

I’mBesideYou analyzes online communication movie data like Zoom by multimodal AI and visualizes what happens in your organization every day (or real time) to predict churn, lost orders, or when mental illness will happen in your organization.

By dealing with these signals properly, you can create a continuous improvement cycle of human communication.

I’mbesideyou Inc. is the one and only startup specializing in online communication AI analytics from Japan. We’ve been awarded in several global competitions, such as 1st prize at Global Final of SDGs Innovation Hub Business Contest 2021, 1st prize winner at Entrepreneurship World Cup the Japan Final, and selected as a pitch speaker at SXSW 2022.

OPHRE updates smart shoes, introduce new running shoe

ORPHE introduces updates to OPHRE Smart Shoes, including a new running shoe model: “SHIBUYA 3.0” and a shoelace mount for ORPHE CORE 2.0 sensor modules that would allow users to track their performance with any footwear. Sales for the new products are scheduled for April with prices starting at 82 EUR. And the current version of the ORPHE “Shoes+sensors” Set is on sale at the ORPHE Official Store:

ORPHE Smart shoes are designed for runners to monitor their performance without excessive equipment. Sensors embedded in shoes collect data points from each foot in real-time, and by connecting to the dedicated mobile application «ORPHE TRACK,» display and evaluate the following parameters: footstrike, pronation, cadence, stride height & length, ground contact time, landing impact force, and pace. There are in-app personalized advice and audio announcements for the maximum proximity to an in-person training session. And midsoles of the shoes have responsive LED panels that change color at the landing to provide users with visual feedback.

More information on ORPHE Smart Shoes can be found at our website:, and by searching #ORPHETRACK.

AVM: For further information

Please visit our website for further information on AVM and our products:

New popCamera™ Smartphone Camera Technology from Japan

pop Inc. introduces popCamera™, motion sensor shutter technology that will revolutionize selfies by letting users activate the camera shutter by simply flipping or tapping the back of the device. Even in awkward situations or less than ideal conditions, built-in motion sensors plus AI technology work to “pop” an optimal shot.

pop also introduces the popCamera™ SDK to smartphone manufacturers and telecommunication carriers and social media app developers who want to license and begin installing the technology in new products with next-generation camera functionality. The SDK consists of sensors mounted in a smartphone and software to detect quiescence, movement and vibration of the device and determine the optimal timing for shutter release.

Pre-installing the popCamera™ Sensor Shutter SDK by smartphone manufactures and telecommunication carriers improves user convenience and creates a new revenue structure.

We are currently offering a free trial version of the SDK.

From children to seniors as well as people carrying bags or babies, or people who have long and fashionable fingernails, can easily pop out a perfect shot with one hand and zero hassle.

For more information, please visit
To view a video clip, visit
Please download photos and logo from Google Drive

AsReader configured with consumer smartphones, the super ruggedized industrial grade mobile computing solution with the latest features

AsReader products from Asterisk configured with consumer iOS/Android smartphones, etc., withstand 5m drop onto concrete floor, which is even more durable than industrial grade mobile computers, yet the latest smart devices from Asterisk bring you higher security using fingerprint recognition, faster transaction speed, larger memory size, greater resolution camera & screen, with a sophisticated design.

If you are looking for high spec. Long Range UHF RFID Readers/Writers(R/W), Asterisk’s Gun-Type UHF RFID R/W(ASR-L251G) would be the best choice. It can be configured with iOS/Android devices by physical wired connection using the unique locking system called “AsLock” instead of Bluetooth connection so the data transmission is more stable and faster. Also, thanks to the “AsLock” locking system, iOS/Android devices can easily be attached/detached to/from an AsLock device to other AsLock devices so that you can enjoy many different combinations, such as LF RFID Reader + UHF RFID readers, Camera Type scanning software called “AsCamera” + UHF R/W, etc..

AsReader unwires your workforce with the most reliable mobile computing solutions with great durability and the latest specifications.


IMUZAK hologram 3D that you can ‘Touch and Move’

IMUZAK will demonstrate Hologram 3D for AI Speaker and Toilet Buttons that you can ‘Touch and Move.’

IMUZAK Microlens was successfully applied to create an AI Speaker that a hologram 3D cartoon character pops up from a display. You can communicate with a character by talking, touching and moving.

As for hologram 3D for toilet buttons, the buttons pop up from a remote control so that you don’t have to to directly touch the actual buttons.

The Microlens can be placed directly in front of a source image to create a hologram 3D system – a compact 3D system for tighter space. A source images can be anything. Anything can pop up and become a hologram 3D using our Microlens. The sky is the limit.

PieceX: The First Global AI Powered Source Code Marketplace

Catering to the Tech Community and Software Industry, the One Act team actively worked on developing and managing PieceX, the first global AI-powered Source Code marketplace.

Within the past three years since the launch of PieceX, One Act, the Japan-based company that owns PieceX, has made a lot of strides and reached many milestones, heading rapidly towards creating a fully-sustainable AI marketplace that promotes the proactive use of Source Code in the development process, presenting innovative commitment towards the inspection process of all listed code and assisting developers to monetize their work and gaining access to the resources they need to complete it.

Aside from its patented revolutionary dynamic AI, PieceX has a multitude of features, such as the PieceX Wallet, which serves to empower software dev teams to acquire the Source Code they need at any time with a set budget given to them by their enterprise management, making the process of getting the resources needed to finalize their various projects much easier.

In order to be supportive of the community, PieceX is also releasing PieceX for OSS (Open Source Support) which serves to allow publishers of Open Source Code to provide support services and assists users of Open Source Code to get the help they need.
PieceX currently stands as the 13th top startup in Japan according to StartupRanking and is moving towards revolutionizing the software industry worldwide.