Codeillusion Makes Learning How to Code a Magical Experience

You can be as magical as Queen Elsa when you learn to code with Disney Codeillusion, an interactive online learning experience designed for teens and adults. “With the popularity of Disney’s Frozen, we’re encouraging people to do more than consume content. When you learn to code, you can create your own content and become part of the magic,” said Satoshi Miyagawa who led the new product development. “You can use the skills you learn to make your own movies, games and websites.”

Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech invites you to immerse yourself in 14 Disney films including Frozen, Aladdin, Zootopia, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid. You will break tiles with Big Hero 6, escape a dungeon with Wreck-It Ralph, fight off a dragon with Sleeping Beauty’s Prince Phillip and explore the magic worlds of many other Disney favorites. In addition to the digital fun, learners also get a Magic Book Starter Kit. The deluxe keepsake is a beautifully designed book for collecting postcard rewards they earn in the game.

As a ShowStoppers special, Disney Codeillusion is offering The Snow Magic tutorial featuring Queen Elsa for free. The media arts course invites you to enter Elsa’s Frozen kingdom where you will learn how to use JavaScript to make snowflakes dance. The offer is available to the first 1,000 people who sign up for it at