Confirmed brings scheduling into the future for Outlook & others – helps businesspeople ditch the archaic methods they’ve used since the dawn of the Internet

Ever notice that most people are still using the same methods to schedule meetings & calls as they did when they first started scheduling online?  A tweak here and there perhaps; but the paradigm hasn’t changed much – because the enhancements have only had small benefits.

At ShowStoppers at CES 2020, Confirmed announces The Future of Scheduling – one in which choice is up-front, one that optimizes time without transferring the burden to others – one that combines best practices with insights, automation and analytics to make it better for each party.

After examining the scheduling habits for businesspeople in many roles in many industries, the Confirmed team realized that the need for scheduling varies so dramatically between roles, departments and industries that it should be rethought from scratch.  Then the team figured out how to retrofit the new paradigm on tools that people already love.

So at ShowStoppers at CES 2020, Confirmed will be introducing the beta for Confirmed 1.0 for Outlook.  With this fresh release, users will be able to streamline the way they make their meetings, optimize their time in two ways, and get insights into the way they manage their work weeks that helps ease the burden of daily overhead.  People in business development or sales roles will gain additionally by attaining 14% to 25% higher meeting acceptance rates.

Stop by and we’ll share the concepts that feed the development, show you the magic that makes this happen, discuss story ideas and provide a demo account that you can use to make your own days easier and more productive.

The Confirmed team will have a limited number of TSA-Approved clear toiletry bags to share with visitors during Showstoppers.  Perfect to make your travels a bit easier – especially if you’re a road warrior.  Send us a note in advance to let us know you’re interested in talking, and we’ll save one to give you when you stop by.