ESSNZ SLIM Evo – The evolution from prescription to AR glasses

As the global demand for vision correction continues to grow, especially among younger people, a high-quality Augmented Reality (AR) display must be personalized with vision correction. tooz provides optical engines to augment regular prescription glasses with digital screens, enabling cost-effective, unobtrusive and ready-to-use smart glasses solutions. While maintaining the original function of everyday eyewear – individual vision correction – tooz waveguide optics augment visual information in the wearer’s field of view. The unique curved waveguide lens allows for seamless integration of vision correction, making smart individual eyewear possible and affordable. People with myopia, hyperopia or presbyopia will see both the environment and augmented content clear and sharp.

Smart eyewear is going to look and feel good.

The innovative reference design ESSNZ SLIM Evo represents a significant evolution from previous smart glasses. Building upon the success of the ESSNZ Berlin design, tooz has meticulously refined and enhanced the functionality to create a uniquely light and slim solution. The total weight of this innovative concept is clearly under 40 grams with a battery that can last a full day without charging. It proves that consumer expectations for style, medical-grade prescription optics and visual enhancement can be realized in a valid product offering.

Learn more about SLIM Evo here:

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Blacklyte Enters North American Market

A new name has entered the gaming market, with Blacklyte showing off its initial line of products, from LED strips to chairs and desks.

At CES, we’ll be showcasing several Blacklyte products, as well as introducing our Worklyte line of office-use products, and Homelyte, our lifestyle brand. The full list to be showcased at CES is:

  • Blacklyte Atlas Gaming Desk​
  • Blacklyte Athena Gaming Chair​
  • Worklyte Office Desk​
  • Worklyte Office Chair​
  • Blacklyte Streambox/Gamebox​
  • Blacklyte RGBUV LED Strip​
  • Blacklyte/Homelyte Light Rod Series​
  • Blacklyte Audio Tune​
  • Blacklyte Pegboard​
  • Blacklyte Pixel Pad​
  • HomeLyte Smart Switch Series

Currently in market:


  • Luxury roller blade wheels
  • Lumbar support pillow helps promote healthy posture
  • Head pillow
  • Full metal 4D armrests
  • Lay flat with a 165-degree recline
  • Currently available in black, white, pink


  • Includes accessories like multi-arm monitor stands, PC mounts, headphone mounts, & magnetized equipment​
  • Material Innovation: Use of space aluminum for enhanced strength and lighter weight while maintaining magnetization​​
  • Interactive phantom RGB Lighting provides an immersive experience with lighting that adjusts to the game’s mood and settings​
  • Features a dual-motor design​
  • “Zero Cable” Wire Management System
  • Extreme Durability: Robust steel chassis

Visit Blacklyte at ShowStoppers and at the Venetian Expo Hall, Booth 52823 to view our products, experience them live, and learn about our hugely anticipated launch in 2024. Learn more at

BeautyMix by BeautybyMe — a complete hardware and software solution to make personalized cosmetics at home.

BeautybyMe introduces BeautyMix, a complete hardware and software solution to make personalized cosmetics at home.

BeautyMix is :

  1. a small but smart domestic appliance
  2. ingredients and accessories
  3. recipes and a mobile application

BeautyMix is on sale now; the domestic appliance + the precision scale costs 129.00€.

Buyers can buy BeautyMix at national stores like:

  • department stores (Monoprix, Galeries Lafayette, Manor)
  • hypermarkets (Carrefour, Auchan, Cora)
  • hardware stores (Darty, Boulanger, Hifi International)
  • cultural and electronic products (Fnac)
  • novelty stores (Nature & Découvertes, 4 Murs)
  • bookstores (Rougier & Plé)

And at independent stores like :

  • organic product stores
  • drugstores
  • beauty and spa institutes

We have more than 500 points of sale in 4 countries: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland.

BeautyMix is unique on its market, it is the only home cosmetics appliance in the world

Pozio embraces privacy for smartphones, smart speakers

Pozio showcases two exciting product lines that allow people to embrace smartphone and smart speaker assistants while providing greater control over their privacy. Pozio products feature proprietary listening blocker technology to block smart devices from eavesdropping on conversations, and also prevent annoying wake word false triggers.

Pozio Cradle – Use your smartphone when you want, block it from listening when you don’t. The Cradle listening blocker cradle wirelessly charges your phone and prevents it from eavesdropping or unintentionally activating the smart assistant. Pozio Shield: Use your smart speaker when you want, block it from listening when you don’t. Shield’s listening blocker prevents your smart speaker from eavesdropping on your conversations and from accidentally triggering.

Founded with a goal of helping people take back their privacy when using smart assistant devices. Pozio products allow people to use smart devices as intended while providing peace of mind that their activities are not being perpetually monitored. Secure and totally private by design, Pozio devices are simple to set up, do not require an internet connection and never record or store user data.

New SmartWitness Dashcams & AI Software Increase Vehicle Safety

smartwitnessIn a series of safety advances for commercial fleets, SmartWitness introduces two new dashboard cameras and a suite of AI solutions that deliver industry-first strategies for preventing and analyzing risky driving behavior.

The SmartWitness AP1 dashcam combines video and telematics in a one-piece, plug-and-play unit for the first time, eliminating the cost, time and space of installing separate devices. This road-facing, 1080p HD camera also offers key safety features, including real-time ADAS audio alerts to prevent imminent accidents. The AP1 is a CES 2022 Innovations Award Honoree.

The SmartWitness KP2 dashcam is the first road-facing camera with a snap-on driver-facing option, enabling fleets to deploy video telematics in stages with virtually no added overhead. The driver-facing module clips into the base unit with no need to change wiring. Fleets can select from multiple real-time ADAS collision avoidance and driver monitoring features to help avert accidents.

The SmartWitness Cloud AI suite is the first AI software that analyzes video for safety violations without an expensive AI-equipped camera. With most AI processing performed in the cloud, the suite includes AIDE (Artificial Intelligence Driving Events), which reduces false reports of unsafe driving behavior; SmartID, which uses facial recognition to identify vehicle drivers; and C.A.R.E. (Computer Analyzed Risk Evaluation), which detects risky driver behavior such as fatigue and distraction.

COMPUTEX to Display Award-Winning Gaming Products  at ShowStoppers during CES 2020

COMPUTEX, a leading global ICT show in Taiwan, will join ShowStoppers for the first time at CES 2020 on January 7.

Since 1981, COMPUTEX has grown, transformed with the industry, and established its reputation as the world’s leading platform on which globally recognized brands and startups are jointed together for “Building Global Technology Ecosystems.” For the past 40 years, COMPUTEX has been evolving in parallel with global ICT trends across all applications of the industry. This year, the show will focus on the hottest trends today, such as AI & IoT, 5G, Edge Computing, Cyber Security, Innovations & Startups, and Gaming.

COMPUTEX, marking its 40th anniversary, will debut in ShowStoppers (Booth A-43) at Wynn Hotel during CES 2020 on January 7. COMPUTEX 2020 will return in full splendor from June 2 to 6 in Taipei, Taiwan, and anticipate welcoming more media, exhibitors and visitors from the U.S. to join the global technology ecosystems.

Phonak’s Virto Black Hearing Aid Offers Superhuman Hearing with Style

Industry-leading hearing aid brand Phonak is challenging the hearing aid stigma by unveiling a connected hearing aid that looks like a custom-made hearable. And since hearing is believing, they’re offering media the opportunity to test them out in-person.

Phonak’s Virto Black is the world’s first custom-fit hearing device to combine universal Bluetooth streaming with award-winning hearing aid technology in a product that’s shaped like a modern hearable. In fact, Virto Black wearers can hear up to 10x better than someone with perfect hearing when paired with a Roger accessory. Wearers can also enjoy hands-free phone conversations by using their hearing aids like wireless headsets.

Virto Black boasts 16 hearing performance features for the ultimate augmented hearing experience. Its microprocessor chip runs five wireless protocols, including Bluetooth Classic, LE, Binaural VoiceStream Technology™, Airstream Technology™ and Roger—at the same time. This makes it the world’s only custom-fit hearing solution with universal Bluetooth connectivity to more than 1 billion devices.

Indoor Positioning Technology Company Forkbeardä to Showcase uniquely accurate Ultrasound-Based Solution at MWC19 Los Angeles

Norwegian Company Offers Revolutionary Solution for Indoor GPS

Forkbeard Technologies AS will present and demonstrate its revolutionary mobile indoor positioning technology at MWC 2019 (formerly Mobile World Congress), Tuesday through Thursday, October 22-24, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Forkbeard’s innovative platform leverages industry-standard onboard smartphone audio processing capabilities to deliver down-to-the-centimeter location accuracy with sub-second latency, and always 100% room-level accuracy. Presently in extensive use in medical facilities worldwide, indoor positioning technology impacts dozens of enterprise industries including logistics, warehousing, smart buildings and homes, data centers, manufacturing plants, retail, hospitality, and more.

“The Forkbeard technology platform provides unparalleled accuracy and reliability for indoor positioning of smartphones, tablets and other smart devices running on Android and iOS operating systems,” said Forkbeard CEO Wilfred Booij, Ph.D. “The ability to leverage the existing capabilities of billions of smart devices already on the market enables rapid adoption across multiple market verticals.”

“From simple indoor navigation support to support of contextual location-based workflow and safety solutions, truly accurate indoor positioning technologies will spur accelerated growth in this multibillion-dollar global market,” said Forkbeard’s Senior Vice President of Business Development and Alliances Terry Aasen.

According to Dr. Booij, Forkbeard leverages its patented Ultrasound technology to produce positioning accuracy results that are far superior to the radio frequency-based technologies used by others within the industry. In fact, the Forkbeard sonar smartphone indoor positioning technology is roughly 100 times more accurate than standalone Bluetooth, WiFi, or RFID based positioning solutions.

The Forkbeard team will showcase their technology at MWC19 from Booth #1231 in the Los Angeles Convention Center. Forkbeard will also exhibit at Showstoppers at MWC, Monday, October 21, from 5:00 until 7:00 p.m., at the JW Marriott, 900 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles.

For additional information, please visit

HyperX launches first lifestyle-gaming headset during MWC19 LA Showstoppers

  • HyperX announces lifestyle-gaming ready headset during MWC/Showstoppers.
  • Who enjoys great audio on-the-go and while gaming? Sports and music ambassadors like Post Malone, Juju Smith-Schuster (Pittsburgh Steelers), Gordon Hayward (Boston Celtics), Joel Embid (Philadelphia 76ers), Casemiro (Real Madrid) do, and are part of the HyperX ambassador team. Stop by and try out headsets that the pros wear.
  • Showstoppers, 5-7 pm for one-on-one demos of the latest lifestyle-gaming headsets from HyperX.
    • Review samples are available for lifestyle-gaming audio related opportunities.
    • Interviews are available with the HyperX PR team.

Catalyst Provides the Highest Levels of Protection to the Latest Devices

Mobile devices are an expensive investment.  Early adopters don’t hesitate to shell out upwards of $1000 for a phone because it’s something we’ve all come to rely on in our daily lives.  And as fragile as they are – most of us don’t treat them as such. We get it. People don’t want to cover up their phones.  They’d rather show off their style than put on a bulky protective case, or they leave phones naked or unprotected for fear of losing function.

At Catalyst, we’ve taken all that into consideration with our designs. Catalyst makes the most protective everyday waterproof and impact protection cases on the market. We’ve managed to design cases for Apple, Samsung and Google that are highly protective and don’t ask you to sacrifice style or function. The Catalyst Waterproof cases are 5x more waterproof than any other everyday case on the market and the Catalyst Impact Protection cases are drop proof to 9.9 ft (tested over and over again).

Our designers don’t just build cases.  Their designs enable people to take their phones anywhere, live their adventure, and not worry about damaging or breaking their phones. Even for the latest devices including the iPhone 11 Series, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL  – we’ve got you covered!